Episode One – Transfer Student

I've often wondered if there was fate. If there was some force guiding the universe, some force guiding people's actions, I'm absolutely sure it loves irony. I've never been one to believe in the supernatural, or even get scared by it.

I was the shy kid with a slight dark side. I actually loved horror stories, and never got scared once. Movies that would make the most stoic person scream in horror filled me with delight. Still, they were only fictional movies. There is no such thing as ghosts, vampires, werewolves, and etcetera.

Of course with hobbies like that people didn't get along well with me. I was always shy and withdrawn, and had a hard time making friends. Now we were moving far away from that place to a new town. It was a small town I had never heard of, in a large house that was surprisingly cheap.

To move to a new town, to move to a new house, leave everything we knew behind, move to a new school, make new friends…? Even though we were getting a fresh start, even though I wanted to change this time, I knew I wouldn't. I would sit in the background like always, and would be teased by those around me. Still, I hoped I would change. I just didn't realize how much trouble this place would actually be.

"You can't be serious. This is our new house?" A young man stared up at the 'new' house with a slight gleam in his chocolate brown eyes. He wore his raven-black hair about shoulder-length, and despite seeming to be well-cared for, it was left in an unkempt manner.

"I knew you'd like it." An older man sighed softly. Like his son he had chocolate brown eyes, but his hair was a light brown, and much shorter.

"Now, now honey!" The woman by his side stated. "We got really lucky with jobs in the town right next to this one! To think we could move to such a nice house in a small town like this!" She stated with a grin under her sparkling green eyes. She wore her raven-black hair short as well, but extremely curly. "Besides, Alec loves this place!"

"I do!" The young boy nodded as he took in the house. It reminded him of almost every horror movie he had seen about an evil house or other such horrors in such a house. It stood behind a large, metal fence that surrounded the large, dead yard. The house itself sat on a large, rolling hill a short distance past the squeaky gate. It was five stories tall, had a basement and an attic, and the wooden shutters on the small windows blew easily in the howling wind. Dark clouds dotted its background and threatened to bring thunder to the dramatic scene.

"It's so perfect!" He hummed as they walked up to the large, wooden doors with a huge, bronze lion-head for door knockers.

"Maybe it's really haunted." His father suggested.

"There are no such things as ghosts." Both Alec and his mother scoffed.

"For someone so into the macabre you are closed minded."

"I just know the difference between reality and fantasy."

"So sweetie, go choose your room. Just not the big one on the first floor because that's ours."

"Like I'd want to be on the first floor here." Alec quickly ran up the large stairway to the second floor. He grinned at the long, dark hallway. I don't know where I want to go first! I wonder which floor I should go on. I think I'll go to the fifth! He darted down the hallways and ran up the stairs of each floor until he reached the top.

I'll have my own large bedroom, my own bathroom, and we'll be living in this creepy place! He opened the door of the room before the attic. How the hell did we afford a house this freaking huge?

"Huh?" He blinked as he entered the room. "It's already furnished… and looks like a girl's room." The room was decorated in pink, including the bed and curtains. It was slightly dusty and had a small, old stuffed bear on the bed. I won't use this room then; I'll use the one across from it. Still, this room has a warm feeling to it. He laid down on the bed.

This bed feels so warm and cozy. Who would have thought it'd be in this old house. I didn't realize it had been furnished, but despite the pink, it's really nice in this room. He yawned loudly and slowly fell asleep.

A boy is sleeping on my bed! A young girl hovered near the side of the bed as the sun finally disappeared behind the dark clouds. The young girl had long, flowing, silky, light blue hair that fell to her waist. She stared down at him with wide, soft blue eyes. There's a boy on my bed! She shrieked inwardly and paced back and forth in her white nightgown.

What do I do? What do I do? She glanced down at the boy as he muttered on his sleep and turned over to his back. Oh my, he's really cute too! Oh… No one has lived in this house in so long so no one minded that I used it. Now there seems to be someone living here and he chose my room!

Oh…I don't know what to do! What if he moves into my room? I love this room but… it's their house now. She stared down at the young boy. She slowly reached out and gently touched his face with her hand. He shivered slightly but didn't wake up. He's… human? It's true that he didn't notice that I was still around here, but I thought he was just exhausted. He got a chill from my touch? He must be… but how is that possible here? She reached out with her hand again and watched as he shivered.

His face is so warm… He's really human? But then why… can I feel his warmth? I want to… She slowly leaned forward and brought her face closer to his.

"Huh?" Alec's eyes suddenly shot open with her lips just a short distance from his.

"Ah!" They both shrieked; the girl jumped back while Alec jumped up and used the covers as a shield.

"Who the hell are you?" Alec demanded.

"I'm… sorry!" She rushed out of the room.

Ghost. The term instantly shot into his head as she ran through the closed door. It's a dream because of this house, and the fact this room was a girl's. There's no such thing. Besides, she was about to kiss me, so I know it's a dream. He fell back onto the bed and quickly passed out.

"So this is it." Alec stared at the large school building. I've realized the entire town is like this. He stared at the large, creepy school building for a moment before entering. I love this town! He moved towards the lockers and took everything in around him as he prepared for class. He quickly walked through the somewhat dark hallways towards his new classroom. The entire atmosphere of this school seems dark and dreary! It's so wonderful! I thought moving here would be a disaster, but wow! I wonder how the other students feel. Actually, the hallways have been pretty empty.

He slowly stepped into the classroom and his jaw dropped. The classroom was almost completely dark, with only dim, candle-like lights on the sides of the walls. The windows were covered with a think, shutter-like wood that hadn't been touched in ages.

There were several rows of desks, all filled up with students. He gasped as he took in his classmates. Some were extremely pale, others had odd clothing choices, and a small few seemed almost normal. None seemed to see the unusual lighting as anything but normal. This place doesn't have any kind of a dress code after all. He glanced down at his clothes, which consisted of a black sweater and matching jeans.

"Ah, you must be one of the new students." He slowly looked over to see who spoke. A young woman stood at the front of the classroom, with a soft smile on her face. She had long, flowing auburn hair that fell behind her shoulders. She smiled with sparkling, light gray eyes which were covered by small, thin-framed glasses.

"I'm Miss Hanna. Don't worry; you're on time." She smiled warmly.

She's very pretty; is she really a teacher? She seems kind of pale though. "Uh, hi." Alec quickly returned to his shy personality.

"Would you like to introduce yourself?"

"Uh, Alec Starr." He bowed slightly.

"Okay then, find a seat!" Alec glanced around the classroom. There are only three seats open. He frowned and decided to take the corner seat in the back. The entire class gasped as he sat down. He didn't realize that all three seats were around one specific person. The class watched intently to that person's reaction, but she gave no notice to Alec's presence.

Oh, if I had realized there was a girl here, I would have sat somewhere else. He sighed softly. He quickly shot a few glances at her. She was sitting in her desk and staring straight ahead. He blinked as he realized that she was wearing leather clothing, but it wasn't tight leather and covered everything below her neck except her fingertips. She had long, dark purple hair which hung freely behind her and barely missed touching the floor. Alec could barely make out her dark, crimson eyes as she stared blankly ahead.

Purple hair and red eyes? Is she going for some kind of Goth look? I've never seen anyone dye their hair like that back home, let alone wear colored contacts.

"Sorry!" A new female voice stated at the front of the room as she stumbled into the room.

"Ah, you must be the other new student." Hanna smiled.

"Hi everybody! My name is Sylvia, pleased to meet you!" She bowed and quickly ran to the back of the class. The students all gasped as she took a seat next to the purple-haired girl. The students sighed as the purple-haired one didn't react.

Oh my god, that's the boy that was in my bed. Sylvia slowly looked over to him, but he was completely engrossed in a book. He didn't notice me yet, but he will in time. She read the title of the book. Is that a horror book? She blinked. I wonder just who he is. To get that house he must be from a distinguished family. I wonder if they'll make me move out.

"All right class. For those that don't know, I'm Miss Hanna. I'll be in charge of specters and math. So if you have any concerns about either, talk to me!"

Did she just say specters? Alec slowly put his book away as class began. Nah, I've just been reading too much.

Hanna, in charge of specters and math. Mr. Daniels, in charge of languages and transformed creatures. The first two teachers I met today said such. At first I thought I was imagining it, but he said something odd as well. This entire school is odd, and dark. He sat in the corner of the small lunch room.

This room is lit like the classroom, like hundreds of artificial candles. He watched the students split up into their cliques, unaware that he had actually sat near someone. I guess even in this weird school, I don't fit in. Still, to think they teach a different kind of lore with each class. I somehow feel left out here though.

"Um…" Alec turned around at the voice behind him.

"You…" He gasped as the girl from the bedroom stood before him. "Why…"

"You're in my class, eh?" She laughed nervously and sat across from him.

"Were you really in my house? I thought it was a dream…"

"Sorry I startled you." Sylvia sighed. "I've been living in that room for a while."

"What about your parents? How do you survive up there alone?"

"Huh? I thought you would have figured it out." Sylvia blinked. "I'm a ghost of course. My parents long ago crossed over, and I don't need food or anything. Though I do enjoy the occasional snack."


"What? Why do you look so pale? You aren't a ghost too, are you?" She frowned.


"Still, I did see your parents so that can't be it. I'm sorry about haunting your house, but if I could, I'd like to stay." She stated softly.


"I wouldn't cause any trouble! I'm used to being alone in my room after all!" She laughed nervously.


"Alec, are you okay?" Sylvia leaned forward, partially passing through the table.

"Huh!" Alec shirked away.

"He doesn't know." They both jumped at the new voice beside them. "He really doesn't know." The purple-haired one slowly turned her gaze at the two of them and sent cold chills down even Sylvia's non-existent spine.

"Don't know?"

"If he knew, he wouldn't react as such. If he knew, he wouldn't have sat so carelessly next to me." She smirked.

"Why, what's wrong with you?" Sylvia blinked and tilted her head slightly.

"I'd not expect a normal human to know, but you've been dead long enough."

"Alec is… a normal human?" She glanced over at him. He was shivering slightly as the realization came upon him.

"I don't know how such a mistake happened." She scoffed. "As for me, do not concern yourself with my status after you learn my name."

"What's your name?" Sylvia asked.

"Celeste Luminaire."

"Lumin…Luminaire?" Sylvia shirked away.

"So you do know." Celeste shrugged.

"Um, so…" Alec asked nervously.

"You see human, you have somehow moved into a very different town than what you're used to. This town, and thus this school, is inhabited purely by creatures you would deem unnatural or supernatural. Ghosts, goblins, vampires, werewolves, even things like fairies, and… demons. Most have a form of spell to disguise themselves where needed, of course."

"Ha… Ha…" Alec stared blankly ahead.

"Um, Alec?" Sylvia asked as she walked over next to him, a little weary of Celeste.

"Spirit." Sylvia jumped. "I'm sure you have heard rumors of my family; they are all true."

"Oh?" Sylvia yelped and slowly backed away.

"The rumors about me, however, are exaggerated in few areas." Celeste suddenly stood up. She quickly grabbed Alec and flung him over her shoulders and started walking away.

"Hey, wait!" Sylvia trailed after her. The lunchroom all took note of her actions.

"She must be punishing him for sitting near her!" One of the male voices snickered.

"Maybe she's going to devour him whole!" Another voice cackled.

"Where are you going?" Sylvia floated behind her as she marched through the hallways. She walked into a small supply closet and sat him down on the floor. Sylvia walked through the door and followed her inside.


"Sylvia…" She stated softly.

"Sylvia." Sylvia gasped slightly when she wasn't reprimanded. "My family is a high-class, noble, demon family." She stated softly.

"So you're a demon!" Alec cackled.

"I am not like my family… nobility is foolish, and it restricts you from society. Still, because I am the strongest, I will become the head one day. I would have been fine with that, but people treated me as what they thought I was; the strongest of the strongest noble demon family."

"Why…" Sylvia started to ask.

"Because I am going to help this human, and since you're already in on this by just knowing I brought him here, I have to take you into my confidence."

"I see…"

"I am not as hard as I pretend to be. I have to remain strong, and the fearful image of me helps with that, which is why I didn't interfere with it." Celeste scoffed. "The world of demons is one in which the strongest survive, and take leadership. To be weak is death."

"We are raised as such from birth. The only reason we do not grow to hate our parents is they protect us while young in hopes of us becoming stronger than them. Even though we are their children; they raise us for selfish reasons. That is why I do not mind the school fearing me. Still, to be a lonely demon… is pathetic."

"I don't think it's pathetic." Alec suddenly spoke up. "I can kind of understand how you can be lonely even in a crowd."

"I don't think it's pathetic either!" Sylvia chirped.

"Humph. Human, I will help you."

"Why do I need help exactly?" Alec asked.

"You are a completely normal human."

"Ha!" Alec started laughing.

"Why is that funny, human?"

"Because you're the only person who's ever called me normal. My name is Alec."

"Very well, Alec. In this town, normal humans pass by, but none live here. To have you pass through the screening for the school, and being able to live in our town… someone made a huge mistake."

"There are really no humans here?" Alec asked.

"The only ones are werewolves or undead, like this one here." She pointed at Sylvia. "There are a few rare exceptions, such as people with exceptional spiritual powers."

"Undead seems a little harsh…" Sylvia whined.

"If they find out you're a normal human, you will either be killed or forced to become something else."

"Killed?" Alec stuttered. "Wait, something else?"

"You will be forced to become a vampire, werewolf, or something like that." Celeste shrugged. "Though they could just kill you and you become a ghost, which would solve a lot of problems."

"I don't really like any of those ideas." Alec muttered. "Still, what made you decide to help me?"

"You are possibly the most spiritually dense person I have ever met on this world."


"You walked into a school, no a town of things humans consider supernatural. Yet you didn't take any notice of even a ghost."

"My parents didn't either." Alec pointed out. "That doesn't explain why you're helping me out."

"The lonely demon was lost on you, eh?"

"Excuse me?"

"I've always known I was somewhat different from my brethren. Despite my abilities…" Celeste shook her head. "It doesn't matter my reasons. If you wish to live, Alec, then you must accept my help." Even though I say that, I still cannot admit to others that I am a demon who values life.

"I guess I don't have a choice." Alec sighed. "I really don't understand anything that's going on."

"State where you live and I will meet you after school to help you with your transition." Alec quickly described his location. "Ah, that old place. It is ideal since very few others will be near it. What of your parents? Where do they work?"

"They don't work in this town."

"Then they are safe." Celeste sighed. "I doubt they will do many social things in our town. Where do you live? You seem like the type who will butt into this business." Celeste glanced at Sylvia.

"Ha…" She's got me pegged I think. "I live in the bedroom on the fifth floor of his house."

"Don't tell her that!" Alec whined.

"Why not?" Celeste asked. "Most of the ghosts here live in other people's houses; usually the attic or basement. As long as they're quiet, people don't care."

"Really…" Alec blinked. "There aren't any other ghosts in my house, are there?"

"Nope, just me." Sylvia nodded.

"That's a relief… but my parents can't find out about you."

"No problem!"

"Alec." Celeste interrupted. "Do not act like you know me for the rest of the day. If you meet anyone, act aloof and do not let them discern your true nature. It will be easier after I debrief you at your home."

"Okay." Alec laughed nervously. "I'll be off then." He slumped out of the supply closet and returned to his classroom.

"So why are you really helping him?" Sylvia hovered behind Celeste as they headed back.

"There are several reasons. One is I know little about the human world and am curious. That is all I wish to reveal."

"I see…"

"What's your story?" Celeste asked.

"He seems to not mind me staying at his house. I'd just like to get to know him a bit."

"Very well. Do not speak to me during school." Celeste stated before walking back into the classroom.

From what I know the Luminaire family is the oldest and strongest family of demons. I guess she has an image to maintain. Still, she seems really nice despite that. I wonder what kind of demon she is exactly.

"So you're already having a girl come over?" Alec's mother beamed.

"She's going to help me study because I'm slightly behind. And she's bringing a friend, so get those strange ideas out of your head."

"What are you talking about? Ha!" She giggled.

Why did I get a mother like this? He rushed to the door as the bell rang.

"Hey! Don't run ahead of me!" She joined him at the door as he opened it. "Eh?" Her jaw dropped as she stared at two girls that seemed to be complete opposites of each other. Sylvia was wearing a pink blouse and a matching skirt, while Celeste was wearing her black leather outfit.

"Uh, hello. I'm Tracy Starr, Alec's mother."

"Hello! I'm Sylvia!"

"Celeste Luminaire." She stated darkly.

"Please, come in!"

"Thank you." Celeste stated politely. "Now show me to your room."

"Huh?" Tracy tilted her head.

"If you wish, we will study in the study." Celeste stated.

"Do we have a study?" Alec muttered.

"We do." Tracy laughed nervously. "It's on the second floor."

"Don't worry about her." Sylvia whispered. "She's a little scary but a good person." She quickly followed them up the stairs. "Your mom seems nice!" Sylvia hummed as they entered a large room. It had a bear-skin rug at the center of the room, with a large chair on the right and a small couch on the left. A huge fireplace sat against the far wall.

"More like weird." Alec muttered. "Anyway, have a seat." He took the chair while the other two sat on the couch.

"So let me start with the simple stuff." Celeste snapped her fingers and the fireplace roared to life.

"How did you…" Alec started.

"Alec." He flinched and straightened his posture at her stern voice. "There will be many things you do not understand. Magic, monsters, ghosts… You will see them all here. You are not prepared for it like those that have always lived as such."

"I see." Alec sighed.

"While there are humans at our school, it is very rare. They all have strong spiritual powers, however, and have been trained since birth to accept such things. What I teach you will be stuff beings like us learned in kindergarten."

"Kindergarten…" Alec trailed off and tried to picture a smaller image of Celeste in her leather outfit. "Ha…" He started laughing.

"Why are you laughing?" Celeste narrowed her eyes. This human is acting surprisingly calm around me. I guess it should be expected since he knows nothing about demon families. I wonder why I am doing this. Am I really lonely? Am I just bored?

"Sorry." Alec finally stopped. "So what's the plan?"

"You don't seem to have any spiritual power at all or I could pass you off as a witch or wizard."

"There are really…"

"Yes." Celeste interrupted as she rolled her eyes. "They're the only pure-blooded humans at our school. As I stated the rest are vampires, werewolves, mermaids or other kinds of creatures."

"Mermaids…" Alec started drifting off. "So it's not just horror-movie type creatures."

"Never refer to us as 'creatures'" Celeste stated.


"I could care less what I am called, but others might not be so forgiving."

"I see…"

"Anyway, there is a solution. We will make you a sort of persona."

"Huh? I'm… not really good with people, so I don't think I could act or anything."

"I will make you into a demon." Celeste stated darkly.

"Excuse me?" Alec sank in his chair.

"Rather, although it is risky, we will have people think you are a rare demon."

"Rare demon?"

"There are many kinds of demons. Succubae, imps, gremlins, reapers, and there are demons so unusual and rare I doubt humans have heard of them. You will become a… Lunar Demon!"

"Lunar Demon?" The two asked in unison.

"It is a rare demon who only shows its true form on a certain moon phase. They have normal demonic powers, and are nothing special, except for that one day. Thus it will be easy to trick most of the student body if we say you are such."

"Most of the student body?"

"I will give you something to fool those who would be able to sense such things." Celeste moved over to him. "I will perform a simple ritual that will cause you to exude a small amount of demonic energy to fool people. The only day we will have to worry is your lunar day."

"Lunar day?" Alec asked.

"That's the day the moon becomes the right phase. A full moon is close so you will be a new moon. We'll worry about that part when it comes to it."

"I see." Alec rubbed his head. "This is so insane." He sighed. "To think I'd be put into such an odd situation. What kind of ritual are we talking about?"

"Hold still." Celeste closed her eyes for a moment and clasped her hands together. "Let the one who shall receive my gift be filled with my power so that they may deceive the weak." She leaned forward.

"Huh?" Alec's eyes went wide and Sylvia shrieked as Celeste placed her lips against his for a moment.

"It is done."

"What?" Alec finally shrieked after trying to get past just saying 'w' several times.

"Something wrong?" Celeste asked as she sat down.

"I can't believe you kissed him!" Sylvia squealed.

"Huh?" Celeste frowned. "How else would I transfer energy? It was only a small amount so it is easily recovered." She frowned as Alec slumped forward on the chair and fell onto the floor.

"Maybe it was too much for a human like him?"

"I think its shock more than anything." Sylvia stated. "Don't you know anything about humans?"

"No, not really."

"A kiss is something special to them! It's usually shared between close relatives or… girlfriends and boyfriends." Sylvia squirmed in embarrassment.

"I see." Celeste frowned. "He is easily embarrassed. That cannot bode well for our plan. Sylvia, how much do you know about demonology and such?"

"I did a lot of studying so I could go to this school." She laughed nervously. "But I'm a bit of a dunce when it comes to anything but ghosts, and that's because I've experienced that stuff…"

"I see. Well, try to fill in what you can. When we are not around others, I will help out. It'd be easy if I didn't have to maintain this image."

"It must be tough sometimes." Sylvia stated softly.

"I have to maintain my image of toughness." Celeste stated. "Weakness for a demon is death."

"Still, despite that… you seem like a good person."

"Thank you." Celeste stated softly.

"Eh? Aren't you going to say 'demons aren't nice' or something?"

"I'm not like my brethren."

"I see."

"Please watch out for him." Celeste stated as she started to leave the room. "Because I will not be able to do much." Sylvia blinked as she left.

She really wants to help Alec. I don't understand why a demon would care about others so much, but I know she's not like other demons. She doesn't seem selfish at all. I'll do whatever I can to help Alec, because I like having people in this house again.