Chapter 1:

Scott Younger slammed the front door of his apartment, leaning against the wood for a long moment. He had to get out of Roanoke. There wasn't anything left for him here, especially now that he had lost his job. Scott pushed off from the door and headed through the quiet apartment, his head pounding. Finally removing his tie and jacket, Scott sat down hard on the twin bed he had bought a few years ago. Getting rid of almost everything that reminded him of Laurie forced Scott to get a new bed and a new couch. He could live without everything else. Scott stood and headed to the bathroom, his footsteps sounding unnaturally loud. Looking in the mirror, he surveyed himself. His brown hair was shaggy; Laurie had always liked it short. His brown eyes had dark circles under them; he'd had trouble sleeping for a while now. He hunched over the sink, unable to stand up straight. He sighed heavily, admitting that he had screwed up all those years ago by leaving Wolf Point. All he had cared about was getting out and doing more with his life; he was too good to do what his father had done. Now, Scott regretted his decision to leave more and more with each passing day. Scott took another deep breath before standing up straight and headed back into the bedroom. He grabbed his luggage out of the closet and started to throw his clothes haphazardly into the bags. When he was sure he had most everything he would need, Scott slung the bag over his shoulder and walked back through the apartment. His eyes took in the place he had spent the last three years. He blinked a few times before whispering

"Time to go home, Younger; time to get your life back on track."


Riley Potter groaned as the sunlight streamed through the window. She glanced at the clock on the nightstand, frowning when she noticed she only had a few more minutes of sleep. She finally pushed the covers off and stood on the hardwood floor, shivering slightly. As she glanced out the hotel window, Riley wondered what the hell she was doing out in Wolf Point. She had left everything behind in Williamsburg, so eager to get away from David that she didn't care what she left behind. Now, Riley was wondering if she had made the right decision. She finally headed to the mirror and glanced at her appearance. Her curly red hair was a mess, and her green eyes were still half shut. She glanced down at her flannel pajamas and groaned. She couldn't remember the last time she had worn something cute to bed; not for the past few months. Finally pushing thoughts of herself out of the way, Riley grabbed a pair of jeans and a sweater. As she walked by the dresser, she noticed the ad from the paper. Picking up the discarded newspaper, Riley read the simple ad again, though she practically had it memorized. Haley Younger and Sara Waters were looking for a teacher. When she had gone for the interview yesterday, she had immediately been captured by the smart and funny women. The two were sister-in-laws by marriage, while Sara also had another sister Sam Tucker. While Sam helped her husband Cole on their ranch along with raising two children, Sara and Haley taught the kids in Wolf Point. Now, though, Haley was expecting her second child with her husband Seth and Sara's new son was only six months old. Neither one could really be away from home at the moment, so they had placed an ad in the paper. Riley still couldn't believe they had hired her after only a ten minute interview. Riley finally threw the paper on the bed and said

"Can't spend all day wondering why they hired you, Riley. Time to prove that you can do it."

She took a deep breath and headed to the bathroom, ready to leave a mark on Wolf Point.