He's over there.

She's over there.

They're laughing,

Having a great time.

Here I am,

Sitting in the grass.



Feeling his warm breath on her neck.

Sensing her hands on his waist.

It's torture.

He walks over,

Sits down next to me and smiles.

He tells me how great she is.

How perfect she is.

How in love they are.

I just smile and nod,

As I hold back my waterfall behind the eyes.

He doesn't know.

I don't intend him to.

Something's not right.

Can you see it?

He can't.

I can.

He shouldn't be with her,

But with me.

Never will that happen…


But since I can't give up,

I just keep smiling and nodding.

Waiting for someone to catch my attention,

So I don't cry over him anymore.

Cuz I can't bare it much longer.

And im getting tired,

And im getting scars on my heart.

They're beginning to open.

Like ripping off a band-aid,

Only worse.

Because until she's gone,

Im lost and alone.

"I present to you the class of '08"


She's gone.

He's mine.

It is finished.