The air in your throat is thinning but the tears keep running. Your legs are taking you as fast as they can go but you're afraid that they'll give out soon. Your chest is burning as are your cheeks. You see the light at the end of the woods when the black figure pulls in front of you. In fear you fall back your body is trembling as you're in hysterics. Sobbing uncontrollably, screaming as loud as you can wishing somebody would come to save you, but you know it is useless because you're alone. A voice calls out your name, "Simone." With blurred eyes you look up to see the figure pull down his cloak revealing-BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!

Gasping for air your eyes shoot open as fresh tears are rolling down your cheeks. Your black shirt is drenched in sweat and your breathing heavy. Swiftly, without a sound you run to the bathroom and immediately collapse onto the toilet. Everything you had eaten the night before had gone into the toilet. Strands of hair were covered in your puke, so you decided to take a hot shower.

Turning on the shower, steam rose in the small room. You quickly took a look at yourself. Your long black hair, which once was silky smooth now lay on your shoulders in a dry heap. Your ivory skin that looked like milk now looked sickly and was tinted blue. The saddest part of all was how your eyes that were at a time filled with joy now only cast a blank purple stare. Yes your purple eyes always caused some hoopla but now since the invention of colored contacts not as much. In a way you missed the attention but whatever.

One last look into the cracked mirror and you shed your clothes. The water felt good on your back as it washed your sins away. Then the dream-no nightmare-crept into your mind, even though you had never actually seen who or what the figure was, it was like you had known him forever, but it was an unwelcome acquaintance. With your fingers shriveled you turned off the water. For no reason at all you turned to look out the window. Nothing, just the shadows of what were probably prostitutes and drug dealers walking about. Slowly you climbed out of the shower and wrapped a towel around yourself.

Wiping away the steam off the mirror, your finger is caught on the cracked glass. you jump back from the pain and watch as your crimson engulfs your hand. "Simone." he called.

Your eyes dart to the mirror and there you see the reflection of a man dressed in all black. He smiles to reveal old yellow teeth, some black with decay. "C'mere gorgeous!" He says voice raspy and cracked. The man pulls your hair so that your back is to him and there he rapes you. Tears roll down your cheeks as he gropes your breasts. Finally he is done and he leaves. IN shock you just sit there, naked and all.

It's been a week since the raping and the day has grown old. You've told no one of the incident. Never really been a 'people' person. Always to yourself and quiet. Any relationship with family is none existent. Abandoned at birth you had to grow up faster. Watching beatings in the dark alleys in the still of night. Finally the thing that took away any hope, or child in you was when you were about the age of maturing. You have never known your birth date.

Being a hot sticky night in the middle of a city, you were bathing in the park fountain to keep cool. Most children had left to go home to loving families and warm meals and beds. But one stayed, a small blond haired boy. Swinging all by himself. Higher and higher he went, his childish giggles swept across the park. you could feel the smile on your face as you remembered this. Everyday the same boy would com to swing and laugh. Everyday you would watch him, be his look out. Maybe two weeks later the small boy walked up to me, a broad smile on his face, and said," My names Alex, would you like to swing with me?" Smiling, actually smiling you said, "Well Alex i would love to swing with you!" And you did. His sweet innocent aura oozed onto you making you feel happy for once. The day did unfortunately end and you bid farewell to Alex. you stopped your swings and he ran off. Half way away he stopped and ran back to you and gave you a hug. One of those really tight ones where you feel as if they never want to let go. you hugged back and smiled at him saying, "It's ok Alex I'll be here tomorrow!" He looked up at you and smiled. This time when he left, you watched until you could no longer see his blue jacket in the distance. It seemed like hours had passed when a scream shattered the night air. It came from the direction of the woods. Immediately you ran towards the screams.

You began to realize that those were of a child. They were screaming and crying and then there was nothing. You stopped and looked around the trees and overgrown grass. You saw nothing until you came upon Alex in the arms of a dark figure. Blood seeped down the mans chin and from Alex. Then the man dropped Alex as if he were a doll and disappeared into the darkness. You ran over to Alex clutching his dying body and slowly closed his eye lids. He was gone.

Remembering this made tears well up in your eyes once again. You slowed down a bit as you neared the same woods where Alex had died in your arms that night. You shivered and pulled your thin jacket closer to your body and disappeared into the deep wood. Halfway through between the entrance and the end you heard a single snap. You quickened your pace absentmindedly and continued on. Again you heard a noise, this time those of foot steps. Too afraid to turn back you kept on. Them a cold hand suddenly gripped your waist and you tried to scream for help, but it useless.

They threw you against a tree and looked you straight in the eyes. It was a man about 6'2, towering a bit over your 5'10, bright gold eyes stared into your soul. You noticed how pale he was but then the man smiled revealing two large white fangs. Your eyes widened in fear as the man smirked evilly and whispered in your ear, "Happy anniversary Alex!" and then he bit down upon your neck. It hurt so bad and tears rolled down your face.

Suddenly the man was torn off of you by something else. You started to black out before you could see anything else. The last thing you remember was another man with dark eyes carrying you off.