Its so unfair

These feelings I feel for you

That I have stowed inside of me

Like a hidden treasure, revealed slowly

One coin at a time

Those waves of emotion

They swallow me whole

Take me asunder, like a prisoner

Shackled by your love

I'll admit I find it terribly unfair

how some can get by with it so easily

dangling it before me

Like a juicy bone

Testing my patience

Driving me wild

Tempting me to give in to their taunting whims

The carnal beast inside me rages

Tearing away at me, trying to get out

It's only desire to ravage

And pleasure

But oh sweet love

The wait doth be over

As limbs will entwine

Bodies slowly melting

And I hold you forever

In the smouldering fires of eternal bliss

Your kiss

Your touch

Your smell

Your taste

Your very prescence

Oh gods it's intoxicating

Henceforth time flies

And we must be parted

This I cannot stand in the least

My love

When I am not near

The world feels so cold

Lifeless, dim

Unreasonably so it is

And to see your glowing face

Gaze into your angelic eyes, so full of love and care

I kiss your sweet lips, softly so as china silk

The very life in me returns

I can smile, for it is real

And I know I love and feel, for it is there before me

Tis you