Jenn knew that she should be used to this. The outside world and its wonderful colors yet, she just found it so mystical. She saw her hair clearly for the first time. It was straight and a pretty shade of straight pecan brown that was up to her shoulders. Crissie had informed her that she had an unusual color of Hazel-green for eyes and Sasa-Marie has told her plainly that she was short. She had seen the sky a few times but had never in her life seen a sunset or sunrise. Jennifer must've imagined it…but she thought that Sasa-Marie was actually SMILING during these beautiful sky shows.

It had been the second day of the journey, and Jennifer was enjoying every minute of it. Crissie was fun to chat with, and Sasa-Marie said something social every now and then but nothing else happened other than talking and traveling. Indeed, Jenn was happy that they had finally reached a town, WITH A MOTEL. Finally, Jennifer thought, a bed to sleep in, and food to eat! Although, upon entering the small town, Crissie had told Sasa-Marie and Jennifer to buy some food as Crissie would sign into the motel. Before Jennifer could nod, Sasa-Marie grabbed her hand and dragged her to the market.

There was a HUGE sign on the downtown market reading: Welcome to the Titanium Market! Buy and spend! Spend and Buy! Be sure to tell your friends to come and you'll get 15 of the newest lamb meat! The market was large; there were stalls everywhere some of them were selling the strangest things like green skull shaped pendants and bottles of thousands of bugs mashed together. All in all, the whole Downtown Titanium seemed a bit shady.

"Erm, Sasa-Marie, I've heard of something, er, what was it calle- Oh, yes! Money! I'm not really sure how to use this 'Money,' are you?" Jennifer asked hopefully. She didn't want to have to resort to stealing food.

"Don't worry Jennifer. We'll find money," Sasa-Marie said with a small evil smile while leading her to the doorway of a large, smelly, and colorful tent. There was a small ripped sign reading: "Welcome one, welcome all! To Madame Alizya's fortun…!" The rest was ineligible.

"Now, remember, Jennifer…Do your job." Sasa-Marie said point-blank. Jennifer couldn't think of anything else to do except to nod.

"Good. Now, take my lead." Sasa-Marie then grabbed a handful of Jennifer's hair and dragged her into the smelly tent.

A middle-aged gypsy was leaning on one side of a large table covered in a colorful cloth. A crystal ball lay in the middle of the table. The rest of the tent was decorated with weird and mystical looking things. One of them being a dozen set of shrunken heads glued together.

"'Ow may I 'elp you, darling?" The gypsy said in a mystic tone.

"I've come to bring a girl. A fortune teller. A REAL fortune teller." Sasa-Marie said shaking Jennifer's head above the crystal ball.

"I 'vont proof." The gypsy said. Her mystic tone was gone and replaced by a French accent. Sasa-Marie sighed, shook Jennifer's head once more, and muttered something under her breath. Then, Jennifer saw…the fortuneteller's crystal ball rolling to the right, the left, around, and into a doorway covered with a large and colorful blanket.

"Well? 'Vot did she see?" The gypsy asked, impatiently.

"I saw your crystal ball going right, left, and crawl backwards, and then into that room." Jennifer said, pointing to the large shawl covering the doorway to another room. She realized this was some ploy to get money and was wiling to help Sasa-Marie in whatever ways she could. The gypsy adjusted her arm a bit so that her elbows rested on the table.

"Iz dat eet?" The gypsy scoffed, pushing her her hair behind her shoulder. Because of this, her elbow knocked the crystal ball out of its holder and it rolled around just as Jennifer predicted.

"I see. Make eet 'Tree 'Undred coins," The gypsy said, pulling a large sack of coins from under the table.

"Deal." Sasa-Marie smiled, pushing Jennifer towards the gypsy and taking the money.

Inside her mind, everything clicked, and Jennifer found that she herself was appalled; Sasa-Marie was trying to SELL her? Did Crissie know about this?! Crissie probably DID know about this! Otherwise why would Crissie tell her to go with Sasa-Marie at the market? Jennifer's mind was racing. So, Sasa-Marie and Crissie had broken her out of the cave just to SELL her. What did she expect? Why else would these two strangers be so hospitable? Jennifer shrank into a slump as she gave one last backward glance to Sasa-Marie who was already walking out of the tent with the money in hand.

"'Vell come on," The gypsy said, leading Jennifer into the back room.