Another of my softer more meaningful songs, but like most of my soft stuff, it has it's hard moments, or moment. The only time I can invision a hard spot in this song is during the bridge, and even then it's not super crazy, like most of the time. I hope you guys can enjoy it.


Agony, come over me!
Strength in pain and misery!
My rage is not, your weaponry!
My belief's are your blasphemy...

My saintess of insanity!!
Keeper of, whats left of me!
Is this, all that I can be?
Sweet nothing, catastrophe!

So let's forget!!
Lie and say we don't care what we get!
Let's not live for condescending shit!
Can't we endure the pain if it's worth it?
Let's forget...

Is it that hard, to believe in me!
Regrets as far, as I can see...
My delusions are, my reality!
And you are my, calamity...

I can't help but retaliate!
Confronted with, the things I hate...
This love was more, than simply fate!
Girl you were... Worth the wait!

Let's forget!!
Lie and say, we don't care what we get!
Let go of all their degrading shit!
Why accept this life? It's not worth it!
I think I'm done with drowning in regret!
Can't we forget?!

Please take my hand, I'm done with this now!
Can't we still be standing when all falls down?
The past is a weight that I can't cast away!
Though without it I feel I could last another day!
Another day I want!
If that's all that I've got!
Don't say there's nothing here!
Don't say you love me not...

Let me forget!
Lie and say we don't care what we get!
Let go of all the useless empty shit!
Let's accept a life that's not worth it!
Just forget...
That, this is...