It was true. The car ride back to Tristen's apartment was when she found out where the redhead went to school, where she hung out, what shifts she worked and pretty much her lifestyle. Of course, she asked the questions and played her cards right to get the redhead to open up so it was be easier to get in her pants once they reached her house. However, when the questions were shot back at her, she easily tactfully gave truthful answers, but not specific ones.

Raine jogged out onto the sidewalk, breathing in the freshness of the cold air, and exhaled, forming little clouds of smoke, through her black scarf, and into the atmosphere around her. She pulled the hood of her sweater over her head as she arrived at the bus shelter with her long fencing bag and a small suitcase that contained her clothes and necessities for the next couple of days.

She glanced to her left and kept a lookout for the bus as cars whizzed down the road in her direction. When she spotted it, she pulled out her ticket and lugged her stuff closer to the road, preparing to board the bus as soon as it arrived. She swung her fencing bag over her shoulder and carried the suitcase onto the bus, dragging it down the aisles while people glanced at her belongings. She ignored their nosiness and continued to a window seat near the rear doors of the bus.

She stared out the window as buildings, houses, and malls zoomed past and then fell asleep for the next fifteen minutes or so until her stop came.

She had gotten off and entered a fairly small airport where mostly chartered airplanes flew out of. As soon as she was seen by two of her teammates and their coach, they gave her their knowing grins.

"Had a good night, eh?" Jadyn smirked.

"Was alright," Raine shrugged and then yawned, "Let's go."

A couple giggles and comments later, the fencers pushed through the doors, out onto the main apron that was basically a large parking area for airplanes. They quickly walked over to a Cessna 172, threw their things behind the seats and climbed into the four-seater, putting on their headsets. Raine, sitting in the co-pilot seat while Karen, the coach, walked around the plane, checking fuel, oil, and et cetera prior to joining them.

Karen adjusted a few more knobs here and there, switched on a few things and pressed her push-to-talk, "Buckleville Ground, this is Cessna one seven-two. Charlie Golf Sierra Charlie Zulu with information delta."

A few calls later, they were looking out their windows while the pilot waited the clearance call from Buckleville Tower. The sun was almost out and it made it difficult to see, so Raine placed her sunglasses on and shut her eyes, preparing herself for a long slumber.

Before she had drifted off completely, she heard along with the slight hum of the engine, "Sierra Charlie Zulu, cleared for takeoff. Winds areā€¦"

Raine jerked awake two hours later, feeling the pit of her stomach react to the sudden descent of the aircraft. She rubbed her eyes and found the runway quickly approaching as the airplane drew closer over it. It hovered over the runway for a few moments, with the nose pitched up until one wheel touched down, then the other, and finally the nose wheel. They had arrived at there destination safely.

Once the team checked into a local Holiday Inn Hotel, they decided to go out for Greek food before heading over to where the tournament was being held the following days.

"You want some of my souvlaki?" Jayden held her fork out towards Raine.

"Sure," Raine took the fork from her.

"So, are you ladies ready to kick ass tomorrow?" Karen asked.

"Yeah, we're goinna to murk them!" the sixteen year old fencing prodigy, Cindy, declared.

The girls all stared at Cindy for a moment before they understood what she meant. Karen and Jadyn were both in their early thirties and Raine was turning twenty-three in several months.

"You're cute," Raine chuckled, "Is that the new word for owned?"

"Yeah," she grinned brightly, "I've been playing World of Warcraft!"

"Urgh... my brother in law is addicted to that game," Jadyn rolled her eyes.

"How old is he?" Karen blinked as she took a sip of her drink.

"Forty two," she giggled.

They laughed and made small conversation while enjoying their delicious meals.

"So Raine, what are you studying?" Karen asked.

"I'm majoring in psychology and at the Wellington University," she poked at her greek salad.

"What do you plan on doing after your program?" Jadyn joined in.

"Probably get a master's degree, then start a career as a marriage and family therapist," Raine popped an olive into her mouth.

"That's so much school!" Cindy exclaimed with her eyes widened.

"Well, I don't really mind," Raine shrugged, "If you like what you're studying it doesn't really matter. Anyway I like analyzing relationships and people in general."

"That's true, so little one... if you decide that you like something but it takes a ten years of schooling, do it anyway," Karen advised.

"Yup, it'll be worth it," Jadyn added.

"You all sound like my guidance councillor," Cindy groaned, "I just want to have a bunch of hot chicks and not have to worry about a thing."

"Now that sounds like someone's life..." Jadyn sideglanced at Raine.

"I'm sure when that someone finds the right woman she'll settle down," Karen defended her.

Raine choked on her orange juice and raised her eyebrows upon recovering.

"Cindy, I didn't know you were gay," Raine blinked.

"Well you never asked..."