It's a cycle,

Of never ending confusion,

Why do you change your mood?

As easily as a human being can walk?

As fast as I could talk?

As long or short as I can laugh?


Randomly, it seems,

Just to come at me,

Grasping body,

Containing my emotions,


Until I can see,

That the cycle's coming again,

Then I realize it's only for me…


There's phases to this cycle that only happens to me


Sweet and innocent,


Nice and kind,


Slowly getting less patient,




Repeat phase four several times…


It goes roughly,

Something like that,


The phases vary lengths of time,

I count the days,

And it's never been the same,


When I realize,

That it's at the beginning again,

At first,

I am completely joyous,

But, now I've learned,

It's only the shortest stage in this cycle for me,

I just anticipate the next one,


Who knows when it'll take place?

Maybe it'll have one less,

One more,

Or the same,

Who knows?


I ask myself,

"Why was this designed for me?",

"Do I deserve this?"



Keeps on going,


I wish for it to stop,

But it never seems to come true,

I would give up anything to keep me from it happening again,


There's no use,

I just have to endure it,

One phase,
At a time.