Note from the translator: This is a sweetly sad little poem written by Gérard de Nerval and includes my lyrical translation, the direct translation and the original poem, in that order. Like my translation of the Baudelaire poem, I tried to stay faithful to the meaning of the original but I found it much more difficult to do so while maintaining the ABAB rhyme scheme. The result is a changed but more or less alike poem and I believe it still displays the intended mood of the poem, albeit not in word.

A path in the Luxembourg Gardens (Une allée du Luxembourg)

She passed me, the young lady,
Lively and swift as a swallow,
In her hand a shining lily,
From her mouth a new song follows

She's perhaps the only one in the land
Whose heart to mine would react,
Who, taking my doleful hand,
With but a look would me impact!

But no, my youth is felled
Farewell, sweet sunray that shined upon me
Perfume, harmony, young mademoiselle.
Happiness has passed, - it will flee!

-Written By Gérard de Nerval
Translated by J.S.K. Ellis

Direct English :

She passed, the young woman,
Lively and swift like a bird:
In her hand a shining flower,
At her mouth a new song.

She's maybe the only one in the world
Whose heart to mine would respond,
Who, coming into my deep night,
With one look would clear it!

But no, my youth is finished,
Farewell, sweet ray that shined on me, -
Perfume, young woman, harmony…
Happiness passed, - it has fled!

-Written By Gérard de Nerval
Translated by J.S.K. Ellis

Original French :

Elle a passé, la jeune fille
Vive et preste comme un oiseau:
À la main une fleur qui brille,
À la bouche un refrain nouveau.

C'est peut-être la seule au monde
Dont le cœur au mien répondrait,
Qui venant dans ma nuit profonde
D'un seul regard l'éclairerait!

Mais non, - ma jeunesse est finie...
Adieu, doux rayon qui m'as lui, -
Parfum, jeune fille, harmonie...
Le bonheur passait, - il a fui!

- By Gérard de Nerval