My Message To You

I 've been trying to say this all along:

D id I tell you that

O ut of everything that you've told me, I

N ever wanted to hear that you had to leave,

' cause you are a huge part of

T he tragic life that I've received

W hy must I watch in

A ngst as you slowly break away,

N ever again will I be able

T o hear the sweet words you have to say

T o see you when I am pensive,

O r withdrawn in disarray

S ee the message I'm trying to

E stablish? It's

E asy if you see it in a new light.

Y ou've helped me

O vercome and

U nderstand, and I'm seeing you go tonight.

G oodbye, I mean this with

O verwhelming care… I speak so calm, but under the skin I'm in crushing despair.

-Lurid Black-