Time has told me this time would come.
When hands go rough and bodies numb.
Hair turns white and love grows cold.
Eventually, I will grow old.

My face will riddle with wrinkles and my throat will turn rough,
I will shrivel until my body has had enough.
I will fight the days until the days themselves hate me,
I'll admit; heaven is a sight I'd love to see.
But time isn't on my side.

Time loathes me, just as the sun hates my skin.
Keeping it white, cancer cannot possibly win.
It's a conspiracy, I say.
Everyone wants me to live another day.

The days mock me with their lengthy unexpectedness.
And youth taunts me with its fatal kiss.
I have the curse of life,
Cursed to live through this sour strife.

When I met you, my heart skipped a beat.
You're my only love, my only cheat.
I've forgotten the strife and the harm
Because I die every night in your warm arms.

I'm in heaven now, living life with your hand in mine.
Nothing can break this, not even time.
My hair will become white and I will get old.
But this love, your love will never grow cold.

I'm in heaven now, time means nothing.