"Come on! Let's go walk around the neighborhood, maybe we'll run into John!" the preppy blonde on the bed said. The other blondes that surrounded her all squealed in excitement, and they all followed the blonde out of the room. Only one girl remained, a brunette who sat with her back against the closet doors.

The brunette sighed with relief; finally the paper dolls were gone. She called them the paper dolls because everyone was the same. They all spoke the same way, laughed the same way, and acted the same way. It was more than a little annoying to the brunette. She leaned her head back against the closet doors and closed her eyes, enjoying the newfound silence in the room.

She heard the door open and close swiftly, so she opened her eyes and attempted to stand up and leave before she heard a gruff voice say, "Leave." And instead of getting up and quickly shuffling out of the room to find a new place of silence she settled back down against the closet doors and said nothing. "I said leave. Get out! Scram! Vaminos!" I looked up into the eyes of the guy that the paper dolls had been talking about earlier.

"John is just sooo hot!" One of the numerous blondes squealed, ensuing in more squeals from the blondes. The "head" blonde, Tiffany, said, "You guys stop! You know he is mine, but… He does have amazing muscles!" Another blonde piped up and said, "I can't believe how gorgeous his eyes are! They are such a beautiful ocean blue, almost as if his eyes are staring into your soul!" The blondes all squealed again. "Unfortunately," Tiffany said, "He doesn't like anybody. He has even resisted me… I mean that is just wrong, I'm like the most beautiful girl in school."

"John, right?" She said, not moved by his attitude about her being there. John gave her a glance and then flopped onto the hot pink and green comforter, "Yes, how do you know?" The brunette was a little in shock, but quickly regained her composure, "The pap- I mean the giggling group of blondes couldn't stop talking about you." He didn't look surprised, but kept staring at the ceiling with his hands behind his head.

What felt like hours later, but must have been only a minute, he turned his head and asked her, "Who are you anyways?" The brunette looked him straight in the eyes and saw he really did have ocean blues eyes when she said abruptly, "I'm just a new kid to town. I don't think it is important for you to know." He turned his attention to the ceiling for a couple of more minutes; apparently thinking over what she said when he suddenly turned towards her again. "I would really like to know," he said with his big pools of ocean shimmering. "My gosh! You know that look could probably kill!" She said while laughing.

"That's weird," He said, "I usually get what I want when I use my puppy dog look."

"Well maybe that is the problem with the people here; too spoiled."

Swiftly he jumped off the bed and sat next to her in front of the closet doors, "Spoiled? I just am accustomed to getting what I want." Suddenly the room felt smaller than it actually was, and the brunette shifted away slightly. "I don't bite you know," John said a bit offended.

The brunette stood up abruptly and said, "It was nice to meet you, but I should get going, I only came to see what the people were like here, and I sure found out." She reached for the door and when her hand landed on the handle there was another hand on top of hers. She felt warmth spreading throughout her body as she felt John's chest against her back and the way he was caressing her fingers, then she snatched back her hand like she had been bitten by a snake.

"Look, it is getting late. I should really go," And with that she opened the door and slammed it in his face. She walked downstairs, past the table of drunken adults, and out the door.

She got to her car and realized that she didn't have her keys or her purse for that matter. She looked up at the window that overlooked the street and realized it must be Tiffany's room, because she saw John standing there holding her purse in his hands with a smirk that made her insides melt.