My Deaf And Blind Elf Lord

By: S.A.G.M. la Elfa.

This fine new morning, it's time for me to sing,

It's time for you to listen about my elf, (the dear.)

My dear Elf lord is blind, my elf lord is deaf

But that will never change, the way that I feel.


His ears are too long and his skin is too brown,

Yet his eyes are my heaven, his voice, my life.

His height is so awkward, his figure the same,

To me he's a muffin, a hard one to get.


For him I'll wear jewels, and ignore the itch.

For him I'll wear gowns of silk and mithril.

The best pie I bake will be eaten by him,

The nicest potatoes I'll cook just for him.


My beautiful smile will be just for his eyes,

He will be the only one whom I'll share with my life.

The only one who get's my heart will be my,

Wonderful, beautiful, sweet, blind, deaf, lord Elf.


My deepest respect, he will manage to reap.

My highest admiration my elf will have.

I'll treat him as a lord; I'll be his lady,

I'll meet him at the door when dinner's ready.


His thoughts will be my orders, his gaze my reward.

His love will be by glory, a thing to boast.

Only at his shoulder, will I dry my tears.

Only in his embrace will I dare to weep.


The beating of his heart will put me to sleep,

And no matter if he can't hear or se me,

I'll be with him and let him feel me near him.

So he'll be always with me,

And I'll be always with him.


My dear, deaf and blind Elf Lord