SOMETHING TO RAGE AGAINST: Lead Singer Drops Band to Go Solo

Toronto Daily News

Misha Myers

- August 24, 2007 - It's official, Rage fans. As of 9'oclock yesterday morning, lead singer Bianca Kozaris cut ties with the popular alternative-rock band, Raging Hearts, and their music management company, SOUNDS Entertainment, in order to pursue a solo career with highly acclaimed T&N producer, Patrick Hall. While some critics perceive this as an extremely unprofessional move, others see it as a golden opportunity for the 22-year-old vocalist.

No matter who's side you're on, one thing is for sure: Kozaris' sudden departure has left Raging Hearts in an unpleasant standstill. With their third album incomplete, and numerous concerts scheduled for the fall/winter season, Rage is in dire need of a back up plan—and soon!

When asked for a statement, Tom Heidelberg, the manager for remaining members Brandon Wolfe, Keith Hollister, and Danny Greenwood, didn't appear to be phased. He commented: "The boys are in good spirits despite this setback. After all, their music is still their music. They didn't win a Grammy on vocals alone, you know." When prompted about Kozaris, he said simply, "Good luck to her."

Good luck indeed to the heartthrobs of Raging Hearts, and Bianca Kozaris! With the future of Rage in jeopardy, and Kozaris in the middle of a media circus, it seems like they're going to need all the help they can get.