All alone in a small dark place

For once it's just you and me

Heart are racing

Emotions are running wild

Like tigers about for their prey

The night is brilliant I'm sure of it

But I don't care because all I see

Is you

As you slowly push me down

My breath quickens just slightly

Adrenaline pulsing

Heartbeat racing

You and I embrace in a kiss

Sheer bliss

Warm and soft and delicate

Yet carnal


Perfectly so

As you move lower to my neck

I melt under your touch

I am yours

A sharp slight pain, that is oh so delectable

You nip at the nape of my neck

And continue down

Painfully slow, then rapid succession

I will later look upon your work with pride

Like trophies of a sort

Loving ever second of it

I gasp for air

Hold in my pleasure, so as not to surprise

My vision clouds

I can no longer see for the moment

Lost in the void of bliss

My claw-like nails raid your backside

Grasping and scraping at your bare flesh

You gasp aloud, and I fear having hurt you

I force myself to stop, to loosen up but a little

I can barely contain myself

My nerves are being sent ablaze as you tease me so

I crave for your touch

Almost vampiric

I want to share this moment with you

Want you to feel what I feel

The tables are turned

I straddle you so

Sheer ecstasy overwhelming my every move

All I sense and feel and know right now is you

I gaze upon you in love, for that is what I feel

I soak in the sight of all that is you

The moon highlights your face in shades of violet,

Celestial beauty here on earth, in my arms

I shant let go

Your soft skin, such that of a babe's, and fairer than that of fairy tale maidens

Your face, is that of an angel, with your delicate soft eyes, that of evergreen jade,

Dainty nose upon which I kiss and lick at ever so slightly, cheeks tinted rose, and silky Rose lips which I proceed to ravish at.

Licking and sucking

I just can't stop

I soak up all that is you

Your taste is delicious


I want more

A gasp and a sigh

This wonderful torture ensues

Ensnaring us both

Swallowing us whole

Your sensual hands grasp my hair

A small moan of pleasure escapes your lips

Telling me your approval, and simultaneously telling me to continue

I obey

Like a servant for their master

For you are mine own

Without a moment's hesitation

My hands explore you more

Traveling to your bosom

Soft and full

So tempting this opportunity

Like the forbidden fruit dangled before Eve's eyes

Malevolent intent yet oh so welcoming

I take my chances

Feasting upon that fruit

Succulent and soft, unlike anything else

I melt into you, unable to make sense of anything

I hear more approval ringing softly in my ears

I look at you, gaze into your eyes

I love you so

I know I am loved

A love unlike either of us has ever experienced

I feel complete now

I refuse to let go of this

Of you

Of everything we have

I love you