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Summary: Feisty Haley cannot stand the player Conrad, who will do anything to make Haley his own. With plotting parents, friends and one big house, Haley will realize there is a thin line between love and hate. Sequel to Our Room.

Our Summer

To every girl, the boy known as Conrad Hart was beyond a dreamboat. Short blonde hair and intense blue eyes, not to mention blessed with the body of a Greek God, Conrad wooed his way into the heart of almost every girl at his boarding school. But the one girl who seemed completely immune to his charms was the one girl he desired the most: Haley Saunders.

Haley was the daughter of Belle and Dean Saunders, who happened to run the academy that both she and Conrad attended. While Haley took after her mother's beauty and brains, she also inherited her father's fierce tongue, which led to many battles of the wit between Haley and Conrad. Conrad, according to himself, always let Haley win (although she won fair and square each time).

Conrad, on the other hand, was the son of a young beauty named Corinne Nichols, which of course, didn't make him a real favorite of Belle and Dean Saunders. According to Lily, Haley's best friend, Corinne and the Saunders had been feuding since they were in high school. This is a right old story of Romeo and Juliet.

It was the final day of school, and since Haley was a freshman, she had been required to attend the graduation ceremony for the leaving seniors. Sitting there quietly in her pink sundress, Haley's bright chestnut hair was left up in a messy bun, and even without makeup, she was a sight for sore eyes.

Sitting next to her was her best friend, Lily Jane, who was a beauty in her own right as well, although she was much shyer than Haley. Lily had the brightest blue eyes with deep brown hair that went down to her mid back. Two boys, both their boyfriends, surrounded the two girls.

All was quiet until the devil showed up, with his skanky ho as well.

"What's up, man?" Conrad said to his best friend, Dan, who was also the boyfriend of Haley's best friend, Lily. "Haley, Haley, Haley. Aren't you looking good?" Conrad said as he forced Lily to push down so he could sit next to Haley.

"That kick in the balls only five minutes ago wasn't enough to deter you from me?" Haley asked as she turned to face Conrad, her brown eyes set ablaze. Conrad could feel his pants suddenly becoming tighter.

"Oh honestly, love! I realize that that kick wasn't a kick of anger, but one of intense love. I bet you wish your foot was instead your hand." Conrad said in a soft voice as his hand trailed up Haley's naked back.

"You must have a death wish; my father is sitting right next to me, and I doubt he'd want to see his only daughter being molested by her worst enemy." Haley said dryly as she felt chills go up her spine from Conrad's touch.

"You cannot molest the willing, Haley. Even you should know that by now." Conrad purred in Haley's ear, inciting memories between them.

There was a reason why Haley was so hostile towards Conrad.

But that's a different story for a different day.

"Conrad Hart, take your filthy hands off my daughter." A booming voice ignited behind the twosome as Conrad turned around. Dean Saunders was standing behind them, and Haley smiled softly, happy that her father still knew when to save her.

"Mr. Saunders, sir! I was just telling your daughter my intentions." Conrad said as he stood and held out his hand to shake Dean's. The hand gesture was not returned.

"I can only assume that your intentions are nothing honorable, am I right, Haley?" Dean asked as he took a seat next to his daughter, while he glared at Conrad. It wasn't that Dean was an overprotective father; no, it was nothing like that. Dean loved Haley's current boyfriend, Jake, but that was mostly because it was blatantly obvious to everyone, but Haley, that Jake was indeed gay. He never saw Jake even hold Haley's hand once.

"Sir, I realize that I haven't been the most upstanding guy…" Conrad began as he sat down on the other side of Haley, his blue eyes almost pleading.

"That's the biggest understatement of the century." Haley snorted as she kept her eyes locked on the stage, where her mother, Belle, was beginning to recite her speech. Conrad turned and glared at Haley.

"Excuse me, mega bitch." Conrad said angrily as he turned away from Haley and her father and put his attention fully on the stage. He could hear his current conquest, Dominique, arguing with Jake over some fashion design and he snorted. Poor little Haley probably hadn't felt any immense pleasure since…well, that isn't important.

"Dearest seniors, your day has finally come. No more will adults be hovering over you, telling you to clean your room, do your homework or eat your vegetables. After today, to society, you are now adults…" Belle's booming voice began over the microphone as Conrad began to block her out and focus on Haley.

"Hales, one date. I messed up before, and I've learned my lesson." Conrad said as he tried to take her hand from her lap, but earned nothing but a hiss.

"Oh isn't that the biggest amount of bullshit I've ever heard. Excuse me, my mother is speaking and while you may be an asshole and interrupt people, I sure won't." Haley growled at Conrad and shifted away, annoyed that his hand was resting on her knee. Her father didn't even notice anymore.

"Jesus, Haley! I was drunk. Maybe if you were there and weren't studying like the little Ms. Innocent I know you are, it wouldn't have had happened." Bite his tongue off. If anything, Conrad always said that it wasn't Haley's fault about what happened. Haley turned around, her eyes slightly brimmed with tears, but he should have known that she would never show them to her. He wasn't someone she could trust anymore; he was her enemy.

"Don't you ever blame me for her." Haley hissed as her eyes locked on Dominique's form. "You couldn't be that sorry considering you're still with that skank." Haley said in an angry whisper while never locking eyes with Conrad.

"Dominique is a plaything; she isn't interesting enough to even hold a conversation. She's sex and that's it." Conrad said as he grabbed Haley's hand tightly within his, as he heard her breath hitch in her throat. "Don't forget."

"Conrad, just go away. You're only upsetting her." A female voice said next to Conrad. Turning around, he realized it was Lily, Haley's best friend. "Leave the girl alone."

Haley was silently thanking her best friend.

"Lily, watch the ceremony; this has nothing to do with you." Conrad said to Lily, feeling slightly bad. She was the girlfriend of his best friend, Jake, and he did enjoy her company. She was the polar opposite to Haley; she loved to party, have fun and school was her last thought. Lily's blue eyes narrowed.

"I may understand how you feel, but Haley looks like she's going to bite your head off, and I'm in no mood to listen to Dominique's shrieking." Lily said sardonically as Conrad watched as Jake wrapped his arms around Lily, nodding in agreement. Sighing, Conrad decided to be silent for once in his life.

More than five minutes passed and he could hear Haley laughing under her breath.

"What?" He whispered.

"I didn't think you could be silent for five minutes; you always lived to annoy me." Haley said rudely as she turned to face him, smirking. She also inherited her father's infamous smirk.

"Why do you always have to be such a bitch?" Conrad asked, more upset if anything by Haley's comment. He really did love the girl.

"After what happened, I have every right to want to hurt you." Haley said, with a slight twinge of hurt in her voice. "I hate you with every fiber of my being and I will until the day I die."

Conrad bit his lip, feeling anger rise up from inside him. Shaking his head, he stood up and began to walk away, drawing attention to himself during the ceremony. Many students began to whisper as Haley, enraged, began to follow him.

"Running away, little boy? Run away like you always did. Things got tough, just walk away." Haley taunted as she followed Conrad, with students, and her mother and father watching intently.

"I'm sorry, Haley! I fucked up and I'm still paying for that. I fucked up and now you won't even look at me the same way. I'm fucking sorry, you viper!" Conrad yelled back as he gripped Haley's shoulders, shaking her slightly. "How long will I have to pay?"

"Until when you actually mean those apologies. You're pathetic; you blame the drink on your own indiscretions and you picked that whore over me!" Haley yelled as she locked eyes with Dominique, who growled.

"Don't bring me into this, dumb bitch! Conrad here came to me because you didn't know how to do shit. It's your fault." Dominique said, swishing her blonde hair and smirking at Conrad. He turned back to Haley and smirked. He hated her so much that moment. Putting his hand behind Dominique's head, he brought her face to his in a searing kiss, while Haley and the rest of the student body watched. He wanted to hurt her.

Haley bit her lip, and noticed out of the corner of her eye that Lily was coming her way. Everyone was watching them as they kissed, and the pain was like a dull knife etching her heart.

"Hales, let's go," Lily whispered as she took her best friend's hand and tried to lead her away. But Haley didn't take the bait.

"You always did have a thing for blonde sluts who can't even spell their own names, didn't you, Conrad?" Haley baited, as she stood tall, with her arms crossed over her chest.

Conrad has broken the kiss long before, and turned to face her.

"Shut the fuck up, Haley. You don't know what the hell you're talking about." He growled as he kept his arm tightly around Dominique, knowing it was killing Haley.

Walking up to Conrad and Dominique, Haley mustered up every bit of courage and anger inside of her and slapped Conrad hard across the face. She and Conrad were slightly taken aback as he stumbled, while Dominique began to whine.

"You horrible little sleaze!" Dominique groaned as she placed her hand on Conrad's cheek while he growled. Damn the bitch for turning him on. Pushing Dominique away, Conrad sauntered up to Haley and pushed her against the wall.

"You pushed me away, remember?" Conrad said as he held Haley against the wall, holding her by the waist. Surprisingly, she wasn't fighting back.

"I didn't push you away; you walked away." Haley said, her eyes light and sad as her mother and father ran to Conrad and took him off of their daughter.

"You two just had to cause a scene, didn't you?" Belle yelled at Conrad and Haley in her office an hour later. Haley didn't look up, but Conrad stared at the headmistress, defying her authority.

"Excuse me, Mistress Saunders, but how is this any of your business?" Conrad said, still incredibly angry with Haley and taking it out on her mother. Belle raised her eyebrows.

"My business? I discovered you with your hands on my daughter! That highly counts as my business, you heathen!" Belle growled as she looked to Haley, but still, she didn't look up.

"What you going to do? Give me detentions till my senior year is through?" Conrad asked sarcastically, turning to face Haley. She met his stare and smirked. But Belle just laughed.

"No, I plan on punishing both of you, and it should be good. I've contacted your mother, and she agrees with my plan of punishment. It is now summer, and our family goes to stay in the country. But this year, we will not be attending. You, Haley and Conrad, shall go to the house in the country, alone, and all summer, all you shall be doing is cleaning, work, and nothing but that." Belle growled at her daughter and student.

"What!" Haley and Conrad yelled out at Mistress Saunders.

"Mother! Have you lost your marbles? He's as likely to rape me as he is to speak to me, and you're leaving me alone with him?" Haley yelled at her mother, standing up and screaming at the top of her lungs.

"You two insist on acting like children, so I'll punish you like children. The house no longer has computers, TVs, DVDs, nothing! You have books and more books, along with cleaning supplies and not to mention, all sharp objects have been removed as well." Belle said to the students. "You two leave tomorrow.

"You're willing to leave me alone with your daughter?" Conrad asked his headmistress with a smirk, while Haley continued to hyperventilate.

"I figure two things can happen: you two come back best friends, or you're dead. If you and Haley get into a fight, I put my money on Haley."

This should be the beginning of a very interesting summer…

Total drama, but it's obvious that Haley and Conrad have a history. The next chapter will have more tidbits about that, and their friends, including Dominique. This chapter was very mediocre to show that Haley and Conrad's relationship mirror that. One minute he wants to screw her and the next, he hates her as much as she does he. But the fluff shall ensue, but definitely not next chapter! Review kiddies!