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Chapter 1- Newbie

"Bye, Gina!" my best friend Linda said one more time, before she hugged me.

"We're going to see each other again right?" I muttered, feeling confused at why she was getting so mushy over this.

"Of course we are! I just can't help, but feel distant from you since we're going to different high schools now…" Linda sniffled.

"Hey, I'm transferring, not you…I can still see ya," I mocked, hoping to try to lighten the mood.

"I'll miss you and your snooty remarks," she sighed and she hugged me one last time..


And just like that, my distant reminiscence was over. Here I was my hands frozen to my side, as I stood on the cold cement steps in front of the school. This school was called "Harper High School." It was ironic that NONE of my classmates from eighth grade has chosen this school. They said that this school was filled with snobs and wannabe's. Well, rich snobs and rich wannabes, that is.

Oh god…

I wasn't late; in fact I was very early. I wanted to make sure I got everything right, and not end up being the last person to class and get stared at.

I looked down and checked my shirt, it was a thin red and brown striped shirt, the sleeves sagged to my shoulders, but there was another sewn in tank holding it up, the hem wound around my waist in a baggie like structure, so I don't seem like a smutty person. The weather was a bit frosty, so I had a long scarf looped loosely around my neck, and my jeans were loose around my legs. I had a notebook in my arms, so I wouldn't have empty hands and look awkward just twiddling my thumbs. This notebook was very important to me though, it had all my thoughts, secrets, feelings and events in it.

No one shall touch it…

Taking a deep breath, I put my hands on the doorknobs. With a slight twist, I yanked the door open, hoping confidence would surge through me. The only thing that surged through me was shiver.

The halls were….amazing! Banners covered almost every inch of the walls, above the red shiny lockers. There were artistic drawings drawn on any sign of poles, areas that aren't drawn or covered with banners.

My eyes probed every single scale of the building. It was magnificently big…and rich looking! I shivered again. My old conversed foot took a step on the shiny floor, and it echoed off the walls.

"Hello?" I squeaked as I self-consciously picked at the strap that leads from my backpack. I wandered down the long hallway, looking for the "Main Office."

Walking down the hallway, I read the names:

Office? Nope.

The Principal's Office? Nope

The Janitorial Office? Nope.

How many offices can one school really have?

Suddenly the door with "Main Office" painted on the window frame came into view.

"Finally," I muttered under my breath as I placed my hand on the smooth marble doorknob. As I opened the door, a small bell rang from above.

"Hello, dear," the secretary instantly looked up.

"Hi, I'm here to get my schedule?" I forced a nervous smile.

"Oh, are you Gina Burn?" the secretary eyed me as she typed something swiftly into her computer.

"Yeah…" I said awkwardly.

"Oh, right, the new student," she realized she quickly dug through her desk drawers and found a large manila folder. She then cracked that one open and started digging around again and finally pulling out a long slip of paper with words neatly printed upon it," here you go."

"Thank you," I smiled, this time it was a real smile, knowing that as soon as I touch the schedule, I am committed to staying at this school until it the end…

"No problem," she smiled back as I took the smooth slip of paper from her waiting hands. I glanced at the paper and noticed it said my locker number, my lock combination, and says that all my books would be in there already.

Jeez, talk about prepared…

I found and opened my locker. I stared at all the books that towered within its glossy red metal shell. There was a science book, no wait 2 science books, a few math books, and many more books that had intelligent words on it. I looked at my schedule again. It said I needed at least half of these heavy books for my first 3 periods.

Oh great.

Plucking each one up, I stacked them neatly in my arm. I would've putten them in my backpack, but I had mindlessly stuffed them with books at home that I thought I would've needed if I got bored, how wrong I was... Grunting under the heavy books, I kicked the locker door shut and staggered down the hallway. I was hoping to get to my class before school started.

Walking slowly, I couldn't really see what was ahead of me. I was picking up my pace, and my heavy breathing shrouded my ears. Suddenly, I felt an impact that went blew into the books and it shoved against my ribcage as someone ran into me.

Everything seemed to happen in slow motion…

Clickclick. My shocked expression as I felt my leg slip from under me.

Clickclick. I saw the books fly and scatter in the air.

Clickclick. The guy just stood there, glaring at me as if it was MY fault.

Clickclick. I did a face plant into the ground…and my notebook landed right in front of his feet. While the rest of the books landed on my head, back, butt, and legs. Ouch, THAT'S going to bruise…

Damn it!

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