Had we imagined it? I had swallowed great choking mouthfulls of seawater while the pilot pushed us out the hatch of the single engine touring plane. I'd had a really bad day. This was supposed to be a vacation. Wasn't it enough our Mom had just gotten remarried to a guy we didn't like, a guy who immediately demanded we call him "Daddy"? Humiliating.

Brian seemed to perk up a little. I grabbed him around his left arm and heaved. For a sixteen year old, he was skinny. I lifted him to his feet easily. We were both naturally thin, a gift from our mother's genes. A gift for me at least. I was popular. Brian was an outcast. Everyone picked on him at school. We would have been starting school next week actually. I'd have detailed to everyone how exciting my trip to Australia had been. They would envy me. I would have been homecoming queen. Now what was going to happen?

Brian paced off towards the trees, stiff legged. What was he doing? The vegetation swayed with a strong sea-breeze. Behind the single stalked palms I distinctly made out the same reptilian shape as before. "Brian DON'T!!!" I begged.

He approached the creature as if it were a mere petting zoo pony. It was massive, its skin eloquently patterned in gold and brown. Decorative horns emerged from the animal's skull, like a Styrichosauraus. The animal posessed four legs, but also what appeared to be thin, folded wings. Its breathing made a whoashing sound. Only car-sized lungs could make such a rumble. Brian put his hands on the creature. It looked at him judgingly with inhuman yellow eyes, but didn't move. And then the creature did something neither of us expected. It spoke.