This Feeling….

Is love such a simple thing?

Or is it just a fickle thing?

No, not really though, but even so, time's still a trickling

Down...down...down...the river of life,

It flows, and bends, and winds so freely,

Not caring where in the world it goes really.

Feh, oh my don't I just sound so perfectly silly?

A sigh, then a sudden gasp,

Blushing scarlet, I silently wonder

What this feeling is inside

That I can't quite fully grasp.

This perfectly wonderful feeling inside...

So overwhelming it could make the bravest of men cower and hide.

A sigh.

Another sigh.

Oh me, oh my.

What is this I fear?

This feeling creeping upon me so near?

Breaking my guard around my soul...

Slowly trying to swallow me whole...

Oh Gods I love you so,

I just can't seem to let you go...

And just the thought of losing you...what would I do?

You're always on my mind,

Makes me blind, oblivious to the rest of the cruel world,

Though I don't really mind.

No. I don't mind it one bit, not at all,

No my dear, there is nothing to fear,

I am here,

Forever here, forever more.

Yes I do,

Promise you,

My love

I love you.

Meus Dilecta