The first thing Lumia saw when she woke up was a black piece of paper with the word Vampyre written on it elegantly. She sat up, grabbing the piece of paper. No, it wasn't a piece of paper. It was a brochure.

There seriously was a brochure for new vampires. About the same size as a travel brochure to a Floridian vacation.

Amused a curious, she opened to the first page.

Congratulations! You are now one of the chosen ones, the nightstalkers, the superior beings!

Now that you are no longer a mere human, you have a lot to learn about yourself, your peers, and your prey.

Let's start by telling you a little bit about yourself. Firstly, no. Sadly, you are not immortal. You will, however, live for about a millennium if everything goes well. This is still a very long time. :)

You can still eat some human foods at the moment, but this transition will eventually fade. You might think, now, that you'll miss, it, but you won't.

You cannot, for any reason, be exposed to sunlight. It will kill you, just about instantly. It would be an unpleasant, painful death. Don't do it.

While you can be near holy water, crosses, and the church, it is not really recommended. (When we say the church, we mean all churches. This includes Satanist and Buddhist churches, as well as Catholic and Protestant, and many more.) It may result in an allergic response.

Silver will not burn you as dramatically as it does in the movies. It may feel pleasantly warm at first, but it is not advised. It will eventually burn through you, mostly without you noticing. If you absolutely must, eighteen hours is the longest you can be in contact with the stuff without sustaining a permanent injury.

You do not have to carry dirt around unless you have been buried. If this is the case, please refer to Zombies: An Educational Brochure©

You do not have to count dirt, or anything else.

You have super senses! You may be subconsciously tuning them down now, to avoid mental overload. You will gradually be able to handle your newly attuned senses.

You will not age physically, after you have finished puberty. Any scars or blemishes you had in your past life will have disappeared. If you have already reached the end of your human growth, you will stay in your current form for the rest of your life.

If you get too hungry, or feel threatened, your newly refined instincts will take over. It is recommended that you avoid this. It may result in loss of memory and headaches, or land you in an undesirable situation.

Peers and Vocabulary

Clan: An alliance of Havens, who agree to aid each other in times of need.

Elemental: The keeper of a Haven is almost always an Elemental. They are the ruler and landlord of the place you now live.

Haven: A hidden place where those who are more than human can live in peace, away from their prey, in an open and accepting environment.

Havenmates: The others who live in your Haven. They are your new family.

Lord: The vampyre who Turned you. You will inherit his or her strengths and weaknesses as you mature.

Palaise: A Haven for those non-humans who can be Turned during the day. Generally not allies.

Prey: Humans, mostly, but may include other warm-blooded creatures, if no other food is available.

Rage: The state a Vampyre goes into when too hungry or threatened. A defensive mechanism.

Turning: The process by which a human becomes an Vampyre. It cannot happen to those who are against it. (see Prey.)

A brief note about Prey: You may be thinking, now, that you are still somewhat human, and do not want to kill humans. Get over it. Humans are a dying race. They are overpopulated and are spoiling the planet. If we do not kill them, they will kill themselves, each other, and us. We are their only natural enemies, and as such, need to control their population. No matter how you put it, none of them deserve to live. You do.