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The New Guy.

She watched from her station as the Boss gave the new guy a tour.

He seemed smarter than most of the people that she had seen come through on the tour. They didn't stop at the different stations very long for the explanation. Of course this could mean he had worked at a Plasma-drive chamber factory before, but she was pretty sure that wasn't the case because of the look of awe and curiosity on his face as he was shown the different stations. As the two walked closer towards her, she could hear them talking about the station they had just looked at. "Next up we have the connection designs station." said the boss.

That was her station, so she would get to meet the new guy.

She hated the "new guy" she didn't hate this one specifically... not yet anyway, but she never liked when new people started working, because it meant she would need to teach them to give her respect. She hated when guys would ogle over her body. And every tour she had been working during had brought another ogle eyed man she would have to put in his place before he would stop starring at her body.

The last "New guy" hadn't lasted long after ogling over her. He missed a Seal on one of the Plasma-drive chambers that lost the company 30,000. The man was fired shortly after that. She could have warned the guy about the defective seal and he would have been able to prevent the loss, but after the way he had treated her, she just couldn't do it. Some would say she was getting the treatment she deserved for working on the outer rim, but she knew it was wrong to be treated that way she was no matter where she was.

"And this is Kim Parker. She is in charge of this station. She designs the fittings that connect our drives to different types of starships." her boss's voice brought her out of her thoughts back to the present. She looked over at the new guy. He didn't look half bad, and he wasn't checking her out. This surprised her. "Wes Turner." He said extending his hand out to her, all the while keeping his eyes locked on hers. She took his hand, but didn't say anything.

"Nice to meet you." he said, and let go.

"Nice to meet you too." she blurted out before giving it any thought.

"Moving on, we have the Final station, where you will be working. You will be in charge of testing all the seals and connections before the drives get shipped around the universe" said her boss and the new guy turned to continue the tour without letting his eyes drop to look her over.

This guy seemed to be different. Maybe... Just maybe she would give him a pointer or two.

Four months later Turner was the first employee hired to fill the position to loose the "New Guy" title since they started hiring 10 months ago. Thanks of course to a little help on her part, but it had been worth it. She'd told him how to check for the defective seals, and he had been grateful. She had gained not only a co-worker that gave her the respect she deserved, but also a new friend.

Needless to say, the "New Guys" after Wes had lasted just as long as the ones that had come before him

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