Graciously the both of you floated down many corridors and passed many old crackling doors. Tristan's grip tightened around your waist as he pulled you into a magnificent room. Beautiful wood gleamed across the huge room. Hand carved rafters hung at least 60 feet above. A rather large cherry wood four poster bed sat between two skyscraper length stain glass windows. The sheets were a black satin with fur covered shams. Hundreds of red and blue candles lit up the room. They sat untouched on rafters, ledges and an old cherry table with matching chairs.

You felt yourself being spun around into a hard muscular chest. A cold hand wiped away a bead of water that weaved its way down your cheek. "My dear you must be freezing! Across the way is the bathroom. There you may find something's to assist you. As well as a maid to help you." Tristan purred in your ear. He lifted up your chin so both your eyes met. His green collided with your purple ones. Then he pulled you close and forced his lips upon yours. the world began to spin as the kiss deepened. His hands ran up your neck and yours wrapped around his. You opened your eyes to see he had vanished. "Madame! We must hurry dinner is to be served in one hour and you are unfit to go looking as you do!" A rather plump woman grabbed your arm and pulled you into an enormous bathroom.

This one was so much nicer than the other one. A Gold plated and black granite tub with an oak counter with granite sinks. Dark cabinets with silver knobs and area rugs from the middle east. Not a minute more you were pulled onto a bench and the plump woman was combing through your thick, matted, black hair. Before your eyes it was in a French twist with a few strands in front curled. Indigo liner around the eyes with matching shadow topped off with black as night mascara. A clear gloss over your thin lips seemed to bring them back to life. Then the maid dragged you out back into the bedroom where a floor length black dress lay out for you.

"Here Madame put this on with these shoes. Your master will be here to escort at the strike of 10:00." the maid exclaimed pointing to the grandfather clock. You had exactly 10 minutes left before then. The maid took leave and you fingered the dress. It was made of cotton and fit perfectly as if it was made just for you. It had no straps so your breast pretty much carried it. It was floor length and sat around our feet. You walked over to where the shoes sat, your dress dragging. Simple black heels, you pulled them on your dainty feet.

Slowly you walked over to the floor length mirror framed in iron. A goddess shone before you. You felt a familiar arm snake around your waist. Shocked because you saw nothing in the mirror. You turned your head to the side and looked straight into Tristan's green eyes.
"Beautiful. My dear you do clean up nicely!" Tristan purred in your ear. "Shall we go to dinner then?" he stated rather than asked. You nodded and way you went. You glided down the many corridors and past the thousands of doors.

Finally you both stood atop the grand stairway. Slowly you descended the steps. It seemed ages before you had actually touched the last stone. "This way my dear, to the grand hall." Tristan smirked as he led you to another grand room. The rafters were at least 200 feet high with tall columns ascending toward the heavens. Higher above the rafters a replica of the Sistine Chapel covered the ceiling. A long cherry table stood in the center of the hall accompanied by at least a hundred chairs.

"Do you like it?" Tristan asked you with a bored tone. You ignored him because all you could think about was Dorian. Both your eyes met and you could feel the edges of your mouth pull. A sense of relief ran over you and all you could think about was running into his arms. Then a poisonous thought spilled into your head. It was of Dorian killing you. Immediately the smile faded and now all you wanted to do was hold onto Tristan. You felt his grip tighten around your waist.

When I saw Simone walk in here I caught my breath. She was stunning. An angel of night you could say. I felt her gaze and met it with my own. She even ignored Tristan's comment about the painting as our eyes connected. A smile appeared on her beautiful face and i could feel her soul pulling towards me. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Tristan look over at Simone then at me. Then Simone's face darkened and looked utterly disgusted with me. Tristan's arm held onto her. A bitter sweet win.