The night was brightly lit with fireworks, people running around and screaming "HAPPY NEW YEAR!" all over the place. The air was full of excitement, chatter, and music blasted out from the incredibly large amplifiers on the outdoor stage as a band began to play their song ecstatically.

Somewhere nearby the downtown core of the busy city was a group of young adults in their twenties standing outside a club, laughing lightly and teasing each other.

They were all dressed coats, toques, scarves and many layers of clothing, chattering away about music, sex, life, and tv. But mostly sex.

"So Raine, who have you been doing lately?" Bryan raised an eyebrow as everyone turned to look at the girl in the black and rather expensive looking leather trench coat.

"None of your business," she said coolly, taking a puff of her lit Players cigarette.

"Aww C'mon… tell us!" the younger girl in a white jacket next to her piped.

"A couple of chicks here and there," she took a long drag and slowly blew it out through her pursed lips and shrugging, "Nothing special."

Everyone around her smirked… they all knew too well that she was a full time player and one hell of a heartbreaker. Although they could never figure out how she did it. Maybe it was that air of coolness she had in her, or maybe it was how beautiful her body was, or perhaps her suave way of speaking. Nobody could pinpoint what it was, but she just seemed to charm everyone with just her mere presence.

"How do you do it Raine? How do you pick up all these girls without saying much?" the girl asked.

"I don't know. Just stay cool," Raine shrugged again.

After a few minutes, they were all shivering from the northern winds and decided to walk to a nearby pub. After entering, they soon split up and roamed different spots in the rather large building.

Raine walked as if she were a gentleman, ready to whisk a woman off of her feet, over to a secluded bar away from the central part of the pub. She was sitting on a stool waiting for the redhead to serve her. The girl stood about an inch or two shorter than her… perhaps around 5'4. She leaned against the table casually, observing her.

Cute ass… Nice body… fuckable.

She checked her victim for the night out thoroughly as she ordered her drink.

"And it'd be awesome if you could add a little something else to my order," she looked at the woman and touched her hand slightly.

"What's that?" she replied, clearly not getting the hint.

"Your name would be nice," Raine kept eye contact.

"Oh umm… I'm Tristen," she smiled shyly.

"Tristen… beautiful name. It suits you well," she took a sip of her wine as the redhead blushed slightly and scurried over to help another customer.

Now Raine, being French-Canadian, knew exactly that the name Tristen was originated from the French word 'triste' meaning sad. Too bad this redhead would either have to suffer through being triste or get over what would happen later on that night.

Moments later, she returned to her place in front of Raine.

"Do you have a sister?" Raine asked.

"No why?" Tristen raised an eyebrow.

"Was going to ask if she were gay," Raine shrugged, "Would have been lucky if she looked anything like you."

Tristen blushed a deeper shade of red before she responded, "I-I'm bisexual," she stuttered timidly.

Unfortunately for Tristen, that was exactly the type of answer Raine was looking for. She played her cards right every time.

Tristen leaned over the table propping herself up with her elbows, allowing the v-neck she was wearing slide down some more. Raine knew better than to look. She continued to stare at her and then finally she reached out and touched her face softly with the back of her hand. She leaned in and lightly let her lips softly brush against Tristens'. She pulled away slowly, not breaking the eye contact.

"Happy New Year," Raine picked up her glass and toasted before winking and taking one last sip of it.

She began to get up when Tristen mumbled, "Wait. My shift's over now… Would you like to come over to my place?" She grinned.

Raine smiled a little, "Sure."

She waited for Tristen to grab her belongings as she waved goodbye to her friends that were nearby. Some winked at her, and a few laughed as they saw her wrap her arm around Tristen's waist and walking her out of the pub.

"God how do you reckon she does that Quin?" Jimmy's eyes widened, gaping after Raine.

Jimmy was a short haired redhead. He had a boyish but handsome look to him. He was around 5'5 with a thin body frame, which added to his boyishness.

"She's just good at it? Natural knack for it I suppose," his boyfriend replied.

"No I mean… How can she just have sex with someone and not care the next morning who it is that's next to her?"

"I'm not sure but I don't think she even stays until the next morning unless she's extremely tired or something… Anyway, you're so innocent," Quin smiled.

"Am not!" he glared.

Quin laughed lightly and kissed him softly.

The next morning Raine stared at her appearance in the mirror. Her blonde hair flowed down a little past her shoulders. She fixed her hair a little with her hand before walking back over to the bed where Tristen was lying under the covers. She sat by the bed and began to pull her clothes off of the ground. Tristen stirred a little and then rubbed her eyes, staring at Raine's back towards her.

"Where are you going baby?" she yawned and stretched her arms.

"Home," Raine replied while pulling on her shirt over her bra.

"But… Will you be back?" she asked sounding a bit desperate.

"Probably not," She pulled on her pants and grabbed her coat.

"Was it because I wasn't good enough last night?" she said with hurt evident in her voice.

"You were great," She walked towards the door.

"So… last night meant nothing to you? I can't believe I felt like I knew you," she said angrily but with a hint of urgency in her voice.

"You don't. I'm the one who knows you. You don't even know my name," she opened the door and walked out.