Lyrics by Black Onyx (S.J.H.)

written January 4, 2008

Another tear falls down

On that picture of you and me

Makes me think of all

all those memories

Not a single day could go by that I don't think about your smile

And how I wish I could lay you down just one more time

I want you to know

Angels cry sometimes

As we watch you below

Angels fall sometimes

I just want you to know

I'm watching over you

And I'm praying for you

To Smile Again

I'm watching you now

As you stand by my grave

It's been a year since that

Since that fateful day

What I wouldn't give to say the things I wish I'd said

But baby, seeing you broken,

Is all that I get instead

I want you to know

I cry sometimes

As I watch you from above

I think about the short time we had

And all your sweet love

I just want you to know

I'm watching over you

I'm up here in heaven

Praying that you

Smile Again

My heart will always belong to you, you know this is true

Open up your own again, lift your pretty blue eyes

And promise me

That you'll smile again