damn the day when you stop
avoiding the obvious and walk away.
because I'll miss the way the sun beams
illuminate your wealthy golden eyes
as lyrics of heartbreak and failure
scream in one (should- be-pierced) ear
and out the other
while you sing along in a cracked
voice which puberty has affected.
this will cause much laughter, then
sobs once you've realized your
I should tell you now
once in a lifetime means
it will never happen again.
we lead a fucked-up life
which is pierced and tattooed with
the fact that
whether we like it or not
to each other we are the "other"
who loves them enough
to walk in the silver bullet rain
as werewolves
just to break a vampires heart
and beauty.

this is love,
and this is who we are.

a/n: i'm very proud of this poem. but i don't think it portrayed the theme/idea/inspiration that i wanted it too. so if you review could you tell me what you thought it meant/stood for?

many thanks!