Two Princes


As much as she wanted to, Cassandra found herself unable to move. Blinking hard enough to partially restore her slightly impaired vision, she found that all she could do was feel. And so, she steadied her breathing and focused on just that: feeling.

Angry pinpricks assaulted portions of her back, and the backs of her thighs and calves. She surmised, from those feelings alone that she lay on her stomach more than likely in the sun. Shifting her hands around slowly, in a vain attempt to push herself up, she felt a wet, grainy substance underneath her. Gripping the mud beneath her, she ignored the searing pain that inhabited her arms and upper body, pushing against the wet earth and lethargically rolling herself over.

Panting from exhaustion from the simple movement, she lay now, on her back, and slowly lifted an arm to shield her eyes from the harsh sun. She was not aware of how long she'd been there, but her thoughts were not far off. Numerous questions assaulted her weary mind: her whereabouts, how she got there, her friends, Jay…so many that she grew tired, allowing her mind to fall into exhaustion and her body to return to sleep.

A very vague beginning, but it will all come together soon. I usually don't write prologues, in stead I just jump into the first chapter.But I'm hoping that this sparks some curiosity for the story to come. This is my first piece of original fiction to ever be posted publicly. So, feedback is much appreciated, but I'll update either way. Hope you enjoyed, and thanks for reading!