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Chapter 1

Josephina Mode:

Suitcase? Check.

Gear? Check.

Passport? Tickets? Good-byes? Check, check, check.

My parents walked me to the gate at Sao Paulo International Airport.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" my mother asked in Portuguese. She always asked this, to test my judgment.

"Yes I am." I answered in English, just to make her feel better.

"I'll have my gun ready," he said. "If any boys feel you up, "I'll over there faster than they can say Rio de Janieros correctly." He winked at me. He always says those kinds of things; I love his sense of humor.

"Last call, Miami, last call," the lady at the desk said. Miami, 4 am flight."

"Bye, Mother, goodbye father!" I gathered my things and got on board. They waved as I left, it was a long way to Miami.

Marcos Mode:

I woke up to my usual buzzing alarm clock at 5am Great, I thought, another day of boring practice. I woke up my roommate, Andrew.

"Hey, Andrew, wake up," I shook him.

"I du'wanna…" he rolled over.

"Hey stupid, get up!" I shook him some again. Clearly unwilling, he started to snore.

"God, I hate it when you do this, Drew."

I got out my headphones and put it one in his ear. I put my iPod on a rock song, turned the volume all the way up, and played the song.

"AAUUGGHH!" Andrew screamed. "What the hell was that for?"

I shrugged and got ready. I was the captain of the soccer team and I wasn't going to allow late sleepers. Not even the co-captain.

I changed into my uniform and put on my shin guards. I grabbed my cleats out of my messy closet and headed to the cafeteria. Food is fuel.

Already there were the early birds from the football team. The brutes were talking about a new student coming in the next day. Their early plans of swirlies had begun. Out of uncaringness, I turned away.

"The usual," I told the lunch lady.

"Okay, Marcos," the tiny woman said, or maybe I'm just rally tall…

As I sat down to at, Andrew ran in with Carlos and Nathan, huffing and puffing behind the growing line for breakfast.

Right before they arrived at the table, I had finished my cereal and toast and started toward the field. Without looking, I could tell they were inhaling their food.

Josephina Mode:

It was 9 am on my watch or 7 am Eastern Standard time when I got off the plane. I ruffled my boy-cut hair and made my way to the baggage claim.

For the Sunshine State, I was surprised. It was raining. Or it had been raining. I saw the wet and puddle-filled runways and nearly thought too hard about the subject.

My ride was waiting for me at the claim. They were friendly people, the principal and his wife. But they were so friendly that was really creepy.

They smiled too much. Especially the Mrs., she reminded me of Laura Bush. Big smile and long lips. I wondered how the principal kept a school full of boys at bay with that creepy smile, and suddenly figured out how, and why. I shivered.

The trip to the school was short, thank God. The internet didn't really give that much credit to the school itself, though. It was huge. State-of-the-Art architecture, a plethora of sports figures, and bright colors had captured my attention.

I was so busy gawking at the school that I didn't realize that the couple had stopped and already started unpacking my stuff. I quickly got out and helped.

"School started already, do you want to start to attend a day early?" Mr. Boone asked. I had to fix my watch later. "Today can be amnesty if you want."

"Okay," I said. It could help to get to know my classes first-and the teams. Besides, I don't think that that creepy smile of his gave me any other choice.

"We'll get your stuff to your dorm, here's your schedule, map, and a list of sports teams," he said.

"Thanks." The other held no interest for me, only soccer. It is the only reason I'm here, of course. The list also included tryout times and daily practices.

Soccer- Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 6-7 am, 3-7 pm. Geez, not quite as much as I expected. I could deal, though. Today is Friday. I had the whole weekend to practice.

I sorted out my school stuff from my luggage and headed over to my first class- geometry. Nothing like math in the morning. Quite like soccer actually, geometry…

I thanked the Boones again as I headed to building 4, room 5.

Marcos Mode:

I hate geometry. I hate math in general. No, screw math, school just sucks. Especially in these damn uniforms after a rigorous day of practice.

Class had barely started when a student walked in. He was short. His uniform was actually, well, ironed and such. Even the tie looked professionally done.

I had a bad feeling that everyone was staring at the new person who just walked through the door. The teacher was the first to speak.

"Can I help you?" Mr. Torrez asked. I wasn't too interested and looked to Andrew for the previous night's homework.

I was innocently copying down my roommate's homework when I heard soccer in the short kid's voice. Anything that had to do with soccer interested me.

"My name is Joseph Gonzales and I am from Brazil," he said. A few snickers from the class, "and I like soccer." A few more snickers. "I was the team captain for a year before coming here."

The whole time this was going on, I was thinking, What? This kid, a captain? We'll see, we'll see… he's probably gonna try out.

I glanced to my right, where the football players were apparently panicked, having to move up their plans a couple days. I chuckled as the Joseph kid sat down three seats from me.

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