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A medium-length black-haired red-eyed person goes around in the city of Cooleston as we speak. Minding his own business. His name is Eddy and he is sixteen years old. He wears his typical white shirt and baggy pants. Eddy never did have a sense of fashion so he didn't thought about what seems best for when he walks outside. Although a teen he is a lot faster and stronger than a average adult. He does believe everything people tells him and is a very friendly person.

He is today supposed to meet a certain professor for a job. Along the way he saw highly visible ninjas in various shirts. Saying that they were. Indeed not ninjas. Of course. Eddy believe the shirts, thought they were not ninjas and proceeded toward the professor's building. Where he is supposed to meet the professor.

He steps up to the huuuuuuuuuu-ge door. And rung the bell. A man opened the door. This man wears what a butler wears and got slicked-back black hair. The man is Butling. He looks at Eddy and mutters with a deep tone "How may I help you?"

"Hallo! I am here for the job as laboratory assistant!" Eddy said in a cheerful tone. Butling takes out a paper. It had unmarked spots and lines of words. It comes from Eddy's Brother whom had found Eddy his job. The lines tells facts about Eddy so that Butling may tell impostors apart from the real Eddy. Butling asks the first question "Your name?"

"Eddy" Butling marks the first spot. The next line says "Very strong and fast" "Sir? Can you break the tree over there?" Eddy looks at an old tree at the other side "Sure!" Eddy runs to the tree. He made it over to the tree in two seconds and destroys the tree with his leg. Butling marks the spot. Finally getting to the last line. "Likely to mistake a highly visible ninja for a citizen" The same ninjas from before happens to walk by. With Eddy remarking "Gosh. These citizens looks weird. Do you think they are Goths?" Butling marks the last spot.

"Welcome sir Eddy to Professor Leestein's laboratory. Please. Don't touch-" Butling swiftly made a cold stare that would make even the Devil run with his tail between his legs at Eddy whom was about to touch a strange device inside the building. "ANYTHING." As Butling finished this Eddy jumps at his legs and stays at Butling. While looking at all the cool-looking stuff he wished he would touch. Some of them had signs that told what they were. One sign had this written "Long-distance Frog-catapult, Throws frogs fifty miles away" as well one that said "Ultimate Donut-baker, Creates twenty delicate donuts of kinds within two seconds" and a "Super Grappling Hook, Catches any fish that gets close instantly and holds on them till the owner lets go of the fish. Can hold on even a whale" Eddy had one thought "COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!"

"Hey mister... Oh..." "Butling" "Butling. Isn't all this impossible?" Eddy asked Butling curiously. Butling paused for a moment, before finally speaking "By theory yes. But it is apparently not impossible with all these." Eddy were in awe at all the inventions. With starry eyes as well. "Cool! But why did he make these?" "It's impossible for him to know why he made them." Butling finally answered. Causing Eddy's eyes to turn into weirded-out eyes. "Huh?"

Finally. They enter the lab. With some man wearing a lab coat, black pants, blue shirt and black shoes. As well as crazy blond hair. He seemed to be working on something though. However he looked behind him and smiled. Revealing a pale white skin and grey eyes. Despite him having worked as a inventor and professor for years. He looks like a young man. Possibly a result from one of his many experiments. "Eddy I presume? I am Professor Leestein. Pleased to meet you."

"Hallo Mr. Professor! I am your lab assistant!" Eddy answered "I know. I have been looking for one. Didn't you know that?" Leestein told Eddy. Eddy didn't seem to notice and continued "What do you want me to do? Test the Frog-Catapult? Donut-baker? Super Grappling Hook?" Eddy had starry eyes of awe. Leestein sighed and grabbed something. "This." Leestein gave Eddy a mop and a bucket of water. Whose eyes turned to that of a disappointment. "Yesh sir..." Eddy mutters with a disappointed tone and began washing the floor. "Hey Butling. I need you to find ''the'' papers." Butling understood and nodded. Before proceeding to go out. As Eddy were washing the floor he wouldn't help but wonder what this ''The'' papers are all about. However it was interrupted by him asking a question to Leestein "I thought I was a lab assistant. Not a chore boy!" "You are a lab assistant. I just can't risk getting a invention get destroyed. So... You are washing the floor." Eddy got annoyed. He is sure a invention shouldn't merely break if he touched it. Well. He may have once destroyed a television by fooling with it. But that was two years ago! He was deep in thoughts. Thought it was interrupted by a sudden voice behind him.

"Hugbot loves you all."

Eddy was surprised by this voice and jumped up. He quickly turned around to see a big iron cage with some kind of robot. It was a white egg-formed... thingy... with tiny legs and huge arms that seems like it would kill a human. It also had a face that can be described by this expression :3.

"Hugbot wants a hug." It said in a high-pitched happy tone. It sounded TOO happy and was very high-pitched. Eddy was seriously scared of this robot for it's appearance and voice. The professor appears then and turned off a switch on the cage while sighing. It turned off the robot.

"Not again. This happens every time somebody accidentally turns on the switch. Especially with a mop" "What was that thing Mr. Professor?" "That was just Hugbot. It is made to... Give people hugs. Killing them in the process" Eddy blinks in confusion. "Wait. What!? Why did you even make such a invention?" Leestein sweatdrops "That's impossible to explain why!" Eddy sweatdrops "You got a impossible reason for making it?" "YES!" The two of them pauses for a moment.

"Anyway. I think Butling is coming" Leestein said as the door opens. With Butling coming "I found them sir." Leestein smiles upon this "Good. I am coming out" He said and walks over to Butling. Eddy wouldn't help but wonder "What is all this about?..."

At the meanwhile. A big strong man is standing. Watching the building with a Binocular. He is bald and seemed like a aggressive person. He is dressed in a Hawaiian shirt, shorts and straw sandals, despite it not being summer. By his side is a ninja that apparently tried to disguise himself as a scarecrow and a ninja with a trash bin as a disguise. The man smiled "Hehehe! Dr. BigBad will be happy to get his Chaos-O-Matic today! And I will be promoted for my efforts! It is just the professor, the butler and some kid! It will be easy!" The scarecrow ninja however asked "What about our promotions Steelfist?" "SHUT UP SCARY SHADOW! And now! We will infiltrate the lab... Dirty Lizard! Fire him into the window!" "Sure" Somehow the Trash Ninja AKA Dirty Lizard got a sniper rifle from somewhere (Probably Hammerspace) and aimed at the window leading into the lab. It seems to be loaded with some kind of black slime...

Just when the professor was about to step out of the door one of the windows shattered. Surprising everyone. "What on-" Butling shouts and looks around. He saw the glass shards... And some black slime. "What on- Why did they just break one of the windows? I thought they were ninjas! Or at least... Highly visible ninjas." Leestein said. Eddy was curious now. "They? Ninjas? What is going on?" Leestein and Butling looks at Eddy. Then each other. Then back to Eddy. Leestein finally spoke "I think it is time for you to know the truth. You see-" Suddenly the black slime made a loud rumbling sound. Causing everyone to look at it.

The black slime began changing. Slowly. It became some kind of humanoid. When it was finished it looked like a tall, pure black, slimy, human ninja with fireballs on it's hands! "Give me the Chaos-O-Matic. Or die!" From nowhere Butling got some kind of scanner device and scanned the ninja.




POWER:Fireball throwing, limited teleportation, limited shapeshift.

WEAKNESS:His own medicine, His head, being contained.


Speed: 4/5

Strength: 3/5

Fortitude: 1/5

Intelligence: 3/5

Teamwork: 2/5

Power Control: 4/5

INFO:A freak creation born from a combination of chemicals, fire and alien technology. With the combination of ninja tactics, fireball-throwing and teleportation. The slime ninja is a dangerous opponent to behold.

"Oh god! We can't win!" Leestein began whimpering. But then he noticed Eddy was in front of the ninja. Looking up to it "EDDY! What are yo-" "A ninja huh? I can beat you!" Eddy said to the slime ninja. This shocked Butling, Leestein and the slime ninja that he actually said that. "Beat me? We will see! Prepare for your death!" The slime ninja jumps back and slings one of it's arms back. "FIREBALL!" He shouts as he throws the fireball at Eddy. Eddy however. Moved fast and evaded it "What the-" "My doom? Ha! As if! Super Punch!" the Ninja turns around. He saw Eddy throw a blazing punch on the ninja's stomach. Causing the ninja to fly through the room.

Though it looked like it. The Ninja was not beaten. He lands on the ground and dissolved. But not the slime moved toward Eddy in top speed and before anyone knew of it. The slime was the ninja immediately and roundhouse kicked Eddy, though not without shouting "SLIME KICK!". Eddy flew up into the air, the ninja jumps up and made several punches at Eddy again in top-speed "FLURRY OF FISTS!!!" Sending Eddy flying through the lab. Finally a worried Butling shouts out to Eddy "EDDY! USE HIS OWN MEDICINE AGAINST HIM!" Eddy landed on the floor and looks at Butling. It took a moment but he got it. He looked back at the Ninja whom is using yet other fireball attack. Eddy stands ready "TRY IT! You can make it as big as you want. But you won't be able to beat me with anything big!" He said confident to the ninja. Whom didn't seem care. But he made it bigger anyway. Till the point where it is twice bigger than the ninja himself "You asked for it... HUGE FIRE!!!!!!" He shouts as he threw the fireball at Eddy. Eddy jumps at the fireball. Leestein looked shocked but Butling was sure that Eddy knew what he was doing. As he was closer. Eddy threw a great burning fist at the fireball "SUPER PUNCH!" Surprising enough. He was strong enough to throw the gynormous fireball back right back at the ninja. Whom could only look in shock "WAIT-WHAT-HOW DID THAT-OH CRA-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!" The Ninja was blasted by the great fireball and is slowly falling down in fire "HOT HOT HOT HOT!"

"Eddy! Aim for his head!" Butling calls out to Eddy again "That's his weak point!" "Okay!" Eddy lands on the floor and ran for the ninja. In one swift kick. The ninja's head flew away from it's body. "Now Eddy! Get the container over there!" Butling points at a big vial "And stuff the ninja's head into it!" Eddy did as Butling told him to do and grabbed the vial. He ran to the ninja's head. Just before it landed. Eddy grabbed the head and stuffed it in the vial. And closed the vial. The ninja was now harmless. The body dissolved and disappeared. Never to be seen again. The ninja was now trapped inside the vial. Eddy puts the vial on a table and jumps into the air with a raised fist "AWWWWWSOOOOOOME! I had beaten up my first ninja! That's great!"

Leestein looks at the scene. He had a expression that is basically the combination of fear, surprise, relief, denial and shock. He smiled "...Did he just beat the ninja?" Butling smirks and grins a little "Yes. He did do what we can't do." Butling scanned Eddy for information with the scanner device.




POWER:Martial Arts, courage and friendship.

WEAKNESS:Naivity, food and strategy.


Speed: 4/5

Strength: 5/5

Fortitude: 3/5

Intelligence: N/A

Teamwork: 3/5

Power Control: 3/5

INFO:A teen that's absurdly strong and fast. He is not very intelligence and will likely think a ninja is a citizen and not a ninja. However. He is friendly and it is probably the end of the life if you fought him.

Leestein and Butling went into the lab. Oddly enough. Nothing in the lab is broken except for the window. Eddy looks satisfied and holds up the vial and looks curiously at it. Before turning his attention to the professor "That was cool beating up a ninja for the first time... But Mr. Professor. What is going on?" Eddy asked Leestein. Leestein looks to Butling whom nodded. It seemed like some kind of signal that says "It's okay to tell him." The professor looks to Eddy "Okay then Eddy. It is time I tell you the truth..."

At the meanwhile. The man Steelfist looks at the scene in shock. He could honestly not believe a kid could defeat the slime ninja in a fight. Dirty Lizard were reading a popular manga known as "Nagato" and Scary Shadow stood completely still. Since he was supposed to be disguised as a scarecrow. "That's unbelievable! UNBRELIEVABLE!!!" Steelfist shouts loudly. Frightening Dirty Lizard and Scary Shadow. Coincidentally a phone happened to ring from Dirty Lizard's trash bin disguise. Dirty Lizard took it up and gave it to Steelfist.

"Yes? Who is it? BOSS?!" Steelfist looked very worried and began sweating heavily. Scary Shadow and Dirty Lizard is whispering to each other "What is that about?" "I dunno.". "We-e-e-e-e-l-l-l-l you-you-ou-you see! Slime Ninja is-is-ssss defeated! By-by-by-y-y-y a kid! Teen to be-be-be exact!" A pause "I-I-I-see! I will report to you in about three days!" He turned the phone off, he was relieved. "What did he say?" Scary Shadow curiously asked Steelfist "I dunno. Only that lady knows what he is talking about. But knowing him he asked how it's going and if we got the Chaos-O-Matic and that we got three days to retrieve it." Steelfist looks at the building and thought deep inside his mind. "Just you wait kiddo! The Slime Ninja was only in the first wave of attack! The next waves are bigger, stronger, and better! We will get it! Before or sooner!" Steelfist began laughing evilly like a lunatic. He were laughing in eleven seconds until he saw a bunch of children looking at him. He quickly coughed. "Oh... I just remembered a very good joke! What do you get if you cross a cow with a weasel?" The children looks at each other. And then walks away. While muttering stuff like "He is weird." and "And I thought our teacher was a oddball."

It seems like it isn't over for our young hero yet! What is Steelfist gonna send at Eddy next? Is the Slime Ninja gonna return? What will happen next? See next time in...

CHAPTER 2 - Holy bacon! The killer cook strikes!

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