Hecate's Tavern

Her hand glided over the consent form, her work alias as common to her as her own name... maybe more.

She stalked forward, her eyes locked on the blue eyed, blonde haired man smirking at the end of the bar. Stepping right into his line of sight, his eyes were drawn to the cleavage accentuated by her constricting black leather corset. Her short black leather skirt left inches of exposed thighs above her thigh high leather boots.

Leaning forward, she breathily whispered in his ear. She pulled back with a self satisfied smile when his eyes flashed up to hers, and he nodded his assent. She knew him. She knew he frequented Madame Nox's establishments, though the one he was currently at was the only one that had a moderately respectable cover, known as Hecate's Tavern. His favorite was Lady Nox's Pony Farm.

She walked away, feeling his heated gaze on her as her arm slipped behind her back, holding her leather whip over her rear so that it swayed like a tail. Her long black hair was pulled back like a mane, and as she walked, she pulled her knees high so that her stilettos heels clacked when she stomped away.

"I want a pony ride," he heard her whisper, her warm, moist breath sending heat through him. She was familiar, though he quite couldn't place her. Her honey colored eyes had dripped lust as she watched for his affirmation. As she walked away, he stared intently at the whips swaying in her hand, his jaw going hard as he tried to control himself. The note she had slipped into his shirt pocket said three minutes. He didn't think he would make it. As she disappeared from sight, he stood and turned to the bartender. "I'm supposed to meet someone in the Silver Room," he said, growing slightly apprehensive as her eyes widened.

"You don't look the type," she said with a shrug, seemingly answering his unspoken question. "Boomer'll take you up." She pointed to a beefy man who was guarding a dimly lit hallway. He nodded, moving languidly toward the man, stretching out the walk so that he wouldn't appear too eager.

"I'm supposed to meet someone in the Silver Room," he said to Boomer when he reached him.

Boomer smirked, motioning to the stairwell. When he stepped through, Boomer closed and triple bolted the door closed with his keys, grumbling, "Walk," when he paused to look back at him. "Wait here," he ordered, squeezing past him and turning into a room. After hearing him shuffle around for a few moments, the lights flickered off, and Boomer shoved him into the room, again locking it behind him. He was led to what felt like a bed and shoved down, cold metal closing over his wrists.

"Wait, I think you've got something wrong here," he protested, yanking hard on the cuffs.

"You asked for the Silver Room, yes?" Boomer asked impatiently, pulling off boots and socks so that he could shackle his legs as well.

"I thought I would do the chaining, though," he argued, growing frustrated and frightened when the chains tightened, stretching him till he was completely immobile.

Boomer snickered. "I do believe the woman said she wanted a pony ride. Not that she wanted you to ride her."

"This will be rape," he spouted angrily, his voice rising.

"You signed the consent form, Jay. I have it in my pocket. Short of maiming and murdering, nothing that takes place in this room is illegal. Madame Nox wouldn't take chances like that." Boomer patted his calf roughly. As a member of Madame Nox's Gold Club, a club that gave him access to back rooms and freedom to conduct nefarious acts with ladies and ponies alike, Jay had been given contracts to sign for several of the businesses, outlining rules of conduct with said ladies and ponies while on the premises. As a first timer here at Hecate's Tavern, he had signed the release form without reading it, assuming it would be no different than the others. "Besides, I know your girl. She won't do anything you don't want her to. I'm going to step out and switch the lights on. She'll be here shortly."

"Wait," he yelled again, cursing when the door clicked shut, the keys firmly locking him in the room, though it wasn't likely he'd escape from the shackles either. A bright light spilled over him as the switch was turned again, his eyes immediately drawn to the two way mirrors on each of the side walls. Then he saw the toys, pristine and clinical in their current state, lying menacingly next to his bed. His chains were attached to a pulley system of sorts, which appeared would allow him to be repositioned to her liking.

"Tsk, tsk," he heard, before a face appeared above his from behind. "You knew stepping in here that the rules were different, Jay. Hecate's Tavern is a whole different game." She kissed his forehead, her tongue slipping out and licking over the creases from his frowns.

"How do you know my name?" he asked, his voice catching.

"I'm a regular at many of Madame Nox's establishments, a Diamond Club member, actually. I've seen you around, and that two way glass in all of the rooms is there for a reason. As are the cameras that litter the rooms."

"You've watched me?" he asked incredulously, his eyes wide.

She smirked. "I've serviced you before as well. But some of my customers get off watching men fuck ponies, and you've got good technique… and good taste." She leaned down further, catching his ear with her teeth. "And I'm going to show you the other side of the pony world, albeit watered down."

"What if I don't want it?"

"Can you honestly tell me you've never thought about it?" she asked, drawing her fingers over his stomach. "Just because you usually get your rocks off dominating women, that doesn't mean that letting me take the reigns emasculates you." Her fingers slid beneath the waistband of his jeans, rubbing over the coarse hair leading the way to his groin. "Say yes," she breathed in his ear as his muscles clenched.

When her hand slipped in to touch him, he whispered the word 'yes' into her mouth. She pulled away, smiling, picking up a pair of scissors and beginning to cut away his clothes. "What am I going to wear out of here?"

She licked a length of his thigh as it became visible. "Worry about that when you're ready to leave." She kissed patches of skin as they were exposed, her mouth latching onto his when she was finished. She hit his hip lightly with a whip as his head strained toward her when she pulled away. "Bad, pony. I lead." She slipped a bit into his mouth, fastening it behind his head, pulling the reigns so that he was watching her as she looked thoughtfully at the pile of toys on the table. She finally stopped on a large black vibrator with a tail that looked like graduated beads fused together, the smallest one at the tip.

His eyes widened, and he tried to say 'no' through the bit. "Do you trust me, Jay?" He shook his head no. "I trusted you, and I ended up happy as a clam. Wait and see." She lubed up her fingers, gently working them into him, stretching him for the toy. When she was finished, she pulled her fingers out, working lube onto his pony tail. Kneeling between his spread legs, she slowly pushed it in, watching his face contort as he was stretched further. Once fully in, she wiggled the toy around until she received a pleased gasp from above her. She circled the toy around that spot, laughing as he jerked on his chains. "Trust me now?" she asked, standing and turning her back to him. Swinging her leg over his stomach, she straddled him, slowly lowering herself till he sank into her wet heat. His body was too stretched; he couldn't even really buck into her. He was completely at her mercy, but as she contracted her muscles around him, he had to hope she wouldn't stay still long.

She moved her body slowly in a circular motion, mimicking the action with the toy and smiling at his moan. She repeated this movement a few times before switching the vibrator to high and vigorously riding him, the vibrations from inside him reverberating into her. Seconds later, he came, filling her, but she continued riding him, pulling the vibrator out in time with her retreat and slamming it back in as she moved back onto him, working him back to another state of near explosion before turning off the vibrator and sitting still on top of him. He groaned, straining against the metal, pleading around the bit for relief. When he quieted, she lifted herself off of him with a moist pop, her hands reaching for her whip. Several delicate wrist flips later left him with red welts over his body. Tears welled up in his eyes when she raised it a last time. "You don't like whips, pony?" she asked, tonguing the one nearest his lower stomach. Giving a combination of whimper and moan, he didn't answer, tossing his head as she ran her teeth over the sensitive mark. Loosening the chains slightly, she smiled into his skin as he lifted his hips to push her mouth more firmly against the wound.

"I think you just don't know what you like," she laughed, pulling the toy out of him. She added more lube to her hand and rubbed it halfway up her forearm. Running her tongue over his erection, she began working her whole hand into him, watching his face as she did. He seemed caught between pain and pleasure, so she stopped moving her hand and sucked his tip into her mouth, waiting till his eyes rolled back in pleasure before shoving her hand in further and curling her fingers into a fist. He let out a pained noise, squirming slightly in discomfort. She pulled her mouth off of him, whispering against him so that her breath blew against his wet skin, "Relax, baby. It'll be good." At that, she swallowed him, moving her knuckles against his prostate, her laugh making her throat vibrate around him. He began moving his lower body, though she was unsure if he was trying to get closer to her mouth or her fist. When he came, she swallowed every last bit of him, her tongue swirling around him as she pulled her head back and her fist out. "Back to the toy," she said with a smirk. She placed the pony tail back in him, and moved up to his arms. She took off one handcuff, happy that he was too sated to move yet and reattached it to his other wrist, then doing the same with the other, crossing the chains over each other in an x. She then removed both of his ankle cuffs and rolled him over onto his stomach, uncrossing the wrist chains and reattaching the ones around his ankles. New chains were added, these ones leading to a collar that she fastened around his neck. They were attached to horizontal pulleys that would force him to remain at whatever level she wanted him at.

As he lay there recovering, she worked her hand beneath him, wrapping her hand around him and squeezing lightly. She laughed as blood began to rush back into his organ. She loosened the leg chains, pushing his feet up on the bed and moving him onto his knees. "Stay," she ordered, moving to the front pulleys and releasing the tension some so that he could pull up to a hands and knees position. He began to sit up, but she discouraged him with a crack of the whip against his ass. Moving quickly, she tightened down all of the chains, keeping his legs and arms from rising off the leather bed, and tightening the chains at his neck so that his back would be parallel to the bed. She moved behind him, adjusting his pony tail, so that it remained lodged inside him, and turned the toy on to a pulsate mode. He cried out in rhythm with the vibrations, his face tight with pleasure, barely noticing the woman as she crawled beneath him. When she moved her back against his chest, her opening brushing against him, he groaned. Sliding him into her, she ordered, "Ride me, pony." He pounded furiously into her, obeying her whimpers of 'harder!' and delighting in the choked groans he was drawing from her. They came together, his sweat merging with hers as they panted for breath. She wiggled beneath him, reaching up and turning off the toy, and, after lying back down, pressed a button under the table to release the chains. He sagged, falling on top of her. Smiling into his chest, she pulled the bit from his mouth. "Kiss me," she said. Taking note of the fact that this wasn't an order, he slipped down her body, bringing his mouth to hers. "This last time is yours," she whispered. "Do what you want with me. Only catch is that the tail stays in."

"Can you remove the cuffs?" Jay asked in return, holding up his hands. Slipping from beneath him, she retrieved the key and unlocked his cuffs and collar. He stood, in all of his naked glory, his tanned skin glittering with sweat. "Lay down," he ordered her, finding the sensation of walking with the toy in him slightly awkward. He pulled her to the edge of the table, locking cuffs around her ankles and adjusting the pulleys so that her legs were kept spread in the air. Moving over to the table, he found a long black tail, with a large vibrating anal plug, sitting with the rest of the toys. He watched her breath catch as he coated it in lube. Stalking back over to her, his face eager, he knelt, bringing his eyes level to her openings. With no preparation, he began working the plug into her, smirking as she eagerly moved her hips to place it more firmly inside of her. "You have been a pony, haven't you?" he asked with a laugh. At her nod, he stopped the gentle pushing and stuffed the whole thing into her, catching her whimper on his tongue. Latching her manicured fingers into his hair, she felt him against her, moaning eagerly as he slipped inside. He stayed motionless, buried to the hilt and let his tongue travel from her mouth to her breasts, where he sucked her nipple into his warm cavity, his teeth nipping lightly at the sensitive nub.

Leaving a wet trail back up to her mouth, he began rocking his hips against hers, pulling out slightly and rubbing his tip against her g-spot. Massaging her tongue with his, he began pumping into her, bumping her cervix at the end of each stroke. "Yes," she moaned into his mouth. "More!" Despite her heated request, he slowed, switching both toys to on and slamming into her as her muscles clenched tightly around him, her mouth open in a silent groan. Her hips moved forcefully with his, making him slam that much harder into her cervix. As she approached her climax, she felt his hand slip between them, his warm fingers rubbing against her clit. "Oh, Jay," she whimpered, screaming as she came seconds later. He followed, his seed spilling into her once again. He reached up, releasing the cuffs around her ankles, and, still inside her, dropped onto the bed on top of her, his fingers finding the switches on the vibrators and gently removing them before turning them both onto their sides, his muscular arms pulling her tightly against his chest. Minutes later, his deep, even breaths barraged her neck.

She smiled, knowing he'd fallen asleep, and pulled away. Opening a cabinet, she set jeans, boxers, and a t-shirt in his size on the bed beside him. She kissed his cheek, walking over to the door. She picked up the flashing phone just inside the door, listening intently to the voice on the other end. Stepping outside for a moment, she grasped a card and tickets from a locked drawer in the hallway; she scrawled a quick note and placed the tickets inside the card. Sealing the envelope with hot wax, she set a mold of her lips in the heated, pliable material. Slipping silently back into the room, she set the card on the pile of clothes, smoothing back Jay's hair as she left him to his rest.

Awaking hours later, cold and alone, his eyes fell to the pile in front of him. Before dressing, he picked up the envelope, breaking the seal carefully so that the wax mold would stay intact. Opening the card, he read eagerly:


I enjoyed tonight's show immensely and would like to cordially invite you to this Saturday's VIP Pony Show, after which I hope you might grace me with an encore performance with your choice of the ponies. I would also like to offer you a position at the pony farm. I've taken an interest in how you work with my girls and would love for you to join the training staff, though that can be discussed with my business managers if you choose to attend on Saturday.

Eternally yours,

Madame Nox


I hope you enjoyed Jay's story… I have yet to decide if this will be a one shot or a collection of encounters… I know that this story wasn't a hundred percent realistic, but it wasn't necessarily meant to be… Regardless, any stories posted under this penname will be about Madame Nox or one of her businesses…

Please let me know if you liked it… If you didn't, I'd just like to politely ask you not to flame. Constructive criticism is adored. I don't usually write pieces like these, so if anything doesn't make sense or needs more explanation, I would be happy to hear from you.