Author's Note: This story will contain nonsense and randomness. It will also include character deaths, blood and some swearing. If you can't handle it. Don't read. (But of course. You might be one of these people whom doesn't read the stuff at the top. But you can't be. Since you are reading this right now. Unless you are reading it AFTER reading the chapter. In which case you ARE one of these people) Also. Characters from other fictions will make cameo appearances. And these are in that case not owned by me. These characters includes Hulk

In a alternate universe exists the city of Cooleston. Everyone whom lived there will say it is a normal city. But in actuality it is very different from other cities. The people who lives in the city are mostly nonsense. It is also where a certain brilliant professor lives.

Dr. Leestein. He is known across the world and did also win various awards ranging from "Brilliant inventor of the year" to "Craziest professor ever". This month is special for Leestein. He had just invented a machine. About the size of a television and the weight of a feather. It is designed to be capable of doing... Everything. Coffee-making, hacking, playing your games, stealing pumpkins, Even destroy the world without delay! Leestein named it "Chaos-o-matic" As said in a conversation between Leestein and his trusted butler. Butling.

"But... That's impossible to create such a machine!" Butling said, shocked by this thought.

"It isn't impossible! Look! It is eating pies and scrap metal as we are speaking! Truly a fantastic invention!" Leestein said proudly. Looking at the adorable Chaos-o-matic eating pies and scrap metal. Despite the fact it doesn't have to eat.

"Okay then..." Butling muttered "But why did you give it the ability to eat food and destroy the world?"

"That's impossible to explain!" Leestein said. Making a frustrated Butling slap his own forehead.

Unfortunately. Leestein didn't realize the danger posed by the machine. Rumors of the spectacular machine spread quickly. From homeless people... To secret mastermind organizations and even the outer space! Leestein did realize what happened. People are trying to steal the Chaos-o-matic!

"How did you get the idea that someone are trying to steal the Chaos-o-matic?" Butling asked while cleaning the dishes "It isn't like they told you that they are trying to do so. Right?"

Leestein were looking out the window. With the worried face he got, you would tell something were wrong. "Well. I can tell you one big reason... If you look outside right now. You can see highly visible ninjas!"

Leestein were very, very right. Outside were groups of ninjas. Doing futile attempts to hide themselves. One dressed himself like a bird and jumped around. Pretending to fly while chirping. Three ninjas didn't look different from regular ninjas apart from having a plain white T-shirt with the following words in bold "Not a ninja" "Not a ninja either" and "Totally not a ninja" seven tried to disguise themselves as trees using leaves. Three ninjas stood completely still with grey paint. Trying to disguise themselves as statues. At a picnic table eight ninjas were sitting. Not disguising themselves at all! Instead they acted like normal citizens... Apart from saying the following to a passerby "We are not ninjas" "We are citizens like you" "We are not ninjas because we don't have katanas" "Ignore us. Move along" "Hallo person whom we are totally not different from!" As well as a memorable qoute "We are not suspicious at all! We are just cosplaying! Also, Pirates sucks" Oh. And there is also something Leestein will never forget. A ninja trying to disguise himself as a baby. Barely fitting in the child carriage. Using words like "GuGuGu!" in a high tone.

"See Butling? I am telling you! Somebody is trying to steal it!"

"...Why is one of them disguising himself as a baby?"

"No idea. Though I agree with that one ninja that pirates sucks" Leestein said. He ran immediately with the Chaos-o-matic into a security vault. And locked it in. And voice-locked the vault. He is determined only to use it in dire situations. The story involves the Chaos-o-matic. And a young naive person whom turns out to be the hero of the story. He will meet not only the highly visible ninjas. But also the highly drunk pirates, Power Rangers rip-off, Insane doctors, devilish child, homicidal alien, grey aliens, The Incredible Hulk, giant enemy crabs, Captain Obvious, Spartans, secret incompetent agents, men in black, insane henchman, big yelling guy with missiles for muscles, the typical angst avenger, And even the god of this alternate universe!

Stay tuned for the next and first episode...

"Kid hero! Naive, Friendly but DANGEROUS AND DEADLY!"

Note: I know. This is a bad chapter. Probably one of the worst prologues. But it was the best I would do for a prologue. I would appreciate it if I got friendly reviews about how to do it better. It would be a big good deal and the story would get better :D