A/N: This has to be read at a relatively fast pace. It's narrated by someone on a severe sugar high...until the last verse, where they begin to slow down considerably. I don't know if it makes much sense. But then again it's not supposed to. It's an upbeat song that completely dies out at the end. Feedback appreciated.


Verse 1
Silver hearts dangle from candy chains
F-f-f-fragile enough for you?
Since I met you it's all the same
Take a bite you know you wanna
Sugary sweet and just as bad for you
(Probably worse dear)
Go on, go on, go on phone her…

Hit the numbers Hit the high note
Hit the spo-o-ot
So come on Mr Magnificent Man
S-s-show me what you got

With all your pretty colours
Black's the old black
Blood's the new red
I stab – I mean I g-got your back

Verse 2
Burning hot-t-t heat
Questions etched
Oh you can bet
This will surely be the comeback of the year
Armed with Skittles and Powerade
(Red's my fave)
Oh deary me, look what you've made


Verse 3
Oh sugar rush (RUSH) of blood
(Oops you weren't supposed to see that)
Where did all this come from? Flood – FUCK.
Funny faces photo frames
Party up Get down Drink some more
Play some games: 7 minutes enough?
We're just the same

Spin the bottle,
Skittles, Sugar, Sweat,
Oh so sssweet.
You know you love me
Like I love
This rush of feeling
Rush of blood
OH! How embarrassing…

Chorus x2

Verse 4
Silver hearts on candy chains
My secret stash
For when I collapse
Going do-o-o-wn…