John knew he was being absolutely rude to this girl, but he couldn't help himself. She didn't want to leave the room before and he soon realized he didn't want her to leave it either. So when he saw that she had left her purse after she had left so violently, he couldn't help but smile as he planned out what he would do next.

Just giving her purse back to her would be no good, he definitely wanted something in return for… reminding her that her purse was still in Tiffany's bright pink and green room.

When she left he immediately rolled off the bed, grabbed her small purse and smiled when he realized it was made out of used Kool-Aid pouches. He watched as she stalked out into the dark night to her bright yellow Jeep Cherokee. His smile grew wider when he saw her turn around and look up at the window as if all of the happiness had been squeezed out of her. He waved the bag a little and started to chuckle as she started to walk back to the house.

Why should he make it so easy for her to come back and grab her purse back? He laughed when he thought of hiding it on the balcony that was near Tiffany's room. Quickly he walked down the hall and placed the bag on the open balcony and went back and flopped onto Tiffany's bed, waiting for the new girl to come back.

"Oh great," the brunette said as she stalked back to the house. She knew this guy was not one she would want to mess with; she knew he would be exactly the same as any other idiot high school guy. She opened the door to the house and tried to quietly close it, but the heavy wooden doors slammed.

"Girrrrrrl!" A drunken voice slurred from the large table of giggling adults. "Yes?" she replied. "Could joooo get me anotherrrr…. Urrrrrrr." The man fell off his chair causing the other adults to burst into even louder fits of giggles. She decided to just go up the stairs and get her purse back.

She climbed the curved stairs and walked down the hallway, stopping just before Tiffany's room. She looked at the obnoxiously pink and green painted door and sighed before grasping the handle and letting herself in.

She mustered all of the anger she dad and barged into the room. "Okay, you are very funny mister; now give me back my purse. I need to get home." She said and gave him the glare she had been practicing in the mirror for pricks like him. Her glare fell when she saw him laughing at her.

"I don't have it." He said, still laughing. Her jaw dropped and she said, "I just saw you holding it," She said and thrust her finger towards the window overlooking the street, "In that window." He had stopped laughing and had sat up from the bed on which he had been lying on, "You know, alcohol isn't that great for you, you shouldn't have had anything to drink. Even if I had your purse, I couldn't allow you to go out in a state like this, Erin."

If her mouth could have dropped any farther, she might have lost it, but thankfully it did not. She knew how he had found out her name, he had been snooping.

"Let's get this right the first time, because I am not about to repeat myself." He stood up, walked over to her, and stopped right in front of her. "I'm listening," He said, towering over her.

"Number one, you crossed a line at implying that you know me, for your information I have never ever touched a drink in my entire existence on this Earth! Number two, you had absolutely no right to sift through my purse! Number three, I just want to leave this crappy party and go home, so if you would please return my purse, it would be greatly appreciated."

She let go of a breath she hadn't realized she had been holding when he said, "Okay then, have it your way, follow me." Then he turned and walked out of the still open door and down another hallway. She followed him reluctantly, yet obediently.

John felt like cheering, although this girl, Erin, thought he was simply going to lead her to her purse, he knew he was going to get something in return for giving her the purse back.

He reached the launder room door and quickly opened it. "It's in the very back, the room isn't very big, so I figure I would let you go first." Erin gave him a wary glance with her ice blue eyes that told him she wasn't appreciative about this. "Hey, trust me; like I said before, I don't bite."

She rolled her eyes and slowly walked into the room, looking for the light switch. John took his chance and snuck into the room, closing the door behind him. He was momentarily blinded by the sudden presence of light in the small obnoxiously painted yellow room. He saw she did not yet realize that he had come in the room with her; she was too busy looking for her purse.

He almost wanted to chuckle when she found it and squeezed her body through the space between the wall and the rather tall dryer.

She had made her way between the small space of the dryer and the wall to her purse, when she turned around and saw John was blocking her only way out of her small prison between the wall and ridiculously tall dryer.