Keep On Pushing Me Away

by, Cassandra

Damn you for not caring.
Damn me for not moving on.
Damn you for this pain.
Damn me for staying.

I hate you.
I'm not lying.
I'm not.

You hurt me.
You're killing me.
I still care…
but not for long.

Keep on pushing…
you'll push me away someday.
Out of sight. Out of mind.
Out of your life.

Confront me about it, damn it!
Make a scene, and use your words.
Let me know that you care.
Let me see you break.

Keep on pushing me away.
I'll be gone someday,
and then what will you do?

I doubt you'll miss me.

Tell me it's not true.
Tell me it's a lie.
Tell me that you care.
And this time, use your actions.

Words don't mean a thing.

(I won't believe you anyway.)