A/N: One of three poems I wrote as a Christmas gift to one of my best friends. Enjoy. Comments and Critiques appreciated.

---------------------------Past to Present--------------------------

We began hardly recognizing
Not knowing what was dormant lying
Our fates were intertwined somehow, some way
And I can't help myself but to say

Years went by, and here we are
I can't believe we've come this far
It's amazing what life throws our way
But I'm glad things are the way they are today
From an average past to a surreal present
I'm not afraid to hit the pavement
Because I know that you'll catch me if I fall
And if you'll be there, I'll be with you through it all

Common connections kept us bound
Until the day we truly found
Each other as we really are
Now we can hardly bear to be apart

Time's gone by, and here we are
I can't believe we've come this far
This all just feels like one big dream
Our friendship is much more than what it seems
From a boring past to a new beginning
When we're together my head just keeps spinning
Because it's amazing how our friendship's come to be
And I hope you know that you're the biggest part of me

You are, you know, the biggest part of me
Without you I'd be like a ship lost at sea…
From our past to present, this is what's come to be.