Prologue: A start to the finish

What he was doing was not evil… It was not unfair in a sense. It was more another example of 'the battle of the fittest'. He may not be fit in the physical sense but he is extraordinary in terms of mental strength. And after all isn't that how humans stood out from normal animals? Intelligence? This was just a case of a particular human rising above all the other humans. According to mother-nature and basic philosophy, he deserved his rise to power. That is as long as he completes his plan correctly.

The three necromancers that were said to exist long before humans recorded things in a proper manner, were his main goal in this plan. He would bring them back to life with his… 'Magic' if you could call it that. Necromancer… the word was beautiful in its own way. A four syllable word with the power to make a thousand people turn and stare. And if his plan went exactly his way, it would make people cry, flee and curl up in terror.

All through the world the remaining humans would think his name and fear would eat through their stomach. Respect… Dismayed respect for his abilities would be realised. But now he needed to find a place to start. There were three necromancers that had any effect on the world… One was killed by guardian. One was killed by his own brother, and the final one seemed to have disappeared without a trace. Reviving the three in the same time frame would create such an overpowering force that humans could not comprehend. Three so called evils with the power to destroy the world with one hand, would definitely be an asset in a quest to controlling it instead.

The weakest, yet most loyal necromancer was named Krit. He served the second necromancer Lokken. This Krit was by far the most knowledgeable necromancer of item crafting. A man, or creature of unbelievable intellect… His death was never confirmed. For all Factumus (real name Aldir) knew, this Krit could very well be alive. Maybe trapped somewhere… or drained of his original power.

The most destructive and callous of the necromancers was named Lokken. His malevolent nature would make him difficult, yet helpful in some situations. His power was vast. Almost bypassing the original necromancer. His abilities in potions, conjuring of demons and destructive forces was and is unarguably the most terrifying thought ever. It was Lokken who was slain by his so called righteous brother. The story of how this was done is long lost, disappearing over the ages.

The most powerful, most ingenious and most… honourable necromancer was Bulgurius. His abilities were unmatched. Yet his downfall would be his consideration. He did not kill when he was in the advantage. If he were to fight any living creature, it would be on equal terms. This would be the reason for his death by the hands of the guardian. Another human-like creature that watches over the world.

The scheming would be necromancer Factumus paused. His brain ticking in anticipation for the future. A quick glance out the window freshened his mind. One school child was passing by… She seemed to stare in shock as she noticed him. He smiled to himself. It would be rather strange seeing someone in an abandoned house in an overgrown forest. He whipped the curtain across. Dust puffing off in all directions, some landing on his desk.

It would be a most devastating affair for this modern age world, to be overcome by humans more than fifty thousand years old…