WWII has always had a major impact on me.

my opinion? past life.


"heil Hitler!"

limbs swung high, pride and austere eyes.
guns strapped on, all metal and dreaded footfalls in the rain.

here they come, look at them.
yellow stars pinned in place. look. look at them.

gaunt eyes. they're sunken. empty. look at the thinness.
beside you, jeers. foreign words spit derision at the prisoners.
scum, they call them. oh, look at them. oh, misery...

don't want to be here, oh, look at them. didn't think. it would hurt.

kin ripped apart. sobbing, screaming.
"daddy! i don't—don't..."
death-thin girl, dragged along with the other women, stick-thin girl.

i don't wanna go don't please PLEASE oh god god oh help us HELP US don't make me go please
mommy daddy goodbye NO but i don't want to DON'T WANT TO don't make me go...

beside me. grim laugh, lips curled in a sneer. "heil Hitler."


i wander to the chambers where they herded the females like farm stock.
cyanide. it's sweet, sickly scent heavy and thick in their lungs;
dead lungs young lungs old lungs screaming lungs...

i wish i was the one who died.
they didn't deserve such an awful fate.

yellow stars still pinned to their ratty, dirty clothing. skeletons wrapped in
cooling skin, eyes rolled to show the death-whites.
lips parted in screams. little girls still clinging to mothers in their deaths.

"heil Hitler," a comrade, a guard chuckled, smiling down at the bodies, shifting his gun
in his arms, horribly loving like a father holds his newborn.

it was freezing, and i was drowning.

i walked away. death imprinted on my retinas.