Special Chapter

I gripped my gloved hands tightly into a fist as I stared at myself in the mirror.

The white veil puffed around my dark brown wisps of hair that were held in a firm but loose bun in the back.

I wasn't ready for this, but knowing this, more butterflies bounced in my stomach. Wiping a thin layer of sweat I glanced up nervously and spotted Nate jumping around in the crowd.

"You look like a snowball!" Nate giggled as he saw me.

"Be quiet!" I snapped at him and then I smoothed the dress down a little before taking another nervous breath.

I love him, I shouldn't be nervous.

All eternity!

"Gina," an excited voice exclaimed behind me and I whirled around and saw Skye and Brianna.

"Hey guys," I said sheepishly.

Skye grinned at me as she eyed me from head to toe, "Nice dress you got there."

"Why do people keep doing that?" I groaned angrily before I stared at the elaborate wedding dress. A white rose swirled along my hip, dripping its pearly beads along the butt. The dress was a little bit puffy on the sides and it'd waterfall to my heeled feet. The top part had no puff sleeve, it was just a hugging V-line that didn't go too down.

"Linda!" I beamed as she popped her head in. Her freshly curled brown hair bounced at her shrug.

"You!" she gasped and then broke into a wide grin, "Marrying!"

"Glad you finally got the memo," I rolled my eyes and then I leaned in to hug her. She was in the bridesmaid dress, along with Skye and Brianna.

"I'm glad I chose these dresses," Linda commented as she twirled in her delicate sky blue dress that hung to her knees and did a nice swerve along the girls' hips.

"It brings out the eyes," Brianna nodded and then smirked.

Too many things going on at once!

I shuddered and then I looked up again, this time trying to seek help.

"Matt's lucky to be marrying you!" Brianna assured, "now stop sweating."

"Yeah, you're going to get glued to the dress," Linda backed Brianna up.

I smiled worriedly and then Linda wrapped her hands around mines, "Stop being so nervous. He's the best of the best." She stared at me with her big brown eyes that I sighed.

It is true, she helped me in…..fifth grade when that guy stalked me, in seventh grade where that other boy asked me to the dance. A lot of times she was there at the sign of boy trouble.

"Thanks," I murmured. It just seems that everybody seems to be hovering around me. It makes me kind of nervous and anxious.

"Sweetie," my mother came into the room and wrapped her arms around me, "When'd you snag him? You never told me about him!"

"Oh, I thought you've seen him before," I laughed, feeling like I was going to scream.

"But, I approve," she said seriously, "And don't get cold feet!"

"Of course," I laughed and then I jolted a little when I heard the organ music start up, "Mom…"

I literally whimpered that.

I noticed that Brianna, Skye, Nate, and Linda were already gone.

"Stop being such a baby!" she prompted and helped me up, "You look gorgeous, darling."

I swallowed hard, "Thanks."

Since my dad wasn't here, my mom was going to be the one that was going to walk me down the aisle.

The wedding melody drifted around me as the people on the seats began to stand up. Smiles erupting on the people's faces and my aunt Sophia nodding at me with an almost smug smile made my heart beat faster but also a warm rush befalling me. Nate was behind me, trying to follow the beat of the music and tried to balance the ring on the pillow. I heard him grumbling as he walked steadily behind me.

"Chin up," my mother scowled, but I could hear tears welling up in her motherly tone.

I felt a small smile tug on my lips as I saw Matt look up. His blue eyes deep and set on me, glittered as he saw me approaching.

The tux he chose matched him and brought out his blue eyes. Well, perhaps. A white lily was tucked in his chest pocket and his hands behind his back.

A warm kindred smile appeared onto his face and then I felt a smile blossom wider on my nervous face.

"Matt," I murmured as my mom smiled at me one more time before sliding my hand into Matt's.

"Hey," he said in a husky tone a smile still warming his lips, "you look beautiful."

I tried not to blush, "And you look mighty handsome."

He squeezed my hand delicately as the priest began the ritual.

"Do you Gina Burn take Matt Sawyer to be your lawfully wedded husband," the priest asked, "Through sickness and through health."

I smiled at Matt, "I do."

"And do you, Matt Sawyer take Gina Burn to be your lawfully wedded wife, through sickness and through health?"

"I do," Matt smiled and then he leaned in a little, his blue eyes coming nearer.

"You may now kiss the bride," the priest conjoined and then loud organ music erupted through the hall as Matt's lips touched mines.

I smiled against his lips as I leaned in closer, smelling in his sweet scent of cologne and well, Matt!

"Love you!" I squealed and then I pecked him on the lips again.

"I love you too," Matt captured my lips and then he entwined his hands into mines. We turned around and smiled at the audience who clapped loudly as we began to walk down the aisle hand in hand.

I paused and then gestured towards the bouquet in my hands, "May I?"

"Why certainly," Matt chuckled and then he backed away.

"I hope one lucky lady will get this!" I praised before I turned around, took a huge breath and then threw it into the awaiting women.

I turned around to see the flowers slip from the delicate wrapping. White roses, lilies, and snap dragons rained among the women and girls. They all got one flower and they waved it to me enthusiastically.

"You turn," I laughed and he stared at me before he obtained another bouquet and he thrust it backwards into the crowd of men.

"Aw man!" I heard a little boy voice and Nate jumped out waving the bouquet in his eleven year old hands.

My heart swelled with joy as I looked up at Matt, he helped me into the awaiting car that was pure white with ribbons and cans tied to the bumper.

"Ready, love?" Matt asked me as he pulled the clutch into gear.

"Of course, I'm always ready." And with that, he pulled out of the parking lot, zooming down the street, somewhere where we will be together.

Happily, warmly, and secluded.


I snap awake and then glance around me.

"Hey, Matt," I whisper ecstatically and nudge him with my toe.

"What?" he mumbles against the feathery pillow. He turns towards me and props his head up sleepily.

"I just had a dream," I smirk and lean in closer to him, snuggling against his warm chest.

"What did you dream about?" Matt asks, his arms automatically wrapping around me.

"About how we met," I sigh and smile to myself, "the wedding and all that was in between."

"Really? You still remember?" Matt asks in disbelief and a smile blooms on his face as he presses it against the top of my head.

"Yeah, I remember everything," I smile, closing my eyes a little bit, "From the beginning of high school all the way to now."

"Really…" Matt's voice trail off as he begins to drift back to sleep again.

"Mommy!" a little voice literally screams.

"Bless, you're still awake?" I gasp before I lean over the bed to pick her up. She squirms in my hold and crawls onto the bed, next to her daddy.

"I can't sleep!" Bless complains while she began to snuggle in deeper into the covers between us.

"Count sheep," I smile at her, she gives me a questioning look, "here. Close your eyes."

Bless obediently closes her eyes, "I don't see anything."

"Wait, wait, let me sprinkle some magic dust," I assure her as I lean in to kiss her dimpled cheeks, "Whoosh!"

Bless opens one of her dark blue eyes and looks up at me curiously.

"No, no," I close my eyes too and then lean in against the pillow, "One, two…look at all that sheep."

Bless doesn't respond.

"Big white fluffy sheep, with cute little eyes and dimples just like yours," I smile.

Bless laughs a still existent belly laugh, "That's silly, sheep can't have dimples."

"They're cute sheep," I explain and wrap my arms around her, she smelled just like baby powder.

I hear Bless giggling to herself, but she relaxes in my hug. Slowly, she begins to drift off into a nice sleep a little four year old should have, "Good night, sweetie."

A kiss implants onto my cheek and I peek to look up at Matt, "Good night."

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