You took a deep breath.

It didn't help at all.

Part of you wanted to sit on the stairs and catch your breath, but the other part wanted to hurry upstairs and make your way to Lucian. You couldn't believe how shaky you felt, knowing exactly what this would lead to.

You waited a few seconds before cradling the rose and letter to you and slowly climbing the stairs.

Barely two steps up, you saw another note, this time minus the rose. You sat this time, having an idea of what it would say.

I have brought you to that moment when words run dry.
To that moment when speech disappears into silence,

You took another shaky breath.

You knew the only thing left for you to do was go to him. Of course there was a nervousness coursing through your body, but it was nothing to the excitement and love that filled you. That he would do this for you, understanding your love, not just for the Phantom himself, but for the point of the movie and the words themselves.

You contined slowly, looking everywhere for more letters. On the middle of the staircase, there was another.

No use resisting. Abandon thought and let the dream descend.
One final question. How long should we two wait before we're one?

He wasnt going in order. You wondered the significance of that as you continued.

On the very last step was another letter. By now, you could barely think of anything else but Lucian, but you handled the letters as if they were fragile. You knew you would save these forever.

I have brought you that our passions may fuse and merge.
In your mind you've already succumbed to me. Dropped all defenses, completely succumed to me.
Now you are here with me. No second thoughts. You've decided.

You have come here hardly knowing the reason why.
In your mind you've already imagined our bodies entwining, defenseless and silent.
Now you are here with me. No second thoughts. You've decided.

You moved to the door and resting on the doorknob was another letter, this time accompanied by another rose.

No backward glances. Our games of make believe are at an end.
No going back now. Our passion play has now, at last, begun.

You knew the truth of the words as you opened the door and stepped cautiously into the hallway that led to your rooms.

Lucian had small tap lights laid out along the base of the wall, lighting the way. He was being careful of your fear of the dark, but of course the lights couldnt be on. It would entirely ruin the mood, you smiled. You walked slowly, still looking for letters, and halfway there, you found another laid in the middle of the hallway. This one had no rose.

What raging fire shall flood the soul? What rich desire unlocks its door?
What sweet seduction lies before us?
When will the blood begin to race? What sleeping bud bursts into bloom?
When will the flames at last consume us?

God, how you loved this man.

You moved quickly now, smiling to yourself when you realized that there werent too many more lines for him to make use of. In fact, with the way he had done it, there was only one more that you could think of.

And as you expected, it was on the doorknob that opened the way into your bedrooms.

You wondered whose room he was in.

You tried to collect your thoughts as you read the letter.

The final threshold.
What warm unspoken secrets will we learn?
The bridge is crossed so stand and watch it burn.
We've passed the point of no return.

You knew it was the truth, with everything in you, as you pressed open the door.

Not knowing what to expect, you jumped slightly when you were met by complete darkness.

There was one incredibly tiny candle burning on the table where you put your keys and next to it was one small letter and another rose.

Relishing in the small circle of light that enveloped the table, you stepped towards it. The letter wasnt in an envelope, but was simply leaning against the bud of the rose. You looked at Lucian's bold lettering.

No thoughts within her head but thoughts of joy.
No dreams within her heart but dreams of love.

You barely had time to be amazed before the candle was blown out and you were in complete darkness.

"Close your eyes, Audrina."

You jumped about a foot at the sound of his low voice. You felt him behind you before he ever touched you and when his hands came around you, you knew he could feel your shivering.


"No talking."

You let out a long breath. "I love you," you said, knowing you couldn't say anything else.

"You better." He leaned over, resting his cheek against yours and you could feel his breath tickling your neck. "Until death do we part. Keep them closed."

You nodded as you inhaled another shaky breath and you heard one of the doors open.

"My room or yours?" you asked.

"Mine. I want you in my room. You see, there will be a few firsts for me tonight as well. Now shh."

Warmth spread through you at the thought that he'd never had another girl in his bed before. That meant more to you than you could have imagined and it gave you the courage you needed to trust him in the darkness.

Lucian took your hand and you closed your eyes tightly, knowing the temptation to peek would be almost overwhelming.

Lucian stepped in front of you and tugged lightly to lead you into the room. You followed him silently, not knowing where he would lead you, but trusting him completely. It was a few seconds later that he helped you sit on the white couch in his room. "Stay here," he whispered close to your ear. "Keep them closed, Audrina."

You nodded wordlessly. What could you possibly say?

You heard him walking around the room and many ideas ran through your mind. You did your best to hold them all at bay. This was Lucian. He would do something unexpected for you that would probably be better than what you could come up with.

It was several minutes later when you heard him stop moving and then sigh contentedly.

"Okai Audrina."

"I can look?" you asked tentatively.

"You can look."

You took a deep breath, knowing you would need it, and then you opened your eyes.

And the first thing you saw was Lucian.

He was standing directly across from you, leaning against the the foot of the bed. You met his gaze and he held it for a few minutes before smiling boyishly.

And it was then that you realized that he had a glow about him that could only be from one thing.

You drew your gaze from him and looked around the room, and your heart stopped then beat irradically as you took in the candles that illuminated the both of you.

They were everywhere. Smallers ones similar to the one out in the connector covered his dressers and tables, while larger ones in varying candelabras that stood from a foot off the ground to taller than you covered the ground. The only clear walking spaces were to the bed and the closed bathroom door.

And amoung all of the candles were rose petals and buds. They litered the ground around the bases of the candles. The subtle smell of roses was beautiful, of course your favorite scent.

Lucian had done all of this for you.


You turned back to him, once again catching his eyes.

The small smile he had given you was gone and replaced by an intensity you had seen very few times, and never to this degree.

You were going to make love with your fiance. You couldn't say no to him. Every word writen on his letters, the order that he had used, twisting the lyrics to fit the moment, rang true. You had never understood the words to the song more than you did at this moment. We've past the point of no return.

Even as you formed the thought, your heart began to beat so that you swore he could hear it and you know when you stood, you would shake. You couldnt help but be afraid. Not of him, of course, but of this entire experience. All of your fears started to rush through your mind; your possible incompetence, the inevitable pain, his size compared to yours, your desire to please him but having no clue how. Everything came rushing at you so that for a moment your resolve wavered.

But then Lucian straightened and took a step towards you.

And you knew you were lost.

Lucian watched Audrina as she looked around the room. He had to admit that he was proud of himself, but he knew that at the moment nothing mattered but Audrina's reaction and her feelings.

As much as he wanted her, Lucian knew he was hers tonight. Anything she asked for would be hers.

As Lucian watched her, he couldn't help but think back on what they've been through. He'd known, going into this, that he and Audrina would eventually have to come together like this. But he was more surprised than anyone else at the feelings he felt coursing through his own body.

He was about to make love to Audrina. He was about to take her to his bed, something he'd never done. He was about to show how much he loved her in the most elemental was possible.

As tuned as he was to her, he saw the moment panic set in. A small bit of uneasiness filled him; he would try to pacify her fears, but he didn't know if he could completely sooth them. But he would do his damnedest.

On that thought, he straightened and began towards her and he watched with relish as the fear that was so evident on her face was replaced with an eagerness that he felt as well.

Before Lucian was even halfway to her, Audrina caught up her hair and put it in a messy bun. Lucian smirked, knowing he would take it down in a few moments. 7

Lucian and Audrina stared at each other as Lucian closed the distance in between them slow by slow step.

Audrina steeled herself for what was to come, deciding at the last moment that she would put herself in Lucian's hands. She knew, without doubt, that he would take care of her tonight and for the many nights she knew were to come.The thought brought a blush to her face.

"Lucian," Audrina breathed out as he moved closer.

Lucian said nothing until he was within arms reach of her. "Yes, love?"

Audrina took another of many shuddering breaths. "I hate suspense," she told him.

The intensity of the moment was lessened when Lucian broke out into a big grin and laughed. "Have i ever told you your sarcasm turns me on?"

"No, you havent mentioned it. Have I ever told you that you turn me on?" she smiled back.

Lucian's eyes darkened in pleasant surprise. "Do I?" he asked as he moved closer to her. "What else turns you on?"

Audrina was speechless for a moment, frankly shocked and pleased at the desire that he didnt hide from her. "Uhm, I wouldnt know. You see, i've been kind of saving myself for someone special. I thought that maybe he would want to be the one to figure all of that out."

Lucian finally touched her, just one small caress of her cheek, but Audrina felt the heat nonetheless. "You thought right. And I plan on spending a lifetime doing it."

When they finally kissed, every last shred of fear, resistance, and hesitance was gone. All that was left was a humbling love and an untapped desire.

Audrina barely noticed when Lucian's hands slid up her arms to her neck. She didnt feel his nimble fingers undoing the bow at the back of her neck that kept her dress up. She didnt realize that her body was bare to her tiny waist until Lucian stepped away to look at her.

Audrina blushed and fought not to cover herself. She stayed silent for a few minutes, but then his unreadable expression began to make her feel uncomfortable and she raised one arm and began to place it over her exposed skin.

"Dont you dare," he said quietly, reaching out to stop her hand.

Audrina blinked but did as he told, letting her hand fall back to her side. She watched as Lucian watched her. She remembered now that he had never seen her body and instead of wanting to hide it from him, she felt daring and powerful. She wanted to see Lucian's reaction. Her own bravado surprised her more than anything else, but it was rewarded when Lucian pulled her to him.

Lucian cradled her face in his hands, angling it so that he might better access her mouth. When he broke the kiss, Audrina knew that she would always remember the look in his eyes as he caught and held her stare.

Lucian couldn't resist sliding his hands down to span her waist and he marvled at it's tiny size. He slid his hands up and watched as they widened to allow for the curve of her body until his thumbs brushed the underside of her breasts. He looked up again to meet her gaze. His tightly leashed control was slipping away from him, but should she need any reassurance, Lucian knew he'd give it to her. He wanted her acquiescence.

Audrina could see the question in his eyes but she didn't trust herself to speak. So as an answer, she placed her hands over his and urged them upwards. She knew her face was probably as red as a beet, but the candlelight was working with her to hide it.

But her reaction to her touch was another thing entirely.

No amount of darkness could hide Audrina's sensitivity to Lucian's touch.

Lucian felt himself smile when Audrina's eyelids fluttered and he felt his body tighten when she let out a small gasp as he tightened his grip on her. He ran his thumbs over her nipples and he nearly groaned himself. Audrina always had been an open book; he should have never expected anything different now. He would know what she liked and what she didnt, and she wouldnt even realize that she had told him.

Lucian resisted bending his head to taste her. He wanted to so much. But he knew that if he didnt take care to remove the rest of her clothing now, he wouldnt have the patience to take care of it later. He would have no way of explaining to his mother why Audrina's dress was in need of professional repair.

Audrina leaned into Lucian, almost wanting to ask him to pay more attention to her chest, when he slid his arms back around her and down to the small of her back. He leaned over slightly, resting his chin near her temple. Audrina felt shy at the thought that when she took her shoes off, he would have to bend much father. But all thoughts of shoes were discarded when she felt his hands slid down the very small, almost unnoticeable zipper that ran from the small of her back to just where her butt began.

As the material loosened around her waist and hips, Audrina sought to move closer to him. She was fine with him seeing her chest. But this part of her body was much more private, an area she herself ignored. She was worried about Lucian's reaction to this part of her.

But Lucian, of course, caught her movement. He held her hips still. "Dray, dont hide from me."

Audrina huffed slightly. "Why is it so bright in here?" she wondered in her frustration and embarassment.

Lucian grinned as he kissed her temple. "Because I want to see you. Would you rather i turn on the overhead lights? If the candles are too bright, I mean."

"You idiot." Audrina groaned and she burried her face into the lapel of his jacket. "Dont look."

Lucian laughed outright at her demand. "I wont look. I'll just devour with my eyes." When she groaned again, he sighed. It was either that or laugh and he didnt think she'd enjoy that too much. "Baby, I'm going to see you. And no matter what, unless of course something foul-smelling is living down there, you're going to be beautiful."

"Lucian! Oh my gosh you can't look!"

"Can I touch?"

"Fine, just dont look!"

Lucian stopped moving and leaned away from her. "Do you hear yourself?"

She sighed. "What did I say?"

"You said I can touch but not look," Lucian said slowly, and as he spoke an incredibly devious smirk formed on his face.


"No. You said it, not me. I'm going to hold you to that, Audrina Rae."

Her heart rate sped up again; honestly, a heart attack couldnt be far behind. Lucian leaned closer to her again and he deliberately held her gaze as he slid his thumbs inside the gold gown as he helped it over her wide hips. The soft material barely made a sound as it slipped down her legs and to the ground.

Lucian didnt look away as he slowly kneeled in front of Audrina. She almost jumped back, but she realised that due to their difference in height, even on his knees he was at eye level with her stomach.

Lucian undid her shoes, feeling only with his fingers as he deliberately let his eyes say everything he didnt. Once one shoe was unfastened, he urged her tiny foot out of it and on to the ground. He immediately sent up a small prayer of thanks for her lack of height; he was now at direct eye level with her breasts.

He quickly undid the other shoe, letting her stand evenly on both feet, before he rose again. Now he towered over Audrina. Her eyes were level with his stomach.

"I'm sorry i'm so short."

He winked at her, and in the candlelight she couldn't be sure she saw it. "Maybe I should apologize for being so tall," he offered.

Audrina's heart stopped at the simple comment. "I love you."

"I know," he breathed.

Before Audrina could react, he swooped her up into his arms and walked over to the bed. He laid her in the center.

Audrina breathed in deeply the scent of roses and she realized that small white petals, in contrast the the deep red ones of before, sparingly litered the bed. She realised that the candles closer to the bed were larger and offered more light and she realized that he had been serious when he said he wanted to see her.

Lucian bent his head to kiss the indent of her skin at the base of her throat even as he began to slide Audrina's gold panties down her body. When he felt her began to stiffen with realization, he allowed himself to taste her the way he'd been wanting to since he untied the dress.

Audrina completely forgot about her impending nakedness as Lucian took the tip of her breast into his mouth. She forgot about everything as his tongue laved at her and his teeth nipped. She didnt realize that he had effortlessly removed her panties and tossed them with her dress until Lucian settled himself on top of her and his fully clothed chest brushed her newly uncovered skin.

But instead of feeling a shyness that Lucian expected, Audrina felt frustration. "Baby."

"Mmm," he replied as he switched attentions to the other breast.

"Lu," she gasped out. "Your clothes."


Audrina gestured helplessly with her hands. "You're wearing them."

Lucian slowly raised his head and Audrina immediately regretted her wording when she saw the completely male satisfaction in his smile. "So I am."

Audrina shrugged, and then Lucian did the same and bent his head again.

"No! Lucian! Stop it! Gosh you're annoying!" Audrina huffed. She pushed Lucian up so that he was kneeling and she sat up with him. She began to work meticulously at undoing the buttons on his black jacket. Once she had them undone, she slid it off of his wide shoulders and then tossed it carelessly to the floor where her dress was. She growled when she looked back at him.

"You just had to be wearing one of the hambungler things."

Lucian blinked, but then burst out laughing, and he laughed so hard that he leaned into Audrina, causing her to fall backwards. She stared straight up at the ceiling, wondering how he got to be so weird, as she felt his body shaking with laughter. It took Audrina a few moments to realize that Lucian was speaking to her.


He mumbled again against her neck. Audrina heaved a sigh. "I'm trying to take off his clothes and he's laughing at me," she thought aloud.

This just caused him to laugh harder and it was several moments later when he could take a breath. "Cummerbund."

"He's gone insane," Audrina said.

Lucian sat up finally, dragging Audrina into a sitting position as well. He reached around behind himself to undo it and then held it up. "The hambungler. It's called a cummerbund."

"Oh, same thing!" Audrina waved away.

She ignored his laughter as she eased the knot of his tie and slid it over his head and tossed it.

She set to working at his buttons with sure and steady hands and Lucian didn't like it.

He realized his laughter had given her a determination that hadn't been present before.

None the less, he liked her shy bravado and her blushes she thought she was hiding.

He deliberately cupped her breasts and he got the reaction he wanted when her fingers faultered on the buttons.

Audrina steeled herself for his assault on her breasts as she continued to unbutton him. When his shirt was finally hanging loose, she was incredibly annoyed to see that he had an undershirt on. He covered up more than she did!

Lucian saw her frustration and he made things easier for her by just slipping off his button-down shirt and then tossing the undershirt over his head. He added those to the growing pile of clothes on the floor.

Audrina stared at his chest. She'd seen it so many times before, but never had she actually felt his skin in this way.

She spread her small hands over his chest and she felt curiosity bubbling up.

"Hey Lucian?"

"Yes, love?"

"Are you sensitive like me?"

Lucian raised his infamous eyebrow in question, but he was answered when Audrina bent her face to his chest and kissed first one nipple and then the other.

She gained confidence when she felt Lucian's muscles harden under her touch and she very tentatively touched her tongue to him.

"Audrina," his breath hissed out and she pulled back from him.

"Is that okai?" she asked shyly.

Lucian kissed her. "Mmm. A little bit more than okai, baby."

Audrina smiled. She would enjoy making him lose control tonight.

She wanted to continue her administrations on his chest, but a part of her, a part she didnt know was there, wanted him to be as bare as she was.

Her eyes fell to the black belt at his waist and then she quickly drew them up to meet his stare.

Lucian saw the shy question in her eyes. And he considered jumping out of bed and removing his clothes as quickly as possible. But he knew she wanted this.

Lucian grasped Audrina's waist and rolled over, bringing her on top of him. He laid back on the bed and gestured elegantly to his belt. "I'm all yours."

Audrina felt heat race up her face at the blatant sexual comment, but she couldnt ignore it. She immediately set to work on his belt.

It took her several moments, as her fingers were shaking a bit, but she finally had it undone.

She could barely keep her hands still when she moved to his button.

She tried to breath calmly when she couldnt hold still and she looked up at Lucian, expecting him to try and help. Instead, he just stared at her, his expression sure and seductive.

Audrina steeled herself. If he could be so calm, so could she. She quickly redid her bun and set to work once more on undoing the button and bringing the zipper down.

Lucian watched her hand movements and a possessiveness he hadnt known himself capable of. She was trying so hard to be sure of her movements, but she wasnt. But Lucian knew Audrina would rather cross this bridge herself so even though he was secretly imagining every way he would take her, he let her set her pace. Once his fly was undone, Lucian raised his hips slightly.

He knew she was nervous about seeing him, but he wasnt going to help her in anyway. He raised his eyebrow again when she did nothing but stare and as he wanted, it annoyed her into action.

Audrina grasped the waist band, careful to make sure she didnt remove his boxers as well, and began to slid it down his body. She carefully kept her gaze away from the bulge in his boxers as she drew the pants down his long legs.

"You still have your shoes on?"

"You didnt remove them yet."

Audrina spared Lucian a glare as she set to untying his shoes and sliding them off his feet. His socks followed seconds after and his pants after that.

She sighed in self appreciation.

"You aren't done."

Audrina looked up at him. And then she let her eyes fall to his boxers and the very evident arousal he did nothing to hide.

She didnt move.

Lucian shrugged. "I'll do it Audrina."

"No. I will. Just stop annoying me," she said absently.

Lucian chuckled, earning himself another glare.

Audrina huffed. He didnt need to be so smug about her shyness. Just because he could remove her clothes without second thought didnt mean he had to feel all proud. Audrina knew she could do it too. If only to prove a point. She steeled herself before slipping her fingertips into the waste band of his boxers.

Lucian once again raised his hips.

In anger and annoyance, Audrina yanked them off.

"There. I did it. So you can just shut up now."

"So you did. Are you going to look?"

Audrina shook her head. "No, thank you for asking."

Lucian had to fight back laughter. He deliberately touched her full lips and the slowly lowered his hands down to his body. "Are you going to touch?"

Audrina shook her head again. "No. I'm fine."

Lucian sighed and let his shoulders droop on purpose. "I guess I'll have to do it myself."

"Lucian!" Audrina gasped. "Stop that! You cant do that!"

"I've been doing it for years. I assure you, I can."

When he moved his hand closer to his arousal, Audrina slapped his hand away. "You're insane!" she said, even as she finally allowed herself to look.

"All thanks to you," Lucian whispered, knowing she barely heard him.

Audrina looked at him. Admittedly, she knew very little about the male body. She knew that on Lucian, everything was where it should be. But she knew that she had to be extremely lucky to have such a prime example of male perfection all to herself.

And he was perfect. She knew that as well as he did.

The curiosity that had been unleashed tonight took over once more and she slowly reached out to touch him.

She barely laid a finger to him before she found herself on her back.

Lucian leaned close to her ear. "We'll save that for later. I dont think i can handle it right now."

Audrina smirked. She hadnt even touched him! Her newly discovered power over Lucian Alicea made her shiver in anticipation. She'd heard so much about what could be done to please a guy. But she would have so much fun discovering what she could do to please this guy; hers.

Lucian knew where her thoughts were taking her and even though the thought of her in control made his body harden to an almost painful point, he knew that for tonight, for this first time, he would be the one in charge.

Lucian leaned over her, settling a hand to one breast as he began to use his mouth on the other. He enjoyed the small noises she made as he loved her breasts, but he knew that he needed to move on. "Audrina, I'm going to touch now," he said in a voice that was almost too deep for her to recognize.

Audrina nodded and she closed her eyes, giving herself up to his ministrations as his hand slid over her body. He molded every curve, indent, and bump as he moved from her breast to her lower stomach.

Lucian kissed her lips, whispered i love you's, and removed the hair tie from her hair before he let his hand slip between her thighs.

Audrina's legs compulsively tightened, trapping his hand.

"Dray, trust me. Relax," he soothed. Audrina shuddered even as inch by slow inch, she loosened her legs. She was shaking now, she knew, but she couldnt help it. "Floating, falling, sweet intoxication," she sang softly, trying to calm herself.

"Touch me, trust me, savor each sensation," Lucian sang.

Audrina's eyes snapped up to his. Her heart swelled with love when he smiled encouragingly. "I love you, Dray."

"Are you sure?" she asked.

Lucian pressed a kiss to her cheek even as he pressed his finger to the junction of her legs. "What do you think?"

Audrina didnt hear him. She focused all of her attention of the unfamiliar sensation of being touched in between her legs.

Lucian watched her face even as she lost focus. He pressed harder on the point that he knew would bring her the most pleasure and he was rewarded with her unvoluntarily arching her body towards his hand. He slowly began to move his fingers over her and he swallowed her gasps with his kisses.

"Lucian," Audrina breathed.


"I like that," she sighed as her eyes fell closed.

Lucian grinned. Only she could make him even think of laughter at a time like this. "What about this?" he asked quietly as he drew a finger downward and swirled it at the entrance to her body.

Audrina flushed, and gasped out her reply. "That's nice too."

"I thought you'd think so. What do you think about this?" He slowly slid his finger inside of her, watching every reaction come over her oblivious face.

She didnt respond for a few moments. She had nothing to say. How could he expect her to form a coherent thought at this moment. She almost growled when he stopped moving.

"Why'd you stop?"

"You didnt tell me if you liked it."

Audrina opened her eyes to glare. She realized the glow of the candles seemed more haunting as the smaller candles burned themselves out, leaving only the large candles to give them light. "You're annoying."

Lucian sighed long-sufferingly and slowly began to remove his hands from between her legs.

Audrina caught at his wrist. "But i liked it. You can keep going. If you want," she added quietly.

Lucian burried his face in her neck so that she wouldnt see his grin. "I want." He pressed inside of her again, this time letting her do nothing but feel.

Audrina writhed under his hand. What in the world was he doing to her? She felt a tightness building in her body that almost seemed too much. But his hand continued to bring her pleasure she didnt know existed. Her body arched almost off the bed when she felt another finger at the entrance to her body.

Lucian loved this, loved watching her, but he knew that he couldnt keep this up much longer. He tasted the shell of her ear before speaking to her, still keeping his hand moving steadily inside her. "One night, i'll do nothing but love you with my hands. But now, i need you. Are you ready for me?"

Audrina opened her eyes, barely able to focus as her body began to react more fiercly to Lucian's roving hand. Her breath was coming quicker and all of her inhibitions were lost as she tried to move to enhance her own pleasure. When she took in Lucian's words, she met his burning gaze. She could see his desire etched on his face and part of her felt guilty that he had recieved pleasure for himself. She was ready. "Only for you."

It was all the reassurance Lucian needed. He slipped his fingers from her small body; she was right. She was tiny. Their difference in size was never so obvious to him as it was then.

He settled himself between her legs. Audrina, still recovering from the assault of his hand, opened her body willingly to Lucian. She didnt even focus on him until she felt only the tip of him press inside her.

She made eye contact shyly.

"It's going to hurt, Darling," Lucian said as he moved very slowly, pressing farther into her, letting her body adjust.

Audrina winced slightly at the feeling that was so different from his fingers. "I know." She gripped the blanket under her tightly as she tried to brace herself for the pain.

He pressed more and Audrina felt panic setting in. He was too large for her. This wasnt going to work.

"Dray," Lucian chastised. His voice was tight and strained, and Audrina knew he spoke only for her sake. "You're mine. I'm yours. There is no one else for either of us." He said it with clear conviction as he continued to press inside her. His heart broke as he watched her try to hide her reaction to him being inside her. "I know it hurts. Just trust me to make it better."

Audrina nodded even as she wanted to cry. She was feeling decidedly incompetent. "Does it hurt you?" she asked.

"No, Dray. It's heaven for me." Lucian stopped once he felt the tiny thread of resistance, the small part of her body that had remained intact until now. He was thanking his father silently for all those years of learning self control. He could barely hold himself above her, with all the restraint he was forcing on his body. "Audrina."

"Go on, Luci. I can take it like a man."

"Oh, mother of God. Dont make me laugh right now. You'll kill me."

"Fine. I'll take it like a whoa-man."

Lucian flexed his hips and plunged his body into hers, and he smothered her moan of pain with his kisses.

Audrina held herself still. The pain went straight from in between her legs to spread through every nerve ending in her body.

But Lucian didnt move. He held himself rigidly still and let Audrina's body completely adjust. He hadnt been lying before.




"In our next life, can you be the girl?"

Lucian laughed even as his body tightened painfully. "Only if i can be some reasonable height. Like 5'2" maybe."

Audrina sighed and experimentally wiggled. She ignored Lucian's groan. The pain was by no means gone, but she could deal with it. If only for Lucian's sake. "Hey Lu?"

"What, Darling?"

"You can try moving now. Just... slowly."

God help him. "Of course, baby."

Lucian slowly and carefully drew his hips from her body, moving until he was almost separate from her. And then he began to press back inside her. "My God, Audrina."

"Well God or me, Lucian. You cant really be comparing us at a time like this. And honestly, that's a bit of a blow to my self esteem."

"Do you shut up?"

"I'm sure there's a switch somewhere. You're going to have to find it. It obviously wasnt my nipples. Maybe my belly button. It wasnt that... wonderful little place you touched earlier. There are only a few more places it could be-"

Lucian plunged his body into hers again. This time, her reaction was infinately more desireable than before. She gasped and raised her hands to grip his forearms. "Are you just trying to shut me up?"

"Well," Lucian breathed as he pulled out slowly again. "Is it working?"

"It might be. You can try again if you really want to know."

Lucian grinned and bent to kiss her. He couldnt help it. She knew she was joking to hide her discomfort, but there was enough glow from the candle that he could see the pain leaving her face and be replaced by blatant curiosity and only minor discomfort and a pleasure different from before. When he pressed into her again, he felt her thighs tighten around his hips.

"Oh dear."

Lucian drew out again, trying to focus on keeping her pacified when all he wanted to do was bury himself in her. He had to literally stop and bring his thoughts together before he could speak to her. "Good oh dear or bad oh dear?"

"Good oh dear. Make it better."

"What ever you say, Miss Laurens." He kissed her into silence as his hips began to move at a more steady pace in and out of her body. Audrina closed her eyes as sensations completely knew to her took over. The more he moved, the more the pain faded. And in it's place was a feeling she couldnt begin to describe.

Lucian watched her, always mindful of her pleasure. Even as his body screamed out it's need to move quicker, to take Audrina completely, to allow itself it's own pleasure, his mind and heart kept his eyes glued to her face. Lucian doubted she knew she was showing him all he needed to know with her small but growing moans and the glazed look in her eyes. He almost laughed when she said "oh dear" again. He knew she was trying hard not to use the Lord's name in vain, but it was hilarious to hear the alternatives she came up with.

When it seemed her body had adjusted completely and that he could proceed without hurting her, he began to move the way he needed to.

Audrina opened eyes, only realizing then that she had closed them, and she watched Lucian. His face seemed etched in stone. She had known that he was holding back, but she hadnt realized how much it was costing him to do so. And she loved him for it. She wanted him to enjoy this as much as she was; and she certainly was. Audrina moved her hands from his forearms and brought them around him, holding him to her, and she raised her hips more, welcoming him deeper into her body. She was satisfied when he growled her name and she gave herself up to him.

"I love you Audrina. So much," Lucian bit out as the movement of his hips became almost desperate.

Audrina didnt know if she responded. She didnt know much of anything except that she didnt know if she could take much more. The pleasure was building to a point that was almost pain and she didnt think it could go much farther. Her body moved of its own accord to match Lucian's rhythm and she distantly heard herself calling out to him.

He kissed her again, for the millionth time that night, as they moved together in a synchrony that Audrina thought must have been the most basic and elemental of needs.

Just when Audrina thought for sure that she would die- quite happily, nonetheless- she heard herself cry out as her body shattered around Lucian. She saw nothing but the gray of his eyes as her body fell to peices, the pleasure taking her to heaven and back. She was only distantly aware of her name coming from Lucian's lips as he collapsed on top of her. She felt his body shudder even as hers continued to do so, and together they crashed back down to earth, both of them thinking only of each other.

Lucian panted into Audrina's neck, trying to catch his breath. Somewhere inside, he knew he was crushing her with his weight. But it took him several moments before he was coherent enough to move.

He began to pull away when Audrina's legs locked around him. "Mmm."

Was that supposed to be no? "Audrina, i'm crushing you."


Lucian chuckled breathlessly, but held her close as he rolled to the side, bringing her with him.

Audrina snuggled into his body, sighing contentedly as her eyelids began to droop.

Lucian wanted to say to much to her. But none of it would be adequate. None of it would possibly express what he was feeling right now. "Audrina.."

"I know, Lucian."

And she did.