A/N: heres my new venture...a tad different from what i would normally want to write...not quite sure where this will go..but nevertheless I hope you enjoy!!


The mirror distorted his figure. Glassy, rough edges, like waking up from a vicious blow to the head, blurred horizon in your vision. A chilled air circumvented in the room. He felt the boiling tears; a drum beat of a thousand wars echoing in his cerebellum.

He could only stand and stare, confused, chilled, and aching. The mirror was a shadow, an enemy, standing him down with a dark, brooding ease. He couldn't move, he couldn't stop from staring into the ridged glass, seeing a reflection he couldn't recognize as his own, as even human.

He could vaguely hear what sounded like floorboards moaning under his feet. It made no senseā€¦for he felt as if he was translucent, not a solid object. He can't feel his skin, his legs, or his feet.

The drumbeats continued inside his mind, the rhythms changing, the echoes singing like choirs of demons, hell-bent on eternal torment.

Louder, louder.

Heavier, more powerful.

Head reeling, splitting open under the blade of an axe of pounding noise. He seemed to feel heated, jelly liquid, crimson in hue, thick rivulets trailing from the wound, the omnipresent noise that had grown to a level unfathomable.

Begging, clawing, let me go.

Screaming, hoping, stop the noise.

Frozen room.

Shattered reflections.

And the noise. So much intense noise.

He vaguely thought of standing near a large speaker in a packed, crammed concert, his ear pressed firmly on it as the drumbeats and guitar searing the floor.

His head folding open under the headache.

He too a sharp inhale, slim razors nicking his throat.

And the pain finally stopped. Darkness falling upon the dreamlike room; his reflection blurring into nothing as he found peace from the torment.