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The Giver

I'm staring at the phone again,

trying hard to make it ring.

I'm staring at the phone again,

rejection stings, the air is dead.

Am I upset because I'm lonely,

or lonely because I'm upset?

I feel so selfish from being so selfless.

I think I forget about myself sometimes,

letting others take over, I offer my shoulder

and almost everyone is willing to cry.

Then I remember, I get angry inside,

I need to be told it's okay sometimes.

So I send out pleas, leave messages everywhere-

I need you too, I need you to be there,

a hopeful little voice on the other end,

or at least conversation so I don't go mad.

When my services aren't needed, I'm cast out right away-

they forget it's a person they're pushing out of their way.

I don't know how much longer I can take this,

I only feel loved when I know I'm needed-

and nobody ever wants me "just because".

Maybe I'm asking for too much,

I can't give and take like everyone else.

It's not that there's so much on my mind,

it's that I feel like I've got no one on my side.

Then again, I guess, I never liked myself much-

maybe everyone else is just catching up.

I feel like a parent, someone who can't be avoided-

but everyone will try at almost any cost.

So I'm going to stop, I'll be first to shut up-

I wouldn't want to leave you with an awkward goodbye.

Just keep in mind, no matter what trouble you find-

I'll always be willing to take the phone off the line.