Dark Eyes

I must apologize for staring and then

That I shy when I catch your gaze

But your eyes they mesmerize me

For in all of my born days

I've never seen a pair of eyes

So black and strangely bright

Shining genius and insanity

Yet cold as starless night

Your eyes like pitch in the dead of night

Are the black of Zorro's mask

They're sable as the Raven's wing

The shady depths of Lilith's task

But they glitter with madness

That your genius denies

It waxes and wanes

Like the stars in the skies

But they're callous stars, like diamonds

And diamonds come from coal

So too your brilliant eyes

Reveal your darkened soul

You've the blackest brightest eyes

I know I'll ever see

And I'm torn by my desire

For those eyes to look at me

They're so dark, it's true; I might get lost

And forever trapped inside

Your maddeningly black eyes

And the secrets that they hide

They hold the answer to your genius

That by madness is disguised

But they'd never dare betray the key

Of the enigma in your eyes

16 Sept 07 – 8 Jan 08

A/N: This started out about a kid in health class many years ago. I finally found it again and reworked it to this, which I think might be inspired by the trans-siberian orchestra CD Beethoven's Last Night. …I'm not really sure, though. You're welcome to make up what you think it's about, 'cause I still haven't decided…