Part Two

Groaning in discomfort, Curourae gingerly rolled onto her back as she tried to ease the discomfort in her aching muscles. Her muscles burned as if they were on fire, but it was a good burn. It was a physical indication that she was thawed out.

It feels like I have freezer burn. No doubt there was some sort of damage...the body could only take being that cold for so long.

The ache in her back began to lessen after several minutes but she couldn't bring herself to open her eyes just yet, she was so deliciously warm. Besides the burn of her muscles, her skin was toasty and rubbed sinuously against the silky texture of her blankets. She couldn't seem to stop herself from burrowing in them even further and stretching her naked body...

I'm naked. Curourae paused immediately as she began to assess the situation. So far she was toasty warm, naked; although she had been naked when Gabriel had found her, and now that she'd stopped to think about it, didn't know where she was. She remembered that Gabriel had found her but after that everything became a blur.

"You're awake."

Curourae turned onto her side once more in the direction of his voice, her arms stretching out underneath the covers until she made contact with skin...bare skin that obviously wasn't hers. Very, very naked skin. Gabriel's naked skin

I'm naked...with Gabriel.

Finally opening her eyes, she was shocked to see Gabriel leaning down so close to her...a very, very naked Gabriel. "Um...hello."

The blankets had fallen to pool around his lean waist, exposing the warm golden skin of his chest. Every muscle was sharp, defined, and mouth watering sexy. Her hands fairly itched to reach out and caress the deliciously smooth skin...maybe even nibble on it a little...or in the very least give him some kitten licks. And with his long black hair fanned out around him in haphazard waves...almost to much to resist...Curourae was suddenly shocked out of her wayward thoughts as her hand made contact with his chest. She raised her startled eyes to meet his a second before his hand closed around hers to keep it in place.

"" Curourae let her words trail off as she gazed into his beautiful face.

Gabriel didn't even blink as he silently watched her, his hot turquoise eyes almost singeing her in their intensity. Several minutes passed and it was almost to the point of being uncomfortable to have his undivided focus on her, but there was something so familiar about the way he was watching her, his head tilted to the side as if he were considering whether or not to pounce.

Curourae could only stare back and wait for him to say something. Thankfully, she didn't have to wait much longer as he finally asked. "Why do I always find you in the snow...there is obviously something wrong with you if you believe that you can survive naked in it?"

Curourae's mouth dropped open speechlessly as her mind fought to come up with an answer beyond her shock. She just couldn't get past the fact that he would actually say something like that to her, but one thing was certain...

"If I could I would punch you in the face."

Curourae was pleased to see that her comment had shocked him as much as his as shocked her...that was, until the dirty bastard started to laugh. And not just chuckles either. It was the gut busting kind that brought tears to the eyes and a pain to your gut.

Yeah...I'm definitely gonna punch you in the face.

Another several minutes passed as she listen to his laughter, silently kicking herself for almost enjoying the rich, full sound. His laughter had a robust quality that she'd never heard that she was even almost starting to enjoy listening to it...Almost.

"Enough already." Curourae gritted out through clenched teeth as she tried to pull her hand back and burrow under the covers in embarrassment, but Gabriel's grip only tightened as the laughter slowly began to fade.

And now for more staring. Curourae whispered to herself impatiently as she futilely tugged on her captured hand.

"Let go." Curourae growled irritably as Gabriel's grip shifted so he could brush his thumb across her knuckles.

"Such a feisty little thing you are." He murmured softly, his hot gaze softening as it roamed gently across her face. "My feisty little flower."

All the irritation that she felt seemed to melt away at his words, turning her into a mushy little puddle of goo in his hands. No one had ever had such an effect on her. It was ridiculous how easy it was for him to get to her like that.

He knows it to.

"You think you're smooth, don't you?" Curourae asked as she let herself settle beneath the covers once more.

"I know I am." Gabriel laughed softly, bringing her hand up to nuzzle her slackened palm. Her thumb traced a path under his eye as he placed a small kiss in the center of her palm. It was a very endearing gesture for a man to make...

No, no, no. You're still mad at him! Remember that! Curourae gave her head a fierce shake as she fought to clear her head, but no sooner had she managed to get right back on track, Gabriel started that infernal purring and she found her resolve weakening once again.

"Please don't be angry with me, Little Flower." Gabriel purred, nipping at the sensitive center of her palm before soothing the skin with a sensuous glide of his tongue. Her foggy brain silently registered that it was far rougher than any human tongue she had ever felt, but the observation took a back seat to the sensory overload that flooded her poor brain.

"I can't think when you do that." Curourae whispered breathlessly.

"That's the idea."

"No, no, no. You need to stop." If only her words sounded with more conviction instead of coming out in a breathy mess. She was hardly convincing...she couldn't even seem to convince herself.

"You don't want me to." Gabriel purred, having moved from Curourae's palm to nibble at the tips of her fingers. "Dream a little. It won't hurt anything."

Dream a little? The odd phrasing of his words gave her pause. "What do you mean?"

"So, you don't know where you are." Gabriel laughed softly, his hot turquoise gaze pinning her to the spot as he once again clasped a hold on her palm. She wasn't sure if he did it because he liked being in contact with her skin or if he wanted a means to keep her in place if she decided to run. "Oh Little Flower, unintentional or not I'm glad you came to visit me."

"Visit you where?" Curourae demanded, her panic slowly rising as she contemplated his words."I have no idea where this place is. How could I visit you when I don't even know where I am?"

"You are dream walking, Curourae." Gabriel replied, his gaze holding hers. "You are, even as we speak, asleep in your Grandmother's cabin. Your body resides there but you mind is here in my dreams."

"I don't know what you're talking about?" Gabriel was obviously loony tunes spouting off some far fetched bull shit like that.

"It's not bull shit, Curourae." that was a lucky guess into my thoughts. It must be pretty bad that even you can tell how insane you are.

"I'm not insane and, just for the record, I can actually hear you."

You can hear me?



Gabriel started to laugh, his rich voice resonating throughout the room as he rolled onto his back. It was almost boyish as if he found true delight in Curourae's words. Oh, Little Flower, you are just too damn cute.

I can hear can I hear you?

"This is my dream remember." Gabriel smiled, reaching out to caress Curourae's cheek. "I can only hear you because you are letting me. You don't know how to protect yourself yet."

Protect myself...what do you mean protect myself!

Gabriel released a soft sigh before sitting up. Panic momentarily forgotten, Curourae silently watched as he arose from their makeshift bed, careful to keep the one blanket around his waist and made his way to stand next to the night stand across the room. Shadows created a mysterious pattern across his back, making his already gorgeous muscles all the more mouth watering. He had such a beautiful body. "That good huh?"

Heat crept into Curourae's face, her honey colored skin becoming scarlet in zero to sixty seconds.

"It's nothing to be embarrassed about." Gabriel laughed, reaching out to pour himself a glass of water...That wasn't there before.

"My dream, Curourae."

"I don't understand any of this!" Curourae burst out suddenly, her already over loaded mind trying to take in yet another piece of the puzzle.

"I'll explain it to you once you wake up." Gabriel replied as he once again returned to Curourae's side. "It's almost time for you to go."

"Go?!" Curourae choked out in panic. "Where am I going?!"

"It's almost time for you to wake up." Gabriel explained patiently as if speaking to a child. "You will be returning to your own body."

"But-" Even as the word left her mouth, Curourae's world began to spin around her, faster and faster until all became a blur except for Gabriel's face.

"You're going back now, Little Flower, but when you awake you'll need to seek me out." Gabriel's voice drifted about her eerily as everything spun faster. "Find me, and I'll explain."

Gabriel's face faded away as the vortex swirled faster and faster until suddenly the world faded to black.

Curourae launched herself into a sitting position, gasping for air as her eyes fought to take in her surroundings. Through the dimness she could make out the faint outline of her dresser and closet door. She was in her room at her Grand-mama's house...

How did I get here? Shaking her head in confusion, Curourae recalled her time with Gabriel. There was only one sure way to find out. She had to talk to Gabriel. He said he would explain.

Her mind set, Curourae stared out her bedroom window and watched the sunrise.