Thanks for the Memories

In my dreams we're fast asleep

Our love is a flame I aim to keep

But in reality, our love is broken

Oh yes, I have woken

What cruel God would impart

The sensation to start - loving

Yes, thanks for the memories

I wander the house an aimless ghoul

Who'd ever think I'd act like a fool

To think I'd get away with lie upon lie

I never wanted to be faithful, I never wanted to try

Who'd think that I'd be cruel

To treat you like some household tool

Yes, thanks for the memories

Now that you're gone I get the blues

This is a battle I just can't confuse

This is a war that I'm bound to lose

I've spurned your love

I'm colder than you know

This depression is too much

I should get a gun and let life go

Could attraction still appeal

Your sentiments to love, your wish to feel

And you stare me in the face and my throat is starting to burn

I hope to God you don't move on and let your heart learn

Between us there's a bond imagine we can't imagine to deny

Between us evil treachery is the on that must die

As I look into your eyes and see your gaze

Gaze into mine