I've watched you
and I knew
I've seen inside and felt you move
I've heard you
tasted too
I know your soul without being allowed to

and you writhed
and you writhed
too scared that I had seen inside
too scared to be naked with open eyes
too scared to cry
and you writhed
and you writhed

you've watched me
you saw I've seen
you've known I've known when you're convulsing
you've hunted me
through disbelief
running from such vulnerability

and I've screamed
and I've screamed
I didn't want these fading dreams
I didn't want you choking me
I didn't want not to see
so I screamed
and I screamed

I've shown my hands
been repromanded
been held down by your demand
I've faltered and
I've been unmanned
but I've told the truth when on the witness stand

so you ran
so you ran
you didn't want me to understand
you didn't want me to move as planned
so you ran
so you ran

so I weep
so I weep
I just wanted you to invigorate me
just wanted you to confiscate me
to hold me yours and never leave
to look over me and be my dreams
as I sleep
as I sleep

Copyright 2001 by Susanne Estelle Hendrickson