The Night Has a Thousand Eyes

The tiny, silver-haired woman stepped into a watching room of the club The Night Has a Thousand Eyes, a place most well known for voyeurism, with three men fast on her heels. Standing behind the mirrored glass, she felt heat swim through her at the sight of the man who had taken her several times at the Pony Farm standing over her best friend, whose hands were cuffed behind her back. The collar around her neck was fastened to a hook on the table she knelt on, and her face was turned to the glass, contorted in lust. He bent, his face disappearing between her legs, and she jumped as meaty hands grabbed at her, pulling her indecent sundress from her body, the almost sheer material landing in a corner. She wore nothing beneath it, and she felt all three pairs of eyes on her.

She was lifted onto a stool, her hands hooked to the chains above her head, keeping her arms stretched toward the ceiling. Her face was held in an iron grip, forcing her to watch as her first customer stripped down, his body-builder muscles gleaming under the soft lighting. When he stood nude, he kicked the stool out from under her feet, forcing her to wrap her legs around him to keep from being suspended by chains. Hands came around her from behind, resting against her ribcage, and her mouth went dry as both men pressed against her.

She moaned as teeth scraped against her jaw, and she threw her head back against the chest at her back, exposing her neck to the hot mouth. "Wrap your hands around the chains and pull yourself up higher. I want your thighs on my shoulders." She whimpered, doing as she was asked, and cried out when she felt a mouth nuzzling against her, a tongue slipping into her folds. A soft groan spilled from between her lips as two more tongues joined the fray, one of which she could tell was pierced. Warm fingers came up to separate her for their intrusion. At the thought of the tongues tangling together, the taste of her a part of their intimate kiss, she felt herself get wetter and was rewarded by a soft chuckle and a hard nip.

"Please," she whispered as long, lube-covered fingers began probing her ass, tightening her muscles around the appendages and smiling at the owner's deep growl. As one of the tongues hit her sweet spot, and another mouth was firmly clasped over her clit, she cried out, spasming as she came. Her fingers tightened around the chains, metal biting into her skin, as the mouths moved away with a few soothing licks. She was lowered gently, the chains around her wrists undone as she was carried and deposited roughly on a low table. The heavily muscled one sat behind her, lifting her onto his lap and spreading her legs wide.

She bit her lip as he worked himself into her ass, unused to having someone with his girth enter her from behind. When he had filled her completely, she rocked her hips back against him, drawing a rough hiss from him. "Ride me, Pixie," he groaned as she rocked again, squeezing herself around him.

The smallest of the men in terms of height and weight slipped to his knees in front of her, drawing her attention to the disproportionate body part jutting out from his dark curls. "Do you like it hard, Pixie?" he asked with a smirk, his fingers tracing the iridescent glitter patterns drawn over her stomach. He must have seen the apprehension on her face as she looked at him because he ground himself hard against her, leaning forward and setting his teeth into her shoulder. "Cause I do," he said over her breathy moans.

"I don't know if you'll fit," she replied, her lower body squeezed between the two men.

He smiled against her skin. "I'll make myself fit," he responded, pressing his tip into her as the third man came forward, his erection level with her mouth. He was good sized, though not nearly as impressive as his friends, but she gasped in pleasure when she took in the apadravya piercing. She'd only been with a handful of men who had one, and each time it had been the best sex she'd ever had. To show her pleasure, she ran her tongue around the metal, sucking his tip into her mouth.

"Rich," he gasped. Rich nodded, and, as if taking the nod as an unspoken order from his friend, he forced himself into her mouth as the other pushed into her, the man beneath her bucking hard into her.

"Oh, god," she cried around the phallus filling her mouth. She deep-throated him, the moans drawn from her as she was battered by the other men sending vibrations through him. She felt a tongue probing at the intersection of her lip and the base of the cock in her mouth, before the man in front of her growled.

"Like the piercing, Jake," the man on top of her gasped as he sucked on the lorum piercing grazing her lower lip.

She pulled her mouth away, looking him over, observing a ring through his scrotum and a pubic ring in addition to the other two. Jake made a move to pull her back onto his shaft, but she struggled, manipulating each piercing with her tongue until a drop of precum pearled on his tip. Smiling lustily, she sucked him back in, working hard to get three of the four piercings in her mouth all at once. She felt him empty himself into her throat as her lower teeth scraped against the lorum piercing. Jake sagged to his knees, smashing his mouth against hers, his tongue ring brushing against the roof of her mouth. "Yum," she said when he pulled away, grabbing the back of his head and dragging him back. A third tongue intruded on the kiss and she tightened around the men pounding into her, a whimper escaping as they began working her harder. She could feel the breath of the man beneath her ruffling her hair as he watched the scene playing out behind the glass. She let her gaze be drawn to it as well, and she grabbed his hand, sucking his fingers into her mouth. When they heard the whip fall through the speakers and the sharp cry that followed, both men still inside of her picked up their pace, grunting in unison as she came. As though they had planned it out, they continued their movements, becoming rougher as the seconds passed. The man beneath her shifted angles as Rich squeezed his balls, and she came again as she felt the wetness spill from him, her spasms dragging a rough yell from Rich as he emptied himself into her as well.

Breathless, she let her eyes fall on Jake once again, from his short dark hair, to the tattoos wrapping around his stomach, to the piercings she desperately wanted to feel inside of her. Seeing him now, in all of his naked glory, she realized that he was one hundred percent her type. His dark eyes met the ice blue perfection of her own, and he drew his full lips up in a confident smirk. She winced as Rich stood, pulling out of her with no warning. He and Jake each took an arm, lifting her off of her muscle man. "Get up, Tim," Jake rasped, his voice thick as the fingers of the hand not wrapped around her upper arm slipped between her thighs. Her legs buckled, and Rich shot Jake a dirty look. As Tim rolled from the table, they turned it so that the longest dimension was perpendicular to the mirrored glass. Once repositioned, Jake laid her back down, kneeling between her legs and laying open mouth kisses just below her belly button.

She watched as Tim cleaned himself off, his tight even jerks simultaneously making him hard again. Tim moaned, his eyes on the masturbating man beyond the glass and the women who were inspiring him. She turned her head as much as possible, seeing Minx and Kandi dominating the chained up Nixie.

She heard Nixie begging for the man to join her, begging for him to bury himself in her, her honey colored eyes wide. She knew that, like her, Nixie didn't particularly enjoy other women in the bedroom; both were far too fond of situations like the one Pixie was currently in. That almost always led to Nixie and Pixie working together when men requested one of them with another woman. The men often found the rhyming names funny and thoroughly enjoyed the stark difference between the two. It helped that they were good enough friends that they knew what the other would enjoy, which kept situations like the one next door from hitting an awkward point. She prayed Kandi hadn't tried to make Nixie eat her, knowing that the new girl would be sacked if she went that far in the heat of the moment, but she knew that someone was in trouble by the way her friend squirmed to get away from them.

"Excuse me for a moment, gentlemen," she said quietly, standing and stepping next door. "Out," she ordered to the other two women, stalking over to her friend. She leaned over her, leaving her legs spread for the enjoyment of all four men behind her. "You okay?"

Nixie nodded, narrowing her eyes. "They're both out."

"I'll give the order when I get done next door. You want me to take over for now?"

Nixie nodded. "Just for a few minutes. Will your guys be angry?"

Pixie shrugged. "They're watching us. Let's give them a show." At her nod, she asked, "What do you want?"

"Just finger me while we kiss, make sure they see tongue, then give Jay a little parting shot on the way out."

"Done," she whispered, throwing her long silver hair over her shoulder, her crystalline eyes locked on Jay as her hand moved between Nixie's legs. Licking Nixie's full lower lip, she pulled up slightly as her friend's tongue followed hers. She caught her moan in her mouth moments later, locking eyes. "Love you, doll," she said softly, pulling away and swaying seductively toward Jay. She knelt in front of him, her eyes downcast as she sucked him into her mouth, groaning at the taste of him. He grabbed her hair, pulling her off of him, and she looked up to catch the smirk on his face. "She's ready for you, sugar," Pixie said with a wink, crawling on her hands and knees to the door, watching him over her shoulder as he stared at her exposed ass.

Once in the hallway, she called out to the bouncer rounding the corner. "No more customers for Kandi and Minx tonight, Zee." He nodded back at her as she slipped into her room. "Sorry, boys," she murmured, drawing her hands up and down her body, ending with them clasped over her breasts. She had to admit, she had been rather let down that they had received no attention that evening. She moved slowly, one hand traveling to between her own legs, and lay back down on the table, her legs spread wide.

"Hell, yeah," she heard Jake whisper as he moved back over her, his mouth joining her own fingers. Her eyes wandered over the other men, stopping on Tim who was back in all of his glory. Tim looked at her with a satisfied grin when he caught her staring, walking to the table and going down on all fours over her head. Assuming that he wanted her to take him into her mouth, she strained toward him, but he held her down, his large hand pressing against her shoulder. "Not yet, Pixie." Understanding, she looked around for Rich, her eyes going hooded as she saw him rubbing lube over his length. An unconscious squeak of anticipation slipped out as he moved over her, his knees on either side of her breasts. She squirmed down the table so that she could watch as Rich slowly slipped himself into Tim. This time, she wasn't stopped as she lifted her upper body, placing her tongue at Tim's entrance so that it rubbed against Rich's length as he sank into his friend's ass. "Shit," Tim groaned, grabbing her hair and pulling her back up so that he could fill her mouth. She opened wide, taking as much of him in as she could, the tip of her tongue teasing his slit.

"Fuck," she groaned around him as Jake slipped inside of her, his piercing rubbing sensually against her g-spot. Rich pounded into Tim, forcing him deeper into her mouth than was comfortable, and she coughed around him.

"Sorry," Tim sighed, gentling his movements, his fingers tangling in her hair and his face clenching as Rich grunted above him.

She continued sucking, gasping 'yes' as she felt Jake's mouth work to take one of her breasts entirely into his mouth. She clenched around him as a particularly loud moan of Nixie's slipped through her fog, and he moved faster in her, the metal barbell scraping her sweet spot and forcing loud moans from her with each stroke. "Oh, god, harder, Jake," she whimpered, pulling back from Tim for a moment. He moved faster and harder, the rough movements making her mouth go slack, allowing more of Tim to slip inside. She screamed her orgasm around him moments later, choking a little as he emptied himself into her mouth. He pulled out, a trail of semen dripping from the corner of her lips. He watched as she swallowed and her hand came up, wiping away the sticky white substance with two fingers and sucking them clean. He collapsed, careful not to fall on top of her, when Rich came inside him. She felt Jake's mouth merge with hers again as he came, groaning into her mouth. She smiled into his lips, nipping at his tongue as she heard Nixie and Jay reach their climax next door.

She excused herself for a moment after slipping her dress back over her head, grabbing a sheet of stationary and scrawling a quick note on it. Sticking with hers and Nixie's tradition, she sealed it with a wax mold of her lips, stepping back into the room to find her men fully dressed. She kissed Tim and Rich lingeringly as they left, grabbing Jake's wrist and holding him back for a moment. Unlike the kisses she had shared with the others, she pushed her mouth hard against his, forcing her tongue deep into his mouth, wrapping one of her legs around his waist as his hand tangled in her hair. As they separated, she moaned when he caught her lower lip with his teeth. "Come again," she whispered against his neck, breathing hard as he followed his friends.

As he stripped down, Jake felt something in his pocket. His eyes widened in surprise at the paper peppered with iridescent glitter. Carefully breaking the seal, his mouth spread in a wide smile.


They say it's not what you've got, it's how you use it. I think we both know I adore what you've
got as well as how you use it. I'd love a repeat performance for just the two of us… off the
clock. Call me if you feel the same.


He had watched the petite woman from afar for months; everything about her had turned him on, especially the fairy wings she often wore. Now that he had gotten her attention in return, he had no intention of letting her slip away. His fingers flew over the buttons of his phone, programming the number into his phone book immediately, his grin still gracing his lips.


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