He stood there in front of me

Telling me he is sorry for the millionth time

I stared at him as he told me the same story

I just stood there while the wind blew my hair around

Rain was in the forecast and I could feel it coming

He kept telling me his sad little story

Finally the rain came pouring down

I made my decision that would end the hurt

Getting to speak my mind for the first time

I watched his expression die

The rain fell harder as I told him my words

I thought I loved you from the beginning

Never have I felt this way before

Then never have I been so hurt by someone

I gave you my everything in the world

Then you torn it apart like it was paper

I watched you turn and walk away

Keeping my eyes on you back

I didn't regret a word that I said to you

The burden came off of me for once

Finally I whispered it's too late to apologize