Your Love is Like a Drug


And yet sweetly invigorating

No worries cuz I'm not complaining

Hey Babe your love is like a drug

My one and only desire

You've set my soul on fire

I don't care if they call me a liar

Because your love is like a drug

Why is it called a sin?

Too late now I've given in

Oh Baby you make my head spin

Yeah your love is like a drug

I'll swallow it all whole (like a pill)

your love takes over my soul

(racing fast but gently slow)

Oh Baby didn't you know that your love

Is like a drug?

You're givin me chills

I simply can't hold still

I'll bend to your will

Just like a drug

It feels so divine

Sweeter than wine

I'll be yours if you'll be mine

Oh God! your love is like a drug

No they can't make me quit

Cuz I don't really give a shit...what they say

Come what may...

I'll love you with every bit of my soul


Cuz Baby you are my drug