"Get out of the way of the door!"


"Please I just want to talk"

"I don't believe you"

"Listen its okay if we kissed I know you wanted it as much as me"

"You kissed me!"

"And you kissed me back"

"I did not"

"Yes you did"


"Come on please open the door we need to talk, I'm being stared at"

"I'll open the door if you promise not to touch me"


He heard the sound of the lock turning then the door opened a creak.

He pushed it open the rest of the way to find her standing in the far corner arms crossed over her chest.

Her face looked flushed probably from running all the way to her doom.

He walked into the room arms up in a mock surrendered fashion. He shut the door behind him then turned back to face her.

"So?" she asked clearly waiting for him to say something. She wasn't meeting his gaze.

"So" he responded. "Want to make out again?"

That made her look at him. "What!" she practically screamed.

"I'm joking" he said eyes filled with laughter. Glad that he made her look at him.

"Well, if your going to continue with jokes such as that you can leave."

"Why do you have something else in mind to do?" he took a step towards her.

Her face turned red at his words. Whether from embarrassment or anger he didn't know.

"So this is your room?" he said glancing around. "Its nice" he said though it looked much like every other doom room.

"Is there a reason you're here?" she was obviously quite annoyed.

"Yes, I want to talk about what happened back there"

"Nothing happened" she stated as if it were true.

He just smiled. "Denying it won't make it go away."

"Make what go away? We kissed end of story."

"Oh! So now we did kiss?" he asked, his smile growing wider.

"No well…ugh fine we kissed whatever." She glared at him. "It's not like I enjoyed it anyway." She said dismissively.

Now it was his turn to glare. "So, if I was to kiss you again you wouldn't like it?"

He took another step forward.

"I wouldn't." she confirmed her glare still in place.

"Really?" he asked taking a couple more steps in her direction.


"Care to test your theory then?" He was now only a few steps from her. "I mean since you're so sure and all it should be no big deal if I were to kiss you again."

"What?" she asked her eyes grew wide finally understanding his words.

She took a step back which made her back hit the wall. He took a final step toward her placing a hand on the wall next to her head.

"Let me kiss you and if you feel nothing then I'll leave you alone"

She bit her lip unsure what to do.

His eyes traveled to her lips with a longing look.

"If you don't let me kiss you then I'll know that you did feel something."

"That's not fair!" She countered. "Either way I have to kiss you."

"I know." He said smiling.

"Maybe I just don't want you to touch me again, once was enough to gross me out."

He glared at her again.

"I know that's not true."

"It is true."

"Is not."

"Is too"

"Ugh just prove that the kiss meant nothing and I'll leave you alone"



His lips crashed against hers roughly, pushing her harder into the wall. She went to push him away but before she could he changed the kiss so it was softer though not lacking passion.

It caught her off guard causing her lips to open slightly.

He took this advantage by plunging his tongue into her mouth. His hands found their way to her waist pulling her up against him.

Her hands wrapped around his neck pulling him if possible closer. She let out a small moan which she tried to stifle.

He pulled back slightly so he could look into her eyes that were half closed in wanting.

"Still say the kiss meant nothing?" he asked breathing heavily.

"Nothing at all." She countered but tried to pull him in closer for another kiss.

She ran her fingers through his hair while crashing her lips against his. He kissed her back but wasn't going to let her get off that easily.

"Why are you still kissing me then?" He asked pulling back again.

"I'm not" she said kissing his neck since he denied her of his lips.

He pushed her back farther now holding her by her shoulders. They were both breathing heavy.

"Say it" he said.

"Say what?" she asked innocently

"Say the kiss meant something"

"It doesn't." she said glaring at him again.

"You are so stubborn, you know that?"

He went to turn but she grabbed him by his waist pushing herself against him.

She started rocking her hips against his. She knew he couldn't turn away now.

He pushed her against the wall again and started kissing her neck hungrily.

She could feel his arousal through his pants making her grind against him more the closer the better. His hands left her waist and started traveling up where he cupped her breast through her shirt making her moan slightly.

Her hands moved to his shirt pulling it up.

He realized what she was doing and helped her pull it off completely. She racked her fingers over his now exposed chest, then pulled him in for another deep kiss. He started pulling her shirt up now.

She lifted her hands up letting him pull it off of her.

He started kissing her throat to her collarbone. He pushed one of her bra straps down while moving to her shoulder with kisses.

His hands moved to her back undoing the hook of her bra. He pushed the other strap down and watched as it slipped off of her.

He stared at her for a moment then moved his fingers over her nipples watching as they hardened from his touch.

His gaze made her face turn red from embarrassment, and he kissed her fully on the mouth because of it.

She moved her fingers to the buttons on his pants putting a little less restraint on his arousal.

Before she could undo them all the way he picked her up pressing herself firmly against him and carried her to the bed.

Her legs wrapped around him as he lay on top of her, kissing her everywhere.

His lips moved to her nipples as he sucked on each of them softly. Creating sounds of pleasure from her.

"Admit that the kiss meant something" he said again between kisses.

"No" she breathed.

He made to say something again but she distracted him by rubbing herself on his hard on again.

She pulled his jeans down and he kicked them off the rest of the way.

It was her turn now his hands went to her skirt and he pulled it off.

He then kissed the inside of her thigh and rubbed his fingers over her underwear making her grab the sheets of her bed.

His fingers slid under the brim of her panties, and pulled them down throwing them to the floor. He then discarded his own. Then grabbed a certain wrapper and laid back on top of her.

"Tell me." he tried again.

But she only shook her head and kissed him back.

He pulled himself up and getting a nod from her entered her slowly. She could feel all of him through the slow process.

She wrapped her legs around him as he started moving inside her.

"You feel wonderful" he said moving faster.

She clutched the side of the sheets and bit her lip to keep from yelling out his name.

She pulled him closer as she could feel herself reaching her climax it felt as if the whole room was moving. She knew he was reaching his end too as he banged into her harder and faster.

She couldn't take it anymore and she yelled his name as she came. He then gave one last thrust and fell against her.

He hugged her against him and as their breathing started to become normal.

He pulled the sheets up around them and laid next to her pulling her closely to him in a possessive manner and they laid there for a while.

She broke the silence first.

"Maybe… I liked the kiss" she said.

He smiled knowingly and kissed her again.

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