set me free...

Once upon a time
(you told me that)
I. Didn't. Exist.
Perhaps, during that time,
you were correct.
But actually,
you were quite wrong
although there was
nothing false in your words.
(at the time.)

You told me I was in denial
In refusal
(just trapped in my polluted waters of ignorance)

You noticed that I was in depression
but you just stood by
watching with amused eyes
sparing no comfort of any kind

You knew I was suicidal
but you walked away, shaking
your too-big of a head quietly.

You complained about my anger-management

but you were the one who started
every fight in the first place

You were annoyed by my constant impatience
but you always made me even more impatient
every time you tried to 'help'

You said I was bitter
but you don't understand

You know nothing about me or my past
(not that you'd care, anyways)

You watched me become intoxicated
every other night,
but you were the one who
offered me the first drink
at every bar

You were irked by my careless mistakes
and stupidity
but you were the one who
always said one plus one is three

You went against me because
I was hateful,
but you were the one who always promoted

You were sick of my hunger, my thirst, my greed

You said I don't belong
that I'd never fit in
that I was a nobody
I didn't exist.

Maybe you were right –
I was in denial, refusal, depression
Yes, I had
Anger management problems
constant impatience

I was bitter

I too am sick of the hunger, thirst, and greed
I don't want attention
I don't want any of thismisunderstanding,

(and you said i didn't exist)
I now realize that you tried to take the best of me

Cause I do exist
I do belong
I do fit in
I am somebody
I exist,
even if it's just barely
you're wrong, and always were,
cause i do.exist.

A//N:: I didn't try to make this pretty(rhyming, vocab, flow, etc.) I tried to make it as raw and honest as possible.